Pro XC in America

2019 NCAA xc champ Edwin Kurgat won the men's individual title over Yared Nuguse who was a surprising second and led OAC to the team battle. Alicia Monson and Puma Elite were the winners for the women.

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Valencia Is Sunday (2:15 am ET)

There was a buzz at the pre-race press conference in Valencia today and for good reason - these fields are loaded.

You won't believe how fast Haile Eyasu thinks Letesenbet Gidey can run for the marathon. "Best event for her, I think, as her coach: marathon. When I give her the training, her performance is best on the long run." 

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RIP To An Olympic Champ

1960 Olympic 5000 champ Sir Murray Halberg dies at 89 Off the track, the first Kiwi sub-4 miler may have made an even bigger impact with his "his inspirational work in transforming the lives of children with a disability through sport as the founder of the Halberg Foundation."

Distance News of Note
2023 Boston Looks Amazing as Does 2022 Valencia

Will Kipchoge Win the 2023 Boston Marathon?

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Wow - We Didn't realize Max Siegel coached Sydney McLaughlin

Speaking exclusively to Ken Stone of the Times of San Diego, Siegel said, “The eight years before I got here, the organization’s actual revenue was about $129 million. Since I’ve been here [it’s been] $359 million. Those are just facts. That’s not my hyperbole, right?” We don't care. You pay is way higher than what the head of non-profit the size of USATF should make. The CEO of USA Tennis which has 10 times the revenue of USATF makes 1/3rd of Siegel.
*MB: Max Siegel lashes out defending his $3.8 million pay: “Have you seen one gold medalist in there that’s been critical of me?"

Valencia is Sunday and We Have Boots On The Ground

A world record? No athlete has ever debuted in the marathon while holding the 5k, 10k, and half marathon WRs. Until now. Paywall lifted.

How fast will Gidey run in Valencia?

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A Former US Champion Is Banned

The 6-2, 138-lb Mead says a pre-workout drink he bought from a vending machine was the likely source of the PEDs. "I was out there just lifting to gain a bit of muscle."

This Week's Pod

We talk about Max $iegel getting paid and Kenya possibly getting banned as well.

Random But Interesting
2022 Review
Thanksgiving Leftovers
Japan Distance News - Deepest 10,000m Ever
Good And Bad News For Kenyans
Tuohy Goes Pro

The NCAA's NIL guidelines blurred the lines between collegiate and professional track & field, and Tuohy is the first top athlete to cash in. Jonathan Gault talked to Spencer Nel, head of sports marketing at adidas to find out what Tuohy going pro really means.

Cross Country News
Manchester Road Race Was Super Fast

The top 5 men broke Edward Cheserek's old course record of 21:15.

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NAU edged Oklahoma State on the tie breaker as Charles Hicks outlasted Nico Young.

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Katelyn Tuohy ran down a game Parker Valby to get the win and help lead NC State to the win over the New Mexico pack.

Meet Teshome Mekonen

Teshome Mekonen became a US citizen in August and beat Conner Mantz by a minute earlier this year at the NYC Half. Learn about his story from Tigray to Harlem.

Post-NYC News

2022 was a historically fast year for women's marathoning, the #2-4 men's marathoners in the world might all train together, and the NYC Marathon has a security problem.

Rojo and Mara Yamauchi Editorial

For nearly 40 years, the NYC Marathon has been known for being a trailblazer that paid its male and female athletes the same prize money. Sadly, that changed on Sunday. Guess what sex dominated the new non-binary gender division at Sunday's 2022 New York City Marathon? Olympian Mara Yamauchi joins Robert Johnson in this guest column.


The WMMs seemingly don't want anyone to know who won the series title, and for good reason, as the winners are being screwed out of $200,000 each.

Trials Awarded

What will the course be like? What type of weather can we expect? We break it down for you.

Post NYC Updates

The good news is the Brazilian star is recovering well after going to the hospital. His agent explains what he thinks happened.

  • Which Super Shoes Did The Best In NYC? While Nike shoes dominated in numbers, there were plenty of other shoe brands to finish in the top-10 men and women including a surprise win by Under Armour on the feet of Sharon Lokedi.
  • NYRR's Post-Race Release Specifically Omits Nonbinary Winner's Time They listed the winning times for the men's, women's, and wheelchair divisions, but not the nonbinary. Maybe they didn't want to highlight the fact that they gave thousands in prize money to biological men who ran significantly slower than many women who got nothing?
Engels Speaks

Engels says he enjoyed his time with UAC but needed to train in a place where he either had consistent training partners or a coach with him every day.

How Would You Attack The Doping Problem?

Instead of just complaining about anti-doping it's time to try and do something about. Submit your best anti-doping proposals.

      Has Kenya found a new super drug? What is going on?

      And have the Kenyans found a new super drug? Kipyokei is one of 10 athletes in the last two years to test positive for the same substance, triamcinolone acetonide, a drug once used by Lance Armstrong and Brad Wiggins. Why are they suddenly all testing positive for it now?

      Disturbing Stuff

      Allegations regarding the Huntington University track and field team where Nick Johnson used to coach and his wife Lauren Johnson now coaches continue to come out thanks to the great reporting by David Woods and continue to get more grim. Two national champions for Huntington claim their coach gave them unknown injections and have asked that their national titles be invalidated. One claims she was raped by Nick. Police reports show Nick, who had already pled guilty to a felony after admitting to impersonating a University of Oregon staffer so he could take a teen recruit on a trip where the teen told police many sexual acts took place, has admitted to having sex with two other athletes and his wife admitted she didn’t tell anyone at Huntington as she didn’t want them to lose their jobs. She’s now the head coach. If that’s not bad enough, there are now allegations of PED usage. Did PEDs cause the Johnsons to leave the Oregon Track Club?

      The series used the elites to build themselves up as the majors in our sport but now is forsaking the pros once the image is established. In the process, they just screwed Eliud Kipchoge out of $200,000 after the fact as the cut is effective immediately. Wow.

      Kipchoge loving the LetsRun Shirt in Berlin
      History was made 20 years ago

      And he ran his marathon PB to boot.

      Ross Tucker Speaks

      We paid one of the top sports scientists in the world to analyze the Shelby Houlihan doping case and CAS ruling. He has 2 pieces for us, the piece above is an opinion piece where he answers our questions. In a 2nd more technical piece, Ross goes through the CAS decision step by step and outlines in clear terms exactly what Houlihan argued and why he thinks CAS ultimately (correctly) ruled against her.

        Coogan's New Balance Boston team had 3 Olympians in 2021 and 2022 could be the biggest year yet for the program with 2 new additions and the TRACK at New Balance coming on March 1st.

        Danny Mackey has taken the Brooks Beasts from an unproven club to the Olympic podium in its first decade.

        Dathan Ritzenhein is the first of the top pro coaches to sit down and talk about his club heading into the 2022 campaign.

        American Marathon Record
        American Marathon Record

        Keira D'Amato, the new American record holder in the marathon, was joined by Deena Kastor, who held the record for 15 years.

        This morning Keira D'Amato, the 37-year old mother of two who spent 7 years away from the sport, became an American distance running legend.

        After walking and stuffing her face with gummy bears of the final miles, D'Amato had to sprint to outkick the 3:50 pace group in her debut at the 2013 Missoula Marathon. 

        Three legends of the sport.

        Ultra running cross-over star.

        One of the greatest US runners ever.

        Big thinker and huge running-nerd.

        Best of Jon Gault
        Best of Jon Gault
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        Take Your Love of LetsRun to the Next Level
        Take Your Love of LetsRun to the Next Level