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Danny Mackey has taken the Brooks Beasts from an unproven club to the Olympic podium in its first decade.

Two Recommended Reads

A fantastic read by Simon Turnbull. And Snell did it after going out in 61.3. A week earlier he had run a 22-mile long run. A week later he ran a 1:44.3 800 WR which stood as the Oceania record until 2018.

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Mid Week News of Importance

It looks like it was around 87 (31c) for the women's race and 81 (27c) for the men's. The 22-year old Davies competed in the Olympics in the 5000 while the 26-year old Rayner was in the marathon. Women's finish above, men's finish here.

Week That Was

Nico Young blitze a fast mile if you give him a big conversion, Yared Nuguse ran one without a conversion, we've got 2 new high school superstars and more.

It's Almost Time For The WA World Indoor Tour

World Athletics World Indoor Tour Gold opener is Friday in Karlsruhe - Full Meet Preview Berihu Aregawi who recently set the road 5k record is in the 3k, the world 2nd fastest man indoors Elliott Giles is in the 800, Mondo is in the pole vault and the women's distance events feature the likes of Halimah Nakaayi, Winnie Nanyondo, Freweyni Hailu.
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Millrose is Saturday: How to Watch the 2022 Millrose Games

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Millrose Is Saturday

She was originally in the 800m against Ajee Wilson, but now will take on Elle Purrier-St. Pierre, Konstanze Klosterhalfen, Nikki Hiltz and Jessica Hull in the mile. She opened her season with a 4:37.99 PB two weeks ago.
*MB: Athing Mu now running the mile at Millrose - let the predictions begin

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He also ran the 800m an hour later in 1:54.21, placing second behind Luis Grijalva's 1:53.50 (Grijalva was second in the mile in 4:04.18). *Results
*NAU Article: Nico Young Breaks NAU Mile Record At 7000 Feet NAU alum Grijlava was attempting to run the first sub-4 mile at 7,000 feet and he led the first three-quarters of the race, but was overtaken by Young in the end.

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D'Amato's Cinderella Story Gets Even Cooler The More We Learn About It

From the hardest workouts they've ever run to Kastor being at peace with losing the record to D'Amato's response to those who would question her improvement, the two marathon stars covered it all.

Three years ago, Keira D'Amato was driving Deena Kastor around at the Cherry Blossom race.

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    Three legends of the sport.

    Ultra running cross-over star.

    One of the greatest US runners ever.

    Big thinker and huge running-nerd.

    Best of Jon Gault
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