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Yifter Is Alive – But Seriously Ill

Ethiopian Media Reported He Had Died, But 1980 Double Olympic Champ Miruts Yifter “The Shifter” Is Alive But Hospitalized In A Toronto Hospital The frail 72-year-old, who was Ethiopia’s first-ever Olympic track gold medalist in 1980, has a collapsed lung and has been hospitalized for months.
*Pat Butcher On Yifter

Recommended Read: The Guardian: “From Crystal Meth To Olympic Glory: The Recovery And Rise Of Luvo Manyonga” Three years ago, South Africa’s Manyonga was a crystal meth addict; now he’s an Olympic long jump silver medalist.

Euro XC Champs Are Sunday In Chia, Italy

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Tiernan = National Champ X 2 *Results

Patrick Tiernan Becomes Australian National 10,000 Champion, Debuting In 27:59 At The Zatopek 10,000 In the women’s race, New Zealand’s Camille Buscomb got a shock win as Aussie favorite Eloise Wellings struggled in 4th.
*MB: TIERNAN- 27:59

Event News: Big Change To 2017 Diamond League Format

More British News: UK Athletics Facing Sex Assault Scandal

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Russia Is Exposed As A TOTAL Fraud

McLaren II Is Released – More Than 1,000 Russian Athletes Benefited From The Biggest Doping Scandal In History On Friday morning, Richard McLaren released his 2nd report on Russian doping and it’s as bad as one could possibly imagine. He provides 1,166 pieces of evidence exposing the elaborate state-sponsored doping scheme (which you can search yourself) that reached its peak at 2014 Sochi. Seemingly every Russian athlete in Sochi was involved as 100% of the of the 100 samples they’ve looked at were tampered with.
*Full McLaren Report – Part II (PDF)
*Full McLaren Press Conference
*WADA Statement *IAAF Statement
*Search For Yourself The Evidentiary Disclosure Package (EDP) Website You can search through more than 1,000 documents yourself.
*MB: The McLaren Report Part 2 Will Come Out On Friday (Dec 9) – What To Expect?

The World Reacts To The McLaren Report

USATF 2016

Vin Lananna Campaign Pins

LRC Everything You Need To Know From The 2016 USATF Convention Wejo attended his first USATF convention that saw the coronation of Vin Lananna and reports everything you need to know.

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