Editor's note: On Wednesday, broke the news to the world that American marathon great Khalid Khannouchi was retiring from the sport. Well, we are embarrassed to admit that when we thought we were breaking one of the biggest " exclusives" in history, we in reality were falling for a hoax put on by Khannouchi. We fell hook, line and sinker for this, as he played us like a violin. We don't high five athletes in the mixed zone or pose with them for pictures, but we really, really want them to like us. We should have verified his retirement story better. Khannouchi is apparently far from retired. As this TV report out of London indicates, Khannouchi is in great shape and a favorite for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon.
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Video:Khalid Khannouchi To Run 2012 Virgin London Marathon A television report out of London confirms Khannouchi is in for 2012.

LRC Co-Founders React To Falsely Claiming Khalid Khannouchi Was Retiring Despite their big journalistic gaffe, co-founders Robert and Weldon Johnson were far from being overly contrite when contacted by independent reporter Sidd Finch, writing on special assignment for LRC. Weldon: "I'm not going to apologize too much. We are the only place remaining in the world where the marathon is treated as a world class, professional sporting event instead of a charity fun run. Similarly, we are the only place left in the world that an all-time great like Khannouchi can retire. When he actually does retire, we hope to be the ones that given him his due publicity."

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IOC Votes To Change 1,500 To Mile For London Olympics link fixed The 1,500m at this year's Olympics will not exist. It will be a mile instead. In the land of Roger Bannister, this is a great, great move. Bannister's odds to light the opening flame also went to even money with this announcement.

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Christopher McDougall Changes Course

LRC McDougal Not Being Fat - Not Barefoot Running - Is Key To Success in Running The Born to Run author has realized that the top runners in the world - even those from Kenya and Ethiopia - actually wear shoes, but non of them are fat, especially not world and Olympic champ, Asbel Kiprop, the "Skeleton Runner."

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