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Professional golf and tennis have their grand slams. Horse racing has its triple crown. It’s time for ultramarathoning to join the party.
Can we name a single person as the greatest ultra runner in history? Yes, we can for the women, but not for the men.
There's no world record easier to understand in the ultramarathon world than, "How far can you run in a day?" And there's been no human in history that has come anywhere close to Yiannis Kouros in a 24 hour period.

Q&A With Legendary Ultramarathoner Yiannis Kouros: "I Don’t Believe in Long Runs and I Am Against Doing Them"

We interviewed the legendary Yiannis Kouros before his legendary 24-hour world record that had stood for nearly 24 years was broken. Hear how he doesn't believe in training year-round or in doing long runs.

Rojo and Wejo's Favorite Ultra Marathons

Q&A With Sage Canaday One Week Out From Comrades - A Race An American Man Hasn't Won in 25 Years

Can Canaday possibly defy the odds and end America's 25 year Comrades Marathon drought?

A Former Crew Member of Ultramarathon Legend Yiannis Kouros Shares Some Stories

Kouros holds the #1 ultramarathon record in the books - the men's 24 hour record of 188.68 miles (303.506 km).

What Are The Greatest Ultramarathon Records? These Are 7 Of The Greatest But Not THE Greatest

We share with you 7 of our favorite ultramarathon records. On Monday, we'll unveil the GOAT. *MB: Who are the greatest ultramarathon runners in history? *MB: What are the best ultramarathon records?

Ultramarathon Legend Jim Walmsley Talks Olympic Trials, Hobby Jogging, Missile Silos, Eliud Kipchoge, The Best Records In The Sport and More

Ultramarathon legend Jim Walmsley shares all. He talks about how he hopes to complete the Triple Crown of ultra running, what events he could beat Eliud Kipchoge in, how he’d rather be the top US marathoner rather than ultramarathoner, and more.

HOKA Pros Michael Wardian and Sabrina Little Tell Us What They View As The Best Ultra Races, Runners and Records in History

Our deep dive in the ultra scene continues as Sabrina Little and Michael Wardian reveal what they view as the best races, records and runners (Sponsored content by HOKA ONE ONE). *MB:What are the best ultramarathon records? *MB: What are the best ultras in the world?

What Are The Best Ultramarathon Records?

There are some AMAZING ultra records out there, but we want to know what are the best. Tell us your choice and you could win a pair of HOKA ONE ONE shoes.

If Jim Walmsley Had Paced Himself Better, Would He Have Broken 6 Hours at HOKA ONE ONE Project Carbon X 100k?

HOKA Project Carbon X: Jim Walmsley Sets 50 Mile World Best, Yet World Champ Hideaki Yamauchi Wins 100k

The Neophyte Tyler Andrews vs the Dreamer Jim Walmsley vs the Champ Yamauchi -- Hoka Project Carbon X Notes

HOKA Project Carbon X is Here: A 50 Mile & 100K World Record Attempt By Jim Walmsley and Others in Brand-New Carbon X Shoe

HOKA's got a new shoe out that they are really proud of they and they've enlisted many of their top ultramarathoners to go after the 100k world record in the new shoes this Saturday, broadcast live, world-wide for free.

Sage Canaday Explains The Ultra Marathon Scene to LRC: Getting Helicoptered Out of Races, Carrying a Phone and How Would Kipchoge Do?

Our exploration of the ultra scene sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE continues.
April 25, 2019 to May 31, 2019

In this HOKA ONE ONE sponsored event, we take a deep-dive in the ultramarathoning world and ask the world:


  • What are the best ultras in the world?
  • What are the best ultra records?
  • Who are the best ultra runners in history?

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