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“[Weightman] has come in as the third-best performer [by time] and they've selected not the fourth-best performer but the fifth-best performer [Stenson] across that period.

"There is no chance [of taking the matter to CAS]. She [Weightman] can't afford it. Unless a benefactor comes forward ... no, unfortunately, that won't be happening. As much as it sticks in everyone's craw that the principles of the selection process are totally devoid of any ethics, Lisa is just going to have to wear it.

"AA's integrity has to be questioned and their actions have to be considered unethical.”

Robert Joske, talking about how his client Lisa Weigthman has dropped her appeal to be on the 2024 Australian Olympic Marathon team as she can't afford 50k in lawyers fees needed to take the case to CAS. Weightman has already spent "tens of thousands of dollars in engaging the National Sports Tribunal (NST). The NST ruled in favour of Weightman, but AA refused to overturn its decision."

Weightman ran the third fastest time during the qualifying window but didn't make the Aussie team as the selectors picked 2022 Commonwealth Games champ Jessica Stenson, who holds a 1-7 record against Weightman in her career and had the 5th fastest time.

MB: Aussie female Marathon selection fiasco

Oslo DL is Thurday (2-4 pm ET)
Oslo DL is Thurday (2-4 pm ET)

It should be a good one. We'll do a live reaction  show at 4:00 pm ET. Then the last DL in over a month is Sunday in Stockholm (12-2 pm ET). We

Last week will be hard to top with three levels of NCAA competition and the Pre Classic. This week athletes will mostly head over to Europe, with a Diamond League meet in Norway and Sweden. There will also be local track action as there is an American Track League meet in Atlanta.

Two Olympic Dreams Are Crushed
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The 45-year-old Lisa Weigthman ran the third fastest time during the qualifying window but didn't make the Aussie team as the selectors picked 2022 Commonwealth Games champ Jessica Stenson, a 36-year-old who holds a 1-7 record against Weightman in her career and had the 5th fastest time.
*MB: Aussie female Marathon selection fiasco

Ostrava Golden Spike

Djamel Sedjati ran a world leader in the 800 and Andre de Grasse took down Marcel Jacobs in the 100. *Full Results

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Bolder Boulder 10k
Ostrava Golden Spike
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European Championships Are Next Week
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Prefontaine Was Saturday
Prefontaine Was Saturday

Josh Kerr defeated Jakob Ingebrigtsen for the second straight time in a Bowerman Mile that lived up to the hype.

5000 WR holder Gudaf Tsegay wanted to add the 10,000 WR to her CV and she led for nearly 22 laps but then two-time World XC champ Beatrice Chebet took over and made history. In the men's race, Daniel Mateiko, the guy who hung with Kelvin Kiptum for 18 miles in Chicago last year, got the surprise win.

    On Friday, Joe Kovacs implied that he's been throwing 24m in practice and today at Pre he showed that may not be hyperbole as he had two throws over 23m. After looking poor in China, Sha'Carri looked great today in the US as did Keely Hodgkinson who ran smart and won big.
    *Full Women's 100 replay

    Prefontaine Race Videos
    Prefontaine Race Videos
    Bowerman Mile
    Women's 100
    Keely makes a statement
    Beatrice Chebet 28:54 WR!
    High School Mile Action

    The time is #4 on the prep all-time mile list and the fastest prep 1600m ever, breaking Alan Webb's 3:59.51 record from 2001.

    Strange Peter Bol Doping Case Update

    This fact came out in another case involving a footballer accused of EPO usage who is represented by Paul Greene, the same lawyer who represented Peter Bol and many others. In the footballers case, "WADA scientists insisted in the hearing that Bol’s case did not involve a false positive but that testing results were obscured as a result of the degradation of his sample in the three months between testing of his initial A sample, and the testing of his second B sample. His first sample was then also retested eight months after it was initially tested."

    NCAA Regionals Have Begun
    Pre Pre Classic News

    If you turned into the broadcast portion of the pre-race conference expecting fireworks, you left disappointed but things got a bit spicy when LRC talked to them individually afterwards as Ingebrigtsen clearly was bothered by Kerr's podcast criticisms of him, calling them a "coward move."

    Workout Analysis

    Jakob's recent 12 x 400, 10 x 200 workout has generated a lot of buzz. What do the LRC coaches think about it? They are most impressed by something hardly anyone is talking about.

    10 Years With LRC

    This weekend's Prefontaine Classic marks 10 years since Jonathan Gault's first meet for LetsRun.com. He reflects on what he learned from his first trip to Eugene to cover David Rudisha and Galen Rupp in 2014.

    LA Grand Prix
    LA Grand Prix

    SML doesn't race often but when she does it's almost always incredible. Bryce Hoppel appears to be at a new level in 2024 and is there still a little magic left in Centro?

    The runners from Africa ran in the back early but dominated late and went 1-2-3-4 as Grant Fisher was fifth (12:53.30). Teammates Cooper Teare (12:54.72, 9th) and Cole Hocker (12:58.92, 11th) broke 13:00 for the 1st time. In the women's 5000, Elle St. Pierre lowered her pb from 14:58.17 to 14:34.14 and won as Venezuela's Joselyn Brea set a South American record in 2nd (14:36.59).

    Controversty at Oregon HS State Meet

    (link fixed) A biological male won the 200 and nearly won the 400 at the Oregon state meet but the crowd booed the trans athlete and cheered wildly when "she" lost the 400. You can hear the boos at the end of the 200 in the video above.

    The King is Back at the Olympics

    Twenty years after his first Olympic gold and 12 years after his last Olympic appearance, Bekele will return to face Eliud Kipchoge on the sport's biggest stage in Paris.

    Coaching Advice Column

    LetsRun.com has launched a new coaching advice column. In column #3, John Kellogg and Robert Johnson share their favorite 800 workouts.

    Noah Lyles and Lance Brauman Podcast

    Noah Lyles and his coach Lance Brauman have their eyes set on golds in Paris. They believe Lyles can possibly break Usain Bolt's world record in the 200m, but they know first comes the most brutal meet in the sport - the US Olympic Track and Field Trials. Article and podcast.

    Get Your Training Questions Answered By John Kellogg

    In the year 2024, there are all sorts of advice columns all over the Internet, but we’ve never seen one for distance running. There is one now as Robert Johnson and John Kellogg are here to answer your questions in our Dear Distance Gurus (DDG) column.

    Rest In Peace: Henry Rono 1952-2024

    Rono achieved legendary status in 1978 when he set four world records in four different events in 81 days. Robert Johnson, who has an autographed poster of Rono on his office wall, pays his respects.

      Past MB Talk On Rono

      RIP Kelvin Kiptum
      Embed from Getty Images

      In just three races, Kiptum turned the marathon world upside down, setting a world record, and running the three fastest second halves ever in a marathon. Jonathan Gault recaps his life and career.

      Let the Anticipation Build - Only 178 Days until The Olympic 1500 Final

      Stavanger Aftenblad's Erlend Nesje went to Jakob's house to catch up with one of the sport's biggest stars who is on the comeback trail from injury. After finishing up an hour-long run, Jakob had some interesting comments to say about fame, Josh Kerr, and Jake Wightman.

      BetterRunningShoes.com Presents

      We present to you the LetsRun.com Shoe Awards for 2023. What is the best shoe of 2023, the supershoe of 2023, the newcomer of the year and more?

      Everyone's still looking for an edge

      Kelvin Kiptum, Faith Kipyegon, Keely Hodgkinson and everyone in the OAC are among the stars who experimented with Maurten Bicarb System in 2023 ($65 for 4 doses). The big question: does it work? (paywall lifted)


      We think most of you could guess the #1 brand, but the #2 might be a surprise. We break down the most popular brands overall, and for road, trail, and racing.

      Sick of Shoes that Break Down Too Soon?

      Running shoe construction has changed a lot in the last decade. Runners are still looking for more durable running shoes, but we take a look at some of the most durable shoes and what makes them stand out.

      Get a Better Running Shoe

      Stack heights on shoes are getting bigger and bigger. Runners are liking these shoes more and more. We try and make sense of the cushioning revolution.

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      Want to know what running shoes real runners like best? We've got some answers for you as our Better Running Shoe review site is now open to the public. Real reviews, from real runners, with data science.

      Paywall lifted!
      Paywall lifted!
      The Latest JG Feature

      What links Jakob Ingebrigtsen, the NAU cross country team, and Sebastian Coe? Double threshold training, which is having a moment in 2023. Note, most of this article is behind our SC paywall for 72 hours (until Saturday).

      How do you explain the ridiculous indoor distance times?
      Kipchoge loving the LetsRun Shirt in Berlin

      Your latest American stars share their insights.

      Three legends of the sport.

      One of the greatest US runners ever.

      We chatted with Frank on the 50th anniversary of his Olympic Marathon gold

      American Record Holders
      American Record Holders

      Keira D'Amato, the new American record holder in the marathon, was joined by Deena Kastor, who held the record for 15 years.

      Sisson was the guest on the LetsRun.com Track Talk podcast after she became the first American to go sub 67 in the half marathon on a record-eligible course. Podcast highlights above. Full pod here.

      Woody Kincaid joined us after he broke the American record indoors at 5000. He talks above why he left the Bowerman Track Club. Podcast highlights and link to full podcast here.

      Coogan's New Balance Boston team had 3 Olympians in 2021 and 2022 could be the biggest year yet for the program with 2 new additions and the TRACK at New Balance coming on March 1st.

      Danny Mackey has taken the Brooks Beasts from an unproven club to the Olympic podium in its first decade.

      Dathan Ritzenhein is the first of the top pro coaches to sit down and talk about his club heading into the 2022 campaign.

      Best of Jon Gault
      Best of Jon Gault
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      Take Your Love of LetsRun to the Next Level
      Take Your Love of LetsRun to the Next Level