Locked In His Hotel Room for 14 Days... He Speaks to LetsRun.com

McSweyn, the Australian record holder at 1500, 3000, and the mile, is quarantining upon his return to Australia after a long summer of racing and joined us as on a special LIVE edition of the LetsRun.com Track Talk Podcast. Watch on demand while still available.

Week That Was

In our weekly recap, we wonder if it's fair USADA went out of its way to nail Alberto Salazar, take a closer look at a couple of sprinters who improved massively in 2021, wonder if steroid usage contributed to the death of world record holder Yuriy Sedykh and introduce you to an American who ran 2:13 in the marathon in a race where most of the race was well over 5,000 feet of altitude. 

Rojo Speaks

Macdonald once famously said, "I feel that one of the basic requirements of being a sprinter is having legs." If we apply that same logic to the transgender/intersex debate, then we'd have an easy solution. "I feel that a basic requirement of being eligible to compete in elite women's sport is to never have had functioning testes."

More Post-Weekend NCAA XC News
Kip Keino Classic

Kenya's Ferdinand Omanyala broke the African record in second with 9.77. The wind (+1.2) was worth .05 as was the altitude (5,800 feet) so add 0.10 to the times according to Jonas Mureika. 
*MB: Kenyan runs 9.77 100m in Nairobi. Trayvon Bromell win in 9.76.

Fast Recent Track Action
Allen 12.99
Bromell 9.76
Niyonsaba 2k WR
Michael Cherry Falls FTW
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News of Note
Alberto's ban is upheld

Update: Nike has said they are pleased the court recognized he didn't dope any athletes but won't be funding any appeals. *Discuss

News That Passed Our Vetting Process

Chumbawamba guitarist has written a book on Gary Devine, the punk rocker fell running champion Purchase here.

Interesting Read Meet Syria's only Olympic gold medallist and an inspiration to Arab women, Ghada Shouaa (1996 heptathlon) She famously kissed and hugged JJK and Bob Kersee in a great sign of sportsmanship in Atlanta when JJK pulled out injured.

Track & Field News lists all 11 of the Diamond League winners in history for every event Christian Taylor and Renaud Lavillenie lead the way with 7 but Timothy Cheruiyot and Mariya Lasitskene have won 4 in a row.

69 minute half marathoner Glenrose Xaba is now being coached by Caster Semenya She's also got a 5k pb of 15:38.

Steve Prefontaine's 1972 NCAA xc bib up for auction. The starting big is $5,000.

Studies: To increase your chances of a long life, wtake at least 7,000 steps a day or jog, play tennis, cycle swim, etc. for more than 2.5 hours per week,

Have Achilles pain? Try running down a hill...backward 12 of 14 runners (85.7 per cent) who did it improved, which makes sense as eccentric loading is a common prescribed exercise.

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