How Will the Tokyo Weather (And a 6 AM Start) Affect the 2020 Olympic Marathons?

The conditions for the 2020 Olympic marathons are going to brutal. We tell you what past races it will most likely resemble and agree with Brett Larner -- the races should be run at night.

Want to Watch Olympic Track and Field in 2020? We Hope You Like Getting Up Early Before Work

Track fans on the East Coast will be able to watch most distance finals from the 2020 Olympics live as they get ready for work. West Coast fans, we suggest you take the week off as it's going to be super early for you.

Here's How The New 2020 Olympic Qualifying Rules Would Impact The Sprints, Field Events, and Walks in the United States

On Friday, we showed you how the 2016 US Olympic Track and Field team would have looked for the mid-d and distance races if the new 2020 rules were in place in 2016. Today, we're going to show you how the 2016 US Olympic Team would have looked for the rest of the events if the new rules were in place.

Top American Pros and Coaches React to USATF's New Olympic Qualification Process: "For Our Trials, It Takes a Lot of Excitement Out of It"

Our Worst Fears Realized: USATF WILL NOT Honor Top-Three Finish at The US Olympic Trials Unless You Have The Standard

This is one of the darkest days in history for US distance fans. We emailed USATF to make sure they would be honoring the IAAF world rankings so those top 3 at the Olympic Trials could go to the Olympics - they told us they would not. That means Olympic silver medallist Paul Chelimo wouldn’t have made the 2016 team, nor would Jared Ward and three other Olympic finalists including Bernard Lagat who won the most thrilling race was the Trials. Some US Olympic Trials races may now be totally meaningless.

Find Out Who Would Have Qualified Under the IAAF's New World Rankings If Worlds Were Held Last Year, Plus the IAAF Answers Our Questions on Olympic Changes

The IAAF is very much aware that people have lots of questions about the new Olympic qualifying system so they have shared with us the spreadsheet they gave to the member federations showing you who would get into Worlds based on the new rules.

Did the IAAF Just Kill Off Some of the Significance of the Olympic Trials? IAAF Announces New Qualifying System & Entry Standards for 2020 Olympics

We're not opposed to change but we have a lot of questions about the qualification system that will be used for the 2020 Olympics.

Cancel the Trials: Here Are the U.S. Women's Distance Runners Who Will Be Going to the 2020 Olympics

Two Years to Tokyo: We Tell You Which U.S. Men’s Distance Runners Will Be on the 2020 Olympic Team

The track and field action at 2020 Tokyo starts in exactly two years - July 31, 2020. We've got out our crystal ball and tell you who will be on the US Olympic team.
Tokyo, Japan
July 31, 2020 to August 9, 2020

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