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April 2, 2004 From the LetsRun.com Staff -

Following the publication of our annual April Fools edition of LetsRun.com on April 1, 2004, we received an email from an outraged reader saying that the readers "should not be forced to read an entire article" without knowing if it's true or not and that we will be lucky to escape litigation as a result..

The publishers of LetsRun.com would like to respond by saying that it's certainly well within our legal right to publish a 'spoof' edition of LetsRun.com just in the same way that it's allright for webistes like the
onion.com to do so on a daily basis. It's humor - get over it.  This right has been well established over the years in the legal system. It was clear it was an April Fools edition as we had a link to our previous April Fools editions on the front page. Additionally, the featured quote of the day was pre-faced with the date - April 1, 2004.

We'd also respond by saying that we hope that we are sued by Regina Jacobs or a reader as we think the suit would be utterly without merit and we'd view it as a great publicity for the site.  The best thing that happened to us was when Runnersword.com threatened to sue us a few years back.

Here is the email from the outraged reader:

I have a few things to say about the Regin Jacobs story that ran in today's issue of letsrun.com. I do not know if the story was ran only as an April Fools joke, but as the story has no disclaimer that mentions that it is an April Fools joke, it does not appear that it was meant to be one. Please inform the readers at the time of publishing if any story is not true. As publishers, you are bound by the laws that govern publishers, and the First Amendment does not protect you from any stories that are not true. As a faithful reader of letsrun.com, I expect only the finest of truthful reading material. It is hard for the readers to distinguish this page as being a joke, or if it is meant to be the real thing. The readers should not be forced to read an entire article, with no disclaimer that it is anything other than the truth. For t! his, letsrun.com has now left itself wide open to lawsuits from Jacobs, Hamilton, and faithful readers such as myself. It is apparent from previous readings prior to today that letsrun.com is no big fan of Jacobs, and hopefully, with only a little hope, will you escape litigation over this "joke".

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