Jama Aden

Jama Aden

July 17, 2023

ICYMI: Jama Aden Has Been Acquitted By a Spanish Court on All Doping Charges Stemming from 2016 Hotel Raid

Aden was finally cleared in Spanish court but he still may not be out of the woods with the AIU.
July 13, 2017

Week That Was: Women vs Men, The Boilermaker Turns 40, Konstanze Klosterhalfen is Only 20, and Jakob Ingebrigtsen is Younger Than

We span the globe to get you up to speed on what's been happening in the track and field world the last two weeks.
February 15, 2017

Week That Was: Women's 800m Madness, One Runner from Japan is Better than All of American Men Combined in the Marathon the Last 6 Years, Collegiate Milers and More

The American 800m women took it to another level this week, and a Japanese runner reminded us the American men's marathoners have struggled as a whole.
February 07, 2017

Genzebe Dibaba Gets World Record #6, Runs 5:23.75 for 2,000 Meters in Sabadell, Spain

Tirunesh Dibaba made some positive news in Sabadell Spain.
June 21, 2016

Jama Aden Doping Raid Update: How Might The Raid Impact Mo Farah, The Dibabas and Nike?

Today, we look at some of the connections between Aden and the sport's biggest names like Genzebe Dibaba, Tirunesh Dibaba, Mo Farah, and Nike and wonder what type of impact, if any, the scandal will have on them. We also reveal for the first time in the English press that Mo Farah trained in Sansabell, Spain in 2014, a fact his agent didn't even know, but claimed to be more than 100 miles away in France. Why?
June 20, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About The Jama Aden Doping Raid That Took Place With Three Dibaba Sisters Being Present

We give you the scoop on the biggest doping scandal in distance running’s history and the biggest non-country related (i.e. Russia) doping scandal since BALCO. In the near future, we'll have much more for you including, 'What does this mean for Nike, Mo Farah and Alberto Salazar who all have ties to Aden?'
February 18, 2016

Hamza Driouch Retracts Claim That Coach Jama Aden (Whose Athletes Broke 3 World Records Yesterday) Doped Him

The IAAF needs to figure out who was doping the 17 year old Driouch when he tested positive. Updated: Odile Baudrier of has sent us English translations of his original article and the email he received from Driouch which was in English.
February 17, 2016

Jama Aden-Coached Athletes Genzebe Dibaba (4:13.31 Mile), Ayanleh Souleiman (2:14.20 1k) And Abdalelah Haroun (59.83 500*) All Set World Records In Stockholm

Genzebe Dibaba (4:13.31 mile), Ayanleh Souleiman (2:14.20 1k) and Abdalelah Haroun (59.83 500*) are all coached by Jama Aden and all 3 left Sweden with times officially faster than anyone has run in their event.
February 17, 2016

2:14.20 World Record for 1000m for Ayanleh Souleiman as He Crushes Wilson Kipketer's Old Record

Souleiman took down Kipketer's world record in his first race of the year. Meet still going with a world record in the 500m as well. *Follow live
February 28, 2015

Why Was Drug Cheat Hamza Driouch Training (with Mo Farah) In Ethiopia? Who Supplied the 17 Year Old Doper?

Social media photos of Mo Farah training with now drug cheat Hamza Driouch of Qatar have the British press asking, "What is Mo Farah doing training with a drug cheat in Ethiopia?" Our more immediate focus is, "What the hell is drug cheat Hamza Driouch doing training period?"
*MB: Mo Farah is a liar. He denied any knowledge of training with Driouch, yet he posted pics training with him in Ethiopia 

June 26, 2014

Men's 1500 Semis: David Torrence Goes Home Early - Leo, Lopez, Leer and Casey all advance

David Torrence's first USAs under new coach Jama Aden turned into a nightmare, but it was a great night for a number of under-dogs like Ford Palmer who find themselves in the USA final.

May 31, 2014

Ayanleh Souleiman Runs 3:47; Manzano Returns To Winner's Circle - 9 Takes From 2 Great Miles At 2014 Pre Classic

A ridiculous 22 men broke 3:55 on Sunday in Eugene. We give you the scoop.