Get the inside scoop on the record attempt which will take place at 9:10 pm Pacific.

This Week's Pod: Josh Kerr trash talks Centro, Ajee Wilson and Raevy Rogers get ready for Tokyo, Gwen J leaves the BTC

The Opening Ceremonies Are Today (6:55 am ET)

The Japanese have fired virtually everyone associated with the event. 1) The creative director was fired Thursday for an antisemitic joke he made 23 years ago in 1998. 2) The composer of the music resigned earlier this week after it was learned he abused and bullied disabled children during his schooldays. 3) The executive creative director stepped down in March after he suggested comedian and plus-size fashion icon Naomi Watanabe dress up as a pig for the event.
*MB: Reminder: Tokyo opening ceremony starts Fri. morning at 6:55 am ET. The Japanese have fired virtually everyone involved with it.

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She says she is returning to the marathon and is being coached by Bobby McGee who helped her with run specific training when she was doing triathlons.

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