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"Russian officials question effectiveness of blood doping..."

- The sports page headline from Moscow on Wednesday. In a stunning admission, frustrated Russian political and athletic leaders are no longer convinced that blood doping really works.  

Track and Field: USA Track & Field Championships President Obama Rips Ultra Successful Nike Oregon Project In one of his first public appearances since his health care bill passed the House, President Obama praised the "blue-collar" Hansons Brooks running group and called on Nike to rein in spending on $75,000 anti-gravity treadmills.

Russian Officials Question Effectiveness Of Blood Doping President Medvedev: "We're getting left in the dust. Spending millions on Soviet-era doping has left us leading the world in doping positives but way behind in medals. We're in desperate need of an upgrade."

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World Shocked To Discover Some Women Athletes Are "Manly" The public is flabbergasted as "our whole notion of gender has gone out the window" after they saw a video of Caster Semenya.

Third Brojo Found His name is Moisés, but we call him Mojo.

Employee #1 Joins Record Number Of Unemployed Teh first ever LetsRun employee was let go for to many typos on the front page.

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Puma Party At Yaam Club Athletics World In Panic As Bolt Leaves Club Early
Diamond League meet organizers and Usain Bolt fans are scrambling to find out what is wrong with the King of Sprints after he inexplicably left a Kingston club at 2AM last Thursday night. Coach Mills: "I'm speechless. I thought Usain could really party."

UK Athletics And USATF Vow Never Again To Send Male Teams To IAAF World Cross Country Championships USATF CEO Doug Logan on the decision: "Since there is no chance we’ll ever win a medal again on the men’s side at world cross country, we’ve both made the painful decision to stop sending teams and athletes to the world cross country championships.”

April 1st, 2010

Colorado Woman Says She Has No Plans To Run A Marathon Her neighbors and fellow parishioners are appalled: "She's really talented. We would kill to have sub 6 hour speed like her... and to just throw it away."

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