Jama Aden Gets Arrested

farah-adenLRC Jama Aden Doping Raid Update: How Might The Raid Impact Mo Farah, The Dibabas and Nike? Today, we look at some of the connections between Aden and the sport’s biggest names like Genzebe Dibaba, Tirunesh Dibaba, Mo Farah, and Nike and wonder what type of impact, if any, the scandal will have on them. We also reveal for the first time in the English press that Mo Farah trained in Sansabell, Spain in 2014, a fact his agent didn’t even know, but claimed to be more than 100 miles away in France. Why?

LRC Everything You Need To Know About The Jama Aden Doping Raid That Took Place With Three Dibaba Sisters Being Present We give you the scoop on the biggest doping scandal in distance running’s history and the biggest non-country-related (i.e. Russia) doping scandal since BALCO. In the near future, we’ll have much more for you, including “What does this mean for Nike, Mo Farah and Alberto Salazar, who all have ties to Aden?”
*MB: Jama Aden Arrested After Police Raid Discovers EPO In His Hotel In Spain
*MB: David Torrence essentially saying he snitched on Jama’s group

Russian Doping Updates

Olympic News

adidas Boost Boston *Full Results

adidas-boost-bostonSaturday LRC Recap Of The US’s 1st Street Meet: Marvin Bracy (10.23) Nips Yohan Blake At The Line, Tori Bowie Runs 11.03 & Jenn Suhr Scratches The United States’ first street meet is in the books. The atmosphere was great but not everyone was a fan of the temporary track. Yohan Blake was candid in the mixed zone afterwards, calling the track “atrocious.” That’s not all he was candid about as he also said that the Russians should be given a second chance in Rio and explained how God told him to give up “The Beast” nickname. A pastor told him if he did so, he’d run well in 72 hours and he then went out and ran his first sub-10 since 2012. Plus Jasmine Todd talks about her mysterious departure from UO.

Friday LRC Boston Recap: U.S. Leaders For Ajee Wilson In 800 (1:59.72) And Ben True In 1,500 (3:36.05), Sub-13 For Dejen Gebremeskel & HS Junior Kate Murphy (4:07.21 1,500, #3 A-T) Runs Faster Than The Pros Robby Andrews was 7th in the 1,500 in 3:37, Mary Cain 3rd in 1,500 in 4:10. *Friday Results

Message Board Talk About The Meet:

MB: Official 2016 adidas Boost Boston Games Discussion Thread
 High schooler Kate Murphy crushes the Olympic trial standard 4:07!!
MB: Robby Andrews 7th in Boost Boston 1,500; smoked by Ben True 
MB: Mac Fleet: 3:51, Ben True: 3:36, Will Leer 3:58. WHAT?!?!?!

Lots Of National Champs Were Held Over The Weekend

US News

The Latest On The Russian Doping Ban



Russia Ban Remains

LRC Russian Ban Remains: 9 Takeaways From IAAF Press Conference The IAAF has upheld Russia’s doping ban ahead of the Rio Olympics. We pull out the most important/interesting details that came out of the press conference with Seb Coe and the independent task force leader, Rune Andersen.
A great day for the sport. Russia remains banned for Rio

Boris Berian Defense Fund Launched Berian and his team are trying to raise $25,000 for his legal fees to defend the lawsuit filed by Nike. The hearing scheduled for today in federal court got pushed back until tomorrow. Being in federal court sucks and is expensive.

Brazier Will Be At The Trials As A Pro

LRCGood News, Track Fans: Donavan Brazier Enters Olympic Trials And Is Turning Pro

Every pro LRC talked to in the last week except for one said Brazier should turn pro.

Distance News

Oscar Pistorius’ Family Report Threats Of Murder Ahead Of Sentencing A man contacted the family asking for payments for “evidence” that would help Pistorius, but when they refused he threatened to have Pistorius killed in jail.

Sprint Stuff: Bolt Vs Blake > Bolt Vs Gatlin

Victoria Track Classic

LRCHealthy Duane Solomon Wins Victoria Track Classic In 1:46.71

Melissa Bishop went 1:58 for the 2nd time in 3 days.

Articles We Found Interesting

Now We Know Why Pros Hate Reductions

LRCCourt Filings Reveal That Nike's Proposed Contract To Boris Berian Was Full Of Reductions - Contract Could Even Be Terminated If Berian Was Injured And Didn't Compete For 180 Days

Court documents reveal that Nike certainly didn't agree to pay Berian a minimum of $375,000 over three years ($125,000 per year). Nike wanted to have the right to terminate the agreement entirely if Berian was injured and didn't compete for 180 days. If Berian got injured and only competed a handful of times and didn't make Worlds and wasn't ranked in the top 10 in the world, they wanted to be able to reduce his pay from $125,000 to $6,250. If he died or was permanently disabled, they also wanted to be able to cancel the deal. Berian says that's one reason why he doesn't want to run for Nike - the other is he doesn't like their shoes as he bombed out of USAs the first time he competed in them last year.

The Trials Are 2+ Weeks Away – Who Is In? Out? And On The Bubble?

Wheating was back in the winners' circle at the Portland Track FestivalLRC Who’s In? Who’s On The Bubble? 2016 US Men’s Olympic Trials Descending Order Lists Given past history, we know there is bound to be a ridiculous controversy so we’ve tried to get ahead of it and let you know how things stand two weeks from the Trials.

LRC Who’s In? Who’s On The Bubble? 2016 US Women’s Olympic Trials Descending Order Lists 

The Olympic Trials Are Less Than A Month Away

Kim Conley can't believe she's an Olympian *2012 US Olympic Trials 5000 Race Recap HereLRC LetsRun.com Olympic Trials Q&A: Who Are The Favorites To Make Rio? What Big Names Are Going To Stay Home? Wednesday marks three weeks to go until the Olympic Trials. With that in mind, it’s time for the LRC crew to start looking ahead. Who looks good? Who needs a lot of help? Who might surprise? Dare we say who will make the team?

The Summer Of Greatness Is Here

LRC The LetsRun.com Summer Of Greatness Kicks Off With Advice To The High School Hopefuls June is here, the Olympic Trials start in one month, and the LRC Summer of Greatness is officially here. We want everyone to pursue a little greatness this summer and start with some advice for high schoolers. How are you going to pursue greatness this summer?

Pole Vault News

Brooks PR Invite *Full Results

IMG_20160618_142837LRC Brooks PR Recap: Could Nick Symmonds And Andrew Wheating Be Watching The Olympic Trials From Home? Symmonds’ ankle injury kept him out and Wheating still doesn’t have an Olympic Trials auto qualifier after windy conditions slowed down the 1,500m. In positive news, Leo Manzano took a big step in the right direction.

More Saturday US Action: MB: COLBY ALEXANDER RUNS 3:36.26 AT PRINCETON The guy who didn’t even make the NCAA finals last year missed the Olympic standard by just .06.

Sunday Was Father’s Day

Olympics-Related News


Harry Jerome: Duane Solomon Injury Update!

IMG_20160617_213221LRC Harry Jerome: Duane Solomon Pulls Up And Runs 1:50, Bishop Defeats Martinez In 800 Clash, De Grasse Doubles, Wariner Still Doesn’t Have A Trials Qualifier And McNamara Wins And Reveals He’s One Of You A little drama with Solomon’s injury and a great 800m north of the border. Plus Jordan McNamara talks about the message boards and gives some advice.
*Record Crowd Of 6,000+ Showed Up At Harry Jerome To See De Grasse

Berian Vs. Nike (Special Section Here)

What Makes Asbel Kiprop So Good? We Try To Tell You

LRCA Week With The World's Best Miler: An Exclusive Look At Asbel Kiprop's Last Two Workouts Before The Pre Classic

The Pre Classic is this weekend and the Bowerman Mile is LOADED with Olympic champ Taoufik Makhloufi, all three medalists from Worlds last year, plus studs like Matthew CentrowitzSilas Kiplagat and Ayanleh Souleiman. But the headliner is Asbel Kiprop, and our man on the ground in Kenya, Andy Arnold, says hand him the victory and world record later this summer after getting a behind-the-scenes look at his preparation for Pre.
*MB: The secrets of Asbel Kiprop revealed - Our man on the ground in Kenya says hand him the gold and WRecord