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April 1, 2004
Quote of the Day:

"The damage that Suzy (Favor Hamilton) has inflicted on me is astronomical.  I mean with the positive test, my reputation is now ruined. Everyone now believes that my entire career is a fraud - that I've accomplished absolutely nothing without cheating.  Put yourself in my shoes for a moment and just think about how much it sucks to wake up every morning and realize that you were forced to steal and cheat your way to the top.  My entire adult existence was focused on my running and now everyone realizes that I accomplished absolutely nothing without cheating. If I actually had a conscience, it would be hard to tolerate."
-Disgraced US middle distance runner
Regina Jacobs, commenting after filing a $1 million dollar lawsuit against Suzy Favor Hamilton in the Superior Court of California's Oakland branch. In the suit, Jacobs claims Favor Hamilton has ruined her life by forcing her to get on illegal drugs.

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"Pudgy Patrick" Kiptum Stripped of Kenyan Citizenship Article Includes 'Must-See' Photos
The inside story of the fat Kenyan distance runner

Patrick Kiptum a former 1:01 half-marathoner and star at Oklahoma State has been given away by the Kenyans to the Qataris.

Rojo Hired To Replace Ron Mann At NAU LetsRun.com's Robert Johnson has been named the director of track and field and cross country at NAU where he will succeed the legendary Ron Mann. "Rojo" evidently got the nod because the amazing 8th-place consistency of his Cornell XC teams impressed the search committee.  Interim NAU Athletic Director Dick Brown said of the hire, "We wanted someone who had a proven track record of consistency....as the the most important thing that defined Ron Mann's teams here at NAU was their amazing consistency (as a top 10 power)."

Stunning Development
LetsRun.com Message Board Poster Found to be More Mature Than a 16 Year Old Male

Praises Vin Lananna, Mark Wetmore, John McDonnell
Scientists are shocked but message board poster  Johnny I. Noitall , formerly a 24-minute 5k runner who stretched for 2 hours a day, did form drills for 1 hour a day, ate only powerbars, organic food, and 12 multivitamins, while running 20 miles a week, has found to be more mature than a 16-year old male. He says, "I want to contribute positively to society."

Regina Jacobs Files Lawsuit Against Suzy Favor Hamilton Jacobs says Hamilton basically forced her to get on drugs and as a result her reputation is now ruined.  The women who were denied US Olympic spots in 1988, 1992, and 1996 as a result of Jacobs being on the team are also expected to join the suit against Hamilton as co-plaintiffs. Experts predict that the case could reach the $5-10 million dollar range in damages.

Stanford's Louis Luchini: I'm Better than Brendan O'Keefe at Everything
Luchini and O'Keefe (of Brown) were high school teammates.  It's now been confirmed that Luchini is better than O'Keefe at everything.

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