No More Conflicts Of Interests

LRCA Win-Win For The Sport: USATF Announces It Will Become Subsidiary Of Nike

In a groundbreaking deal, Nike is taking over USATF. The deal is a "win-win" as it will end any conflicts of interests between USATF and Nike and allow USATF to cut its marketing and timing budgets entirely. Some other shoe company execs are wary of the deal, exposing how Nike's dollars float the sport. However, Warren Buffet, owner of Brooks and former owner of Nike, is supportive.

Competitor Group Snags A Truly Elite Athlete

LRCCompetitor Group Changes Their Appearance Fee Policy Again: Signs Pamela Anderson

Competitor Group announced Pamela Anderson is the new elite face for the REI Muddy Buddy Adventure Series. Men are already flocking to these events.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction – April 2013

The Wait Is Over

LRCFeel Good About Yourself Again: 26.2 Stickers With Your Finishing Time Are Here

No longer do you have to feel equal to your neighbor who slogged out a marathon in over 5 hours. The 26.2 stickers with your time are finally here. Get your "Sub 3:00" sticker today.

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