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Regina Jacobs to Compete in Major Championships
Revolutionary Announcement: "Major Championships are Important"
Regina Jacobs stunned the running world by saying yesterday that major championship meets are important and that she is going to compete in them.  The announcement was a major blow to LetsRun.com which will now have to find a new runner to ask unmonitored questions.

LetsRun.com Exclusive:
Jeff Galloway Ran the Entire 10,000m at 1972 Olympic Trials

Galloway confesses: "Running is the fastest way to get from point A to point B on foot."
In a shocking revelation, LetsRun.com has revealed that Jeff Galloway actually ran the entire 10,000m when he qualified for the 1972 Olympics. New ground breaking scientific research also has confirmed that running non-stop is the fastest way to get from point A to point B.  Former Gallowalker disciples however are furious at Galloway's revelation, do not believe him, and accuse him of selling out.

USATF Drug Cover-Ups Revealed and Rojo is one of them
Rojo: "Dennis Mitchell is half the man I am"

The leader in hard nose running journalism, Runnersworld.com, has uncovered the names of USATF drug cover-ups and the shocking revelation that LetsRun.com's Robert Johnson is one of them.  Rojo admits that he wants to be his brother but denies the illegal drug use.

LetsRun.com Launches New Dating Service
Only Way to make Site Profitable

In response to the constant discussion of who the "hottest guy/gal in track and field is" on the message boards, LetsRun.com has announced it is starting a new dating service to match up thousands of socially inept runners. Books and pamplets exclusive to runners dating needs such as "Sex after the Long Run: Myth or Reality" are also in the works.

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