Brooks Hyperion Tempo 2 on Sale at an Amazing Low Price- $64.95

The 2nd Highest Rated Brooks Shoe is Less than $65

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is the second highest rated Brooks shoe on the LetsRun shoe review site, and you can buy it now for only $64.95.

Stock up while you can.

If you want a very light, responsive non-super shoe for your faster-paced runs, hence the name “tempo” in the title, at a ridiculous price, give the Brooks Hyperion Tempo a shot.

Think more along the lines of an old school up tempo training or even racing shoe. If you want max cushioning, this isn’t for you.  Only the Brooks Ghost 15 rates higher amongst Brooks shoes. The Ghost is a traditional trainer with more cushioning and weight than the Hyperion Tempo, but at this price you could buy 2 Tempos for 1 Ghost.

Brooks Hyperion Tempo

Brooks Hyperion Tempo

8 oz. (men's), 6.3 oz. (women's), neutral pronation, 31mm stack height
What People Love
  • Great for your faster sessions
  • Ridiculous price
  • Light
  • 2nd highest rates Brooks shoe as of Feb 2024
  • No super cushioning
  • No super foam

If you want a More Cushioned Shoe at a Great Price

If you want what a lot of people want today, a bigger stack height shoe with a lot more cushioning and at a great price, the Saucony Endorphin Shift 3 is only $79.

Check it out below.

Saucony Endorphin Shift 3

Saucony Endorphin Shift 3

9.3 oz. (men's), 8.2 oz. (women's), neutral pronation, 41mm stack height
What People Love
  • Cushioning
  • Comfort
  • Not as responsive as the Hyperion Tempo

The Most Popular Shoe on $83.97

If you want to go with the most popular shoe on, the Nike Pegasus 40, it can be purchased for a crazy cheap $83.97 here.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40

10.2 oz. (men's), 8.5 oz. (women's), neutral pronation, 33mm stack height
What People Love
  • Reviewers who like the shoe really like it. Over 50% give it a 9/10 overall rating.
  • Reviewers who dislike the shoe really dislike it. About 20% of reviewers rate it at 6 or lower, with most of those reviews being a 5 or lower.

More Great Deals: Other deals available now are the Puma Velocity Nitro 2 for $83, the ASICS GT-2000 11 for $89, the Saucony Ride 16 for $89,

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