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“Yesterday was the worst day of my life. I woke up next to my wife to a group of alarmed nurses rushing us to the ICU. Her morning labs had come back and ‘they did not look good.’ @gigrunewald seemed a little confused but otherwise fine. Upon arriving to the ICU I reviewed her labs with her team of internist and critical care doctor and immediately ran out of the hospital crying. For medical professionals her lactate was 23 and pH was 6.9, values incompatible with life. They started fluid resuscitation, placed a PICC line gave two units of blood and her numbers had worsened with a lactate of 26. She was relatively unaware and at peace. I made the hardest decision of my life with her family and brother to move her to comfort care. I actually got the opportunity to say goodbye to her alone and inform her she was dying, at that time she did not seem to be comprehending much. Shortly after I told her she was dying she took a deep breath and yelled ‘NOT TODAY.’ We went to bed shortly after I felt for her radial pulse all night on her arm with her mother and @abigailandesleeping on her other side. At around 8am when the critical care doctor came in the room Gabe woke me up because she wanted to order breakfast. After stopping cares most of her labs had normalized on their own and she is now eating a @shakeshack burger out of the ICU. Talking to all my doctor colleagues they have never seen another patient survive similar circumstances. It can only be explained as divine intervention or miracle. Today was the best day of my life. Thank you sooo much for the prayers. Also again thanks to the best friend group in the world for literally getting here from multiple states within 12 hours and to my bro @mattg_nearthesea for making the fastest trip ever from Cayman to MN!
#bravelikegabe #runningonhope#nottoday .”

– Dr. Justin Grunewald, husband of of Gabe Grunewald, writing on Instagram yesterday.

MB: Justin Grunewald reports that he thought Gabe Grunewald was dying yesterday before miraculous recovery

NCAAs Start Wednesday – Get Your Picks In *Schedule, Start Lists, Results (Revised Due To Weather, Starting At 4:00 PM Central*TV & Streaming

LRC $200,019 LRC Running Warehouse NCAA Outdoor Prediction Contest The NCAAs start Wednesday. It’s time to get down to business. Get your picks in.

LRC Get Ready For Holloway Vs. Roberts & Mondo Vs. Nilsen As The World’s Best Clash At 2019 NCAAs World #1 vs. World #2 in 110 hurdles and pole vault.

LRC Women’s Distance Preview: Dani Jones Goes For 5K Glory, A Repeat Bid For Jessica Hull & 3-Peat Bid For Allie Ostrander Some big names will be looking to win their 4th NCAA titles later this week in Austin.

LRC Men’s Distance Preview: A Classic 5K, Wide-Open 1,500 & 10K, & Bryce Hoppel Chases The Perfect Season Can Morgan McDonald become a legend? Will Grant Fisher go out a winner or loser? We tell you here.
*MB: 2019 NCAA men’s distance preview: Will Hoppel remain undefeated? Who will go out a winner – McDonald or Fisher? We tell you here

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Weekend Road Action

Field Event: Canada’s Brittany Crew Sets New NR In Shot (18.69) At Hallesche Werfertage

Upcoming Diamond League Action

NCAA Champs Start Wednesday *Start Lists: *Men *Women

Mediocre As A Man, An NCAA Champ As A Woman

LRC What No One Is Telling You: An Athlete Who Ran NCAA Track As A Man For 3 Years Just Won An NCAA Women’s Title During his first 3 years of college, Craig Telfer was a mediocre men’s track athlete. Now competing and living as CeCe Telfer, she is the NCAA DII women’s national 400-meter hurdles champion.
*MB: CeCe Telfer, who for her first 3 years was on the MEN’S track team, just won the NCAA DII title 

On The High School Level As Well: DyeStat Has Lengthy Profile On Terry Miller, The Transgender Sprinter Who Has Caused Controversy In Connecticut By Winning Championships In The Girls Division This isn’t about if Miller is a good person or dedicated student athlete. The complaints are about fairness in sport and it is blatantly unfair for Miller to win state championships titles as a girl. The article also dodges the question of hormone treatment, making it seem likely Miller isn’t taking any.

Resolution (?) In Nigeria/IAAF Money Controversy

Gabe’s Still Fighting – Grunewald’s Husband Says The Fact That She Didn’t Die Over The Weekend Is “Divine Intervention Or Miracle”

LRC Gabe Grunewald Nearly Died On Saturday: “It Can Only Be Explained As Divine Intervention Or Miracle” On Saturday, Gabe Grunewald‘s husband told her she was dying and said goodbye. What happened next was remarkable.
*MB: Justin Grunewald reports that he thought Gabe Grunewald was dying yesterday before miraculous recovery

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Week That Was

LRC WTW: Why We Don’t Spend Much Time Covering NCAA Regionals, D2 Greatness From Caroline Kurgat And Zach Panning Just a few stars (Tyler Day in 5k, Ednah Kurgat 5k, Houston 4 x 1) didn’t make it to the big dance. We crunch the numbers to show you why we don’t spend a ton of time covering NCAA regionals.

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Ultramarathon Exploration (Sponsored By HOKA ONE ONE)

LRC Q & A With Sage Canaday One Week Out From Comrades – A Race An American Man Hasn’t Won In 25 Years Can Canaday possibly defy the odds and end America’s 25-year Comrades Marathon drought?

LRC Weekly Podcast

LRC Track Talk Podcast: Stockholm Diamond League, Transgender Athlete CeCe Telfer Wins NCAA Women’s 400 Hurdles Title, Guest Sage Canaday Before Comrades Marathon

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Team USA Named For Doha World Marathon

USATF Names Marathon Squad For 2019 Doha World Champs; Includes LRC’s World XC Entrant Kelsey Bruce Carrie Dimoff and Roberta Groner join Bruce on the women’s squad while Shadrack Biwott leads the men with Elkanah Kibet and Andrew Epperson.
*MB: LetsRun’s World XC runner Kelsey Bruce has been named to US World Championship team!!
*LRC Archives Meet Kelsey Bruce, The LetsRun.com Entrant At The 2019 World-Cross Country Championships

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