Archived Homepage For December 05, 2023
Archived Homepage For December 05, 2023
Fake News

A content farm reported the news that Sha'Carri inked a new 4 year deal with Nike and the internet ran with it. But there is no other evidence of this deal.

Marathon News
Valencia Marathon
Shocking USATF Development

Based on today's Valencia results, Scott Fauble is going fall out of the World's Top 64 and USATF's selection criteria states, "In the case that USATF is not able to select a full team of Qualified Athletes from the Selection Event...the U.S. will fill any unfilled quota positions with Qualified Athletes based on their rank order on the Road to Paris rank list following the close of the qualification period on May 5, 2024." So we are reading that to mean that unless 3rd placer at the Trials is under 2:08:10, the 3rd US team member will be the one with the highest world rank and not the one who finishes third.

More Road News
Other Valencia News
Need Some Christmas Gift Ideas?
24 Hour World Champs
Cheater News
Friday 15

The LetsRun crew broke down the Valencia Marathon and Joshua Cheptegei's debut, Kibiwott Kandie's and Almaz Ayana's return, and yes Kenenisa Bekele. Plus the BU 5000s and should Ritz consider the CU job?  Want this as a podcast? Last week to subscribe to Supporters Club for 50% off 1st year with code GOAT50.


HOKA NAZ Elite had a big day at the Cross Champs in Austin as they swept the team and individual titles but a quick-thinking spectator was the real MVP as he saved Wasserman after she ran off-course in the finishing stretch

Pre Valencia News

For the 1st time in nearly 50 years, the men's 5000 and 10,000 WR holder will debut in the marathon while still being the best in the world on the track. Former HM world record holder Kibiwott Kandie and Kenenisa Bekele are also running, while Almaz AyanaGenzebe Dibaba, and 2019 Boston champ Worknesh Degefa lead the women's field.

Twin Power
Twin Power
The Latest From Outside Magazine
The Latest From Outside Magazine

This Week's Pod

The NCAA Champ opens up about winning the title, his training, and a lot more. Full podcast here. Video highlight above.

The Latest News of Note
Nike/Cain Lawsuit Update
Nike/Cain Lawsuit Update

The Oregonian reports: "Attorneys for Nike and Salazar denied the claims, including in a recent 48-page motion for summary judgement... In the motion, the attorneys argued Cain’s allegations are “demonstrably false, and even contradicted by her own testimony and public statements.” Attorneys for Nike and Salazar also said her claims were barred because of a two-year statute of limitations."

This Weekend's Long Distance Action
Sound Running Cross Champs Are Thursday In Austin
Assorted Distance News
Olympic News
Big USATF/Nike News

It's the fifth straight year that Siegel made more than $1.2 million. USATF's says the large loss came from "planned expenses related to the 2022 World Athletics Championships."

Our Weekly Recap

It's going to be a great week in running and we get you ready for it. Migh a 10th grader win NXN? Plus can a Fast Horse turn around Oregon's distance struggles and meet Keita Sato the Japanese teen who trains with the OAC and has every Japanese U20 record from 1500 through 10,000.

    High School News
    Elish McColgan Updates
    BU Season Opener Is Saturday
    Weekend Results

    Tuohy did not get the repeat individual title but today's gutsy run may have been her finest hour in what may have been her final race for NC State. Our Jonathan Gault breaks it down in 3,000+ words.

    Dave Smith's Oklahoma State Cowboys were amazing as they put 5 in the top 15 to end NAU's dynasty 49 to 71. Harvard's Graham Blanks was sensational as well as for the first time in 20 years an American under the age of 22 has won the individual title. 

    Everyone's still looking for an edge

    Kelvin Kiptum, Faith Kipyegon, Keely Hodgkinson and everyone in the OAC are among the stars who experimented with Maurten Bicarb System in 2023 ($65 for 4 doses). The big question: does it work? (paywall lifted)

    We think most of you could guess the #1 brand, but the #2 might be a surprise. We break down the most popular brands overall, and for road, trail, and racing.

    Max Siegel's Contract Gets Extended and We're Not Happy About It

    Max has been the CEO since 2012. Max put USATF on sound financial footing by signing the 23-year Nike deal but there has been a lot of chaos with the organization during his tenure. The press release says his tenure has been "marked by record financial growth." Revenue actually declined from 2016 ($35.0) to 2021 ($33.7) but the press release talks about the budget being $40 million so perhaps 2022 (financials have not been released yet) was higher. Revenue was $21.9 million when he took over in 2012.

    *Watch LRC video expose of Siegel at 7 pm ET


    Twoggle, the Shelby Houlihan defender, and a guy who took up the sport in 2016, were the big winners in our $200,023 Worlds Prediction Contest and take home some great Suunto watches.

    Kiptum's 2nd Half in Chicago Was Wild But Not As Wild As Initially Reported

    Kiptum's reported 4:21 19th mile and 4:18 22nd mile were the two fastest splits ever recorded in a marathon, but after an investigation by, race organizers have confirmed discrepancies with those splits.

    Sick of Shoes that Break Down Too Soon?

    Running shoe construction has changed a lot in the last decade. Runners are still looking for more durable running shoes, but we take a look at some of the most durable shoes and what makes them stand out.

    Looking To Paris 2024
    Get a Better Running Shoe

    Stack heights on shoes are getting bigger and bigger. Runners are liking these shoes more and more. We try and make sense of the cushioning revolution.

    More Kiptum / Marathon News

    As running prepares for some of its biggest barriers to be broken in the coming years, guest columnist Stephen Lane argues it is time for World Athletics to take action.

      Fill out the shoe survey and we will enter you into a drawing a free pair of shoes.

      Better Running Shoes

      The ASICS SUPERBLAST tops the first shoe rankings for everyday trainers. The shoe is a worthy winner as it is the epitome as to how super shoe technology has made its way over to everyday trainers. Asics and HOKA each put 3 shoes in the top 10.

      Ross Tucker Speaks

      After Assefa's WR, sadly doping allegations swarmed the Internet, but could it simply be the shoes? "I hate these shoes, and I truly wish the authorities had acted to prevent this entirely foreseeable situation," writes Ross Tucker.

      2024 Olympic Trials

      Eugene fatigue is real but don't tell that USATF. This will be the fourth straight US championships at Hayward Field and the fifth straight US Olympic Trials. Eugene paid them at least $3 million for the last Trials and we all know that USATF needs at least $3 million just to pay Max Siegel. Ridiculous.

      Ingebrigtsen Wants ALL of the WRs

      After his double victory at Pre, Ingebrigtsen shared advice for those attempting double threshold and why he believes he can break every WR from 1500 through the marathon.

      Better Running Shoes a Click Away

      Want to know what running shoes real runners like best? We've got some answers for you as our Better Running Shoe review site is now open to the public. Real reviews, from real runners, with data science.

      Max Siegel & USATF Are Getting Sued

      Estes lawsuit stems from USATF's decision to disqualify Chattanooga's bid for the 2024 Olympic Marathon Trials because Estes worked as a consultant on Chattanooga's bid. The idea that Siegel cited that conflict of interest as a deal breaker is laughable to us considering "under (Max) Siegel’s watch, USA Track and Field has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of business to an Indianapolis marketing firm that once advertised itself as “a Max Siegel company.”

      XC Video Game

      The XC video game that former Wisco runner Ryan Craven spent time developing during much of the Covid lockdowns is now available to play on your phone and it's free!!

      Justyn Knight Joins The BTC

      The former NCAA star announced earlier today and he is now a Nike and BTC man. We talked to him before it was announced about why he made the move and what does he have think he has left in the tank?

      A legend speaks

      Michael Johnson was the guest on the Track Talk podcast on the anniversary of his 19.32 double gold world record to share his thoughts on the sport and its current crop of stars.

      Karsten Warholm Q&A

      Recently Alex Geula sat down with Karsten Warholm and his coach, Leif Olav Alnes, at the IK Tjalve club in Oslo to understand Warholm's beginnings, his career, and the sprint side of Norwegian training.

      The Most Untalented 3:29 Guy Ever?

      Is Nordås the least talented runner to break 3:30 in history? He thinks so, "I can guarantee you I'm the slowest sub 3:30 guy in history." Text highlights from his appearance on the LRC Track Talk podcast.

      Paywall lifted!
      Paywall lifted!
      The Latest JG Feature

      What links Jakob Ingebrigtsen, the NAU cross country team, and Sebastian Coe? Double threshold training, which is having a moment in 2023. Note, most of this article is behind our SC paywall for 72 hours (until Saturday).

      How do you explain the ridiculous indoor distance times?
      Kipchoge loving the LetsRun Shirt in Berlin

      Your latest American stars share their insights.

      Three legends of the sport.

      One of the greatest US runners ever.

      We chatted with Frank on the 50th anniversary of his Olympic Marathon gold

      American Record Holders
      American Record Holders

      Keira D'Amato, the new American record holder in the marathon, was joined by Deena Kastor, who held the record for 15 years.

      Sisson was the guest on the Track Talk podcast after she became the first American to go sub 67 in the half marathon on a record-eligible course. Podcast highlights above. Full pod here.

      Woody Kincaid joined us after he broke the American record indoors at 5000. He talks above why he left the Bowerman Track Club. Podcast highlights and link to full podcast here.

      Coogan's New Balance Boston team had 3 Olympians in 2021 and 2022 could be the biggest year yet for the program with 2 new additions and the TRACK at New Balance coming on March 1st.

      Danny Mackey has taken the Brooks Beasts from an unproven club to the Olympic podium in its first decade.

      Dathan Ritzenhein is the first of the top pro coaches to sit down and talk about his club heading into the 2022 campaign.

      Best of Jon Gault
      Best of Jon Gault
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      Take Your Love of LetsRun to the Next Level
      Take Your Love of LetsRun to the Next Level