USATF Does The Right Thing! A Win-Win-Win For The Sport And Athletes

LRCGreat News: USATF and USOC Settle Nick Symmonds' Run Gum Lawsuit and Let Athletes Have Non-Shoe Sponsor Logos On Their Jerseys at Olympic Trials

Settling the lawsuit is a win for athletes (they can try and monetize the small log on their jerseys), a win for USATF (it costs them nothing but pride and the controversy is gone), and a win for the entire sport.

Bowerman Track Club/ Nike Oregon Project Update

LRCThe Latest From Nike - The Bowerman Track Club is Expanding: Dutch 800 Star Bram Som Hired as Technical Director; Salazar To Test More Drugs On Sons

Get the latest news from the April 1 press conference at Nike's headquarters where the BTC announced they've signed a strategically key athlete and Alberto Salazar unapologetically said he's planning more NOP doping experiments.

April 1 News From Outside LRC

Brilliant Idea Tom Bedford Starts Half Marathon In UK For Kids Under 12 Years Old – Drug Testing Will Be Mandatory We love the idea. Get the youngsters to realize before they get jaded in their teenage years that a) virtually every able-bodied person under the age of 50 is capable of running a half marathon and b) they don’t need to use drugs to do so.

Tim Ritchie Is Quitting Competitive Running Why bother when you realize the best you’ve got is only 23rd best in the World?

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction – April 2014

Surprising Doping News

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LRC US Department Of State Declares That Vladimir Putin Probably Had Nothing To Do With Deaths Of The Past Two Russian Anti-Doping Heads Who Both Died Unexpectedly In The Span Of 11 Days In February John Kerry commissioned an independent report by the same British judge who handled the death of the ex-Russian spy in London. He says he is “kind of confident” that the deaths were just crazy coincidences.

More From Russia

Diack at the World Athletics Gala in 2010LRC Russia To Honor Lamine & Papa Massata Diack For Contributions To Russian Sport “I shudder to think where Olympic champions Mariya Savinova and Yuliya Zaripova would be without the Diacks’ support,” said Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko.

The Retirement Is Over’s Weldon Johnson Returning To Competitive Racing; Will Chase Men’s American Over-50 Marathon Record

"With Meb, Bernard and Deena running so well, I know there is no way I can make waves in my 40s,” states Wejo. “I figure, though by the time I’m 50 they’ll have quit and that’s when I’ll make my move.”

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