Prague Half

Jepkosgei after making history in PragueNo Joke LRC 2017 Prague HM Recap: Joyciline Jepkosgei Sets WR (64:52) To Become First Woman Ever Under 65:00 As Jordan Hasay Runs 67:55; Tamirat Tola Destroys Men’s Field In 59:37 Jepkosgei also set road WRs at for 10k (30:04), 15k (45:38) and 20k (61:25) en route. The NOP team member having a great race wasn’t named Galen Rupp; it was Jordan Hasay, who joined Molly Huddle and Deena Kastor as the only Americans under 68:00 on a record-eligible course. Rupp was 11th in 61:59.
*RRW: After Struggling in Prague, Galen Rupp Reveals He Had “Discomfort” In His Foot – “Hopefully, my foot will be OK for Boston.”

MB: Official 2017 Prague Half Live Discussion Thread

Sub-2 Hour Marathon Hype Is Real

LRC Ryan Hall To Chase Sub-2 Hour Marathon In A Pair Of Heelys Skate Shoes While the mark obviously won’t count for record purposes, if Hall is successful it will certainly steal a bit of thunder from Nike’s Eliud Kipchoge-led attempt.’s Trip To Kenya Pays Off Big Time

Screenshot 2017-03-30 at 11.38.38LRC Meet The Runner Who Regularly Destroys Eliud Kipchoge In Workouts, But Until Now Had No Desire To Race While observing Eliud Kipchoge‘s workout in Eldoret, LRC thought the Kenyans were pulling one over on us when a runner went by Kipchoge effortlessly and then Kipchoge’s training partners said the runner was better than Kipchoge. After World XC, we went back to Kenya to get the runner, David Mtu Kutania, and Kipchoge to speak on the record. We were shocked when Kipchoge admitted he’s only the second-best runner in Kaptagat, Kenya.

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Screenshot 2017-03-30 at 19.41.07LRC Geoffrey Kamworor Credits Training Advice He Read On The Message Board For His World XC Victory, Admits To Trolling Mo Farah On LRC It’s rare for a pro to admit to posting on, but Kamworor did in Swahili at World XC when asked by the Kenyan press how he regained his form after Rio.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction – April 2014

Nike Press Release Leaked

Nike shoes go sub-2LRC Nike Press Release On Sub-2 Hour Marathon Is Leaked Mike Cassidy has obtained the press release Nike will release if the sub-2 hour marathon is achieved by its shoes.

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