Who’s In? Who’s On The Bubble? 2016 US Women’s Olympic Trials Descending Order Lists

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by LetsRun.com
June 16, 2016

*Men’s Descending Order List

The 2016 US Olympic Track and Field Trials are just over two weeks away, starting on July 1st in Eugene, Oregon. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at where things stand with the qualifying lists.

For many, just making it into the Trials is a career accomplishment, so those runners will regularly be checking their place on the US descending order list over the next two weeks. Additionally, there are several big names who haven’t hit the automatic qualifying time in their event and could be left watching the Trials from home. As always, USATF have left themselves open to making arbitrary controversial decisions by listing “approximate field sizes” and not promising to fill the fields. Hopefully the 2016 entry process is a smooth one, but sadly it almost never is.

Below we give you the top qualifying marks in each women’s distance event (according to All-Athletics.com) along with the automatic mark, “approximate” field size and the Olympic qualifying standard (the qualifying window opened May 1, 2015). Athletes who have the Olympic standard (so can go to Rio if they are top 3) are bolded. We have done the same for the men here. Where there was an athlete listed who obviously won’t be in that event (Shannon Rowbury in the 800 for example), we crossed out there name, so each runner has a more accurate “Trials Rank”. USATF lists the standards and qualifying procedures for each event here.

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800m (Trials Auto: 2:03.00; Olympic standard: 2:01.00; Approximate Field Size: 32)

If you don’t get the auto of 2:03.00, there is little chance you are getting in the women’s 800 as 53 people already have the Trials auto.

ResultRankTrials PositionAthlete
1:57.8711Ajee WILSON
1:58.6822Molly LUDLOW
1:59.0633Brenda MARTINEZ
1:59.1044Chanelle PRICE
1:59.1555Alysia MONTAÑO
1:59.7166Raevyn ROGERS
1:59.8977Chrishuna WILLIAMS
2:00.038Shannon ROWBURY
2:00.0598Maggie VESSEY
2:00.05109Kate GRACE
2:00.151110Laura ROESLER
2:00.421211Treniere MOSER
2:00.481312Lauren WALLACE
2:00.601413Charlene LIPSEY
2:00.611514Phoebe WRIGHT
2:00.631615Claudia SAUNDERS
2:00.761716Dana MECKE
2:00.7918Jenny SIMPSON
2:00.811917McKayla FRICKER
2:00.952018LaTavia THOMAS
2:00.992119Alexa EFRAIMSON
2:01.022220Olivia BAKER
2:01.172321Hanna GREEN
2:01.2024Katie MACKEY
2:01.232522Gabriele GRUNEWALD
2:01.562623Sarah BROWN
2:01.562724Shelby HOULIHAN
2:01.592825Lauren JOHNSON
2:01.622926Shannon LEINERT
2:01.873027Geena GALL
2:01.943128Cory Ann MCGEE
2:01.973229Kaela EDWARDS
2:02.003330Margaret FARLEY
2:02.023431Lauren JOHNSON
2:02.153532Kendra CHAMBERS
2:02.173633Erin DONOHUE
2:02.203734Dana MECKE
2:02.263835Olicia WILLIAMS
2:02.293936Morgan SCHUETZ LAYNE
2:02.324037Annette MELCHER
2:02.394138Carsyn KOCH
2:02.394239Dominique JACKSON
2:02.434340Kenyetta IYEVBELE
2:02.444441Bethany PRASKA
2:02.454542Hanna GREEN
2:02.494643Anima BANKS
2:02.624744Cecilia BAROWSKI
2:02.634845Kerri GALLAGHER
2:02.674946Alethia MARRERO
2:02.825047Ce’Aira BROWN
2:02.835148Shea COLLINSWORTH
2:02.885249Stephanie BROWN
2:02.925350Claudia FRANCIS
2:03.065451Sammy WATSON

1,500m (Trials Auto: 4:09.50; Olympic standard: 4:06.00; Approximate Field Size: 30)

When scratches are done, it’s unlikely there will be 30 people with the auto standard of 4:09.50, let’s hope USATF fills the field.

We’ve complained about the field size for this event for 4+ years, however. They should have more than 30 people in the 1500 at the Olympic Trials (or get rid of a round). At the Trials, they are going to run 3 rounds of 1500 but only let in 30 people. That makes no sense. So the first round will be an utter waste of time as they’ll take it from 30 people down to 24.

ResultRankTrials PositionAthlete
3:56.2911Shannon ROWBURY
3:57.3022Jenny SIMPSON
4:03.2033Sarah BROWN
4:03.3944Alexa EFRAIMSON
4:03.3955Shelby HOULIHAN
4:03.5666Kerri GALLAGHER
4:03.5777Brenda MARTINEZ
4:03.8188Katie MACKEY
4:03.9499Morgan UCENY
4:04.171010Lauren JOHNSON
4:04.261111Treniere MOSER
4:04.261212Gabriele GRUNEWALD
4:04.461313Heather KAMPF
4:05.1014Emma COBURN
4:05.391514Stephanie GARCIA
4:05.521615Aisha PRAUGHT
4:05.561716Amanda ECCLESTON
4:05.651817Kate GRACE
4:05.891918Nicole TULLY
4:06.432019Sara SUTHERLAND
4:06.902120Rachel SCHNEIDER
4:07.552221Stephanie BROWN
4:08.0423Abbey D’AGOSTINO
4:08.1324Ashley HIGGINSON
4:08.932522Rebecca ADDISON
4:09.082623Mary CAIN
4:09.272724Christina ARAGON
4:09.382826Cory Ann MCGEE
4:09.412925Stephanie SCHAPPERT
4:09.493026Melissa SALERNO
4:09.543127Elise CRANNY
4:09.573228Heather WILSON
4:09.753329Rebecca TRACY
4:09.8934Kim CONLEY
4:10.193530Sara VAUGHN
4:11.003631Hannah FIELDS
4:11.043732Leah O’CONNOR
4:11.323833Jamie CHEEVER
4:11.6239Phoebe WRIGHT
4:11.714034Rebecca TRACY
4:11.764135Erin DONOHUE

5,000m (Trials Auto: 15:25.00; Olympic: 15:20.00; Approximate Field Size: 24)

This is another event where it looks like there won’t be 24 auto qualifiers. Let’s hope USATF fills the field.

ResultRankTrials positionAthlete
14:48.1411Molly HUDDLE
15:00.9122Emily INFELD
15:03.8533Abbey D’AGOSTINO
15:04.0844Nicole TULLY
15:06.0555Marielle HALL
15:06.2266Shelby HOULIHAN
15:10.0277Shalane FLANAGAN
15:10.6988Kim CONLEY
15:14.4599Lauren PAQUETTE
15:15.211010Molly SEIDEL
15:16.561111Stephanie GARCIA
15:16.601212Katie MACKEY
15:18.5313Ashley HIGGINSON
15:18.851413Jessica TONN
15:19.501514Gabriele GRUNEWALD
15:21.881615Jessica TEBO
15:22.101716Kellyn TAYLOR
15:23.111817Alisha WILLIAMS
15:23.161918Erin FINN
15:24.442019Abbey D’AGOSTINO
15:25.842120Emily SISSON
15:26.282221Laura THWEATT
15:26.792322Sarah PAGANO
15:27.132423Desiree LINDEN
15:27.672524Rochelle KANUHO
15:28.252625Sara HALL
15:28.562726Natosha ROGERS
15:30.002827Angela BIZZARRI
15:30.342928Jessica TONN
15:30.433029Amy CRAGG
15:31.623130Courtney FRERICHS
15:31.953231Kelsey SMITH
15:32.033332Anna ROHRER
15:32.043433Kellyn JOHNSON
15:32.193534Jordan HASAY
15:32.513635Emily SISSON
15:32.883736Erin FINN
15:32.893837Katie MATTHEWS
15:34.503938Erin FINN
15:34.594039Chelsea SODARO
15:35.244140Laura THWEATT
15:35.344241Alycia CRIDEBRING
15:36.734342Chelsea SODARO
15:36.844443Rachel WARD
15:37.174544Brianna FELNAGLE
15:37.514645Caitlin GREGG COODMAN
15:37.824746Liz COSTELLO
15:38.334847Leah O’CONNOR
15:39.274948Caitlin GREGG COODMAN
15:40.665049Sarah PAGANO
15:40.815150Kara GOUCHER
15:41.645251Vanessa FRASER
15:41.955352Amy VAN ALSTINE
15:42.475453Chelsea BLAASE

10,000m (Trials Auto: 32:25.00; Olympic standard: 32:15.00; Approximate Field Size: 24)
Qualifying window opened January 1, 2015.

31:09.0211Shalane FLANAGAN
31:37.4522Marielle HALL
31:38.0333Emily SISSON
31:38.7144Emily INFELD
31:39.2055Molly HUDDLE
31:43.7977Liz COSTELLO
31:49.9988Alisha WILLIAMS
31:51.8499Erin FINN
31:52.941010Laura THWEATT
31:58.331212Jordan HASAY
31:58.541313Kim CONLEY
31:59.231414Alia GRAY
32:02.2215Alexi PAPPAS
32:02.801615Tara WELLING
32:03.951716Amy CRAGG
32:05.841817Chelsea SODARO
32:06.821918Natosha ROGERS
32:08.322019Courtney SMITH
32:08.392120Chelsea BLAASE
32:08.762221Rochelle KANUHO
32:09.822322Caitlin GOODMAN
32:13.032423Sara SLATTERY
32:13.282524Emma BATES
32:16.032625Sarah PAGANO
32:17.342726Serena BURLA
32:22.152827Lindsay FLANAGAN
32:23.432928Katie MATTHEWS
32:26.983029Angela BIZZARRI
32:27.013130Lindsey SCHERF
32:27.283231Elaina BALOURIS
32:29.063332Alia GRAY
32:29.883433Kellyn JOHNSON
32:29.893534Margo MALONE
32:32.853635Becky WADE
32:35.873736Sara HALL
32:46.493938Allison GRACE
32:46.754039Carrie DIMOFF
32:46.904140Brianne NELSON
32:47.254241Hannah EVERSON
32:47.304342Lauren LAROCCO
32:49.434443Sharon LOKEDI
32:52.744544Amy VAN ALSTINE
32:58.784645Brenna PELOQUIN
33:01.504746Addie BRACY
33:02.784847Katja GOLDRING
33:02.904948Sarah PEASE
33:03.805049Mara OLSON
33:05.035150Jennifer RHINES

3,000m Steeplechase (Trials Auto: 9:53.00; Olympic standard: 9:45.00; Approximate Field Size: 24)

ResultRankTrials PositionAthlete
9:10.7611Emma COBURN
9:18.8522Leah O’CONNOR
9:23.4833Stephanie GARCIA
9:24.4144Courtney FRERICHS
9:24.9255Colleen QUIGLEY
9:31.3266Ashley HIGGINSON
9:36.5577Mel LAWRENCE
9:36.8888Bridget FRANEK
9:36.8899Megan ROLLAND
9:37.091010Shalaya KIPP
9:37.121111Jamie CHEEVER
9:37.841212Marissa HOWARD
9:39.191313Aisha PRAUGHT
9:39.841414Nicole BUSH
9:40.941515Sarah PEASE
9:41.281616Jessica KAMILOS
9:42.931717Rachel JOHNSON
9:43.901818Marie LAWRENCE
9:47.171919Elinor PURRIER
9:47.742020Maddie VAN BEEK
9:48.292121Emily RITTER
9:48.722222Erin CLARK
9:48.812323Danielle WINSLOW
9:49.252424Devin CLARK
9:50.072525Alex WILSON
9:50.212626Paige KOUBA
9:50.472727Collier LAWRENCE
9:50.572828Madelin TALBERT
9:51.512929Nicol TRAYNOR
9:51.863030Betsy GRANEY
9:52.623131Becky WADE
9:52.663232Rena WILLIAMS-CHESSER
9:53.153333Carmen GRAVES
9:53.393434Sarah BOYLE
9:53.453535Mary GOLDKAMP
9:53.723636Rebeka STOWE
9:53.983737Victoria GERLACH
9:54.433838Emily OREN
9:55.003939EmKay MYERS
9:55.624040Allix PORTRATZ-LEE