Boston Marathon

2014 Boston Marathon

April 21, 2014
Boston, MA
Sports Illustrated:

"It was something plucked from fantasy and something that cannot be explained through reason. On the most American of days in running, in the most American of races, an American won the Boston Marathon."

"The demand on my time has changed drastically. Boston just went over the top. To be an American to be able to bring the home title back after what happened last year was a pretty amazing experience, and people appreciate it. It's not even congratulations. It's more, `Thank you.'"

Meb also jokes about his blowup 23rd place finish at NYC last year: "I won my age group," Keflezighi said with a laugh. He even has the engraved crystal plate for winning the 35-39 age group is on a counter in his kitchen.

Runner's World:

A look at the routes in Berlin, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, London, Boston.


Detailed Q&A with McGillivray on many topics including Meb Keflezhigi being the first US men's winner since 1983, the 2013 terrorist attacks and moving on in 2014 and his running 42 straight Bostons.


School was closed for Easter, but the AD didn't want him to run it all the same.

Runner's World:

John Young ran the final 16 miles after illness forced him to drop out on race day.

Runner's World:

"No one handed Meb anything. Yes, he “stole” the race, but that happens to be completely fair and legal in road running. In fact, it’s the toughest way to win a marathon—go to the front, build a lead, paint a big bull’s-eye on the back of your singlet. Few choose this tactic, because even fewer succeed with it."

LRC Week That Was: Meb Has Won Boston, Emails From Meb's Brother, and Ryan Hall's Mom, Rita Jeptoo, Sub 5 Beer Mile, Annie Bersagel, Drake, Penn and More

Meb, Meb, Meb: We break down Meb's amazing win at Boston and Rita Jeptoo's finish. Plus, emails from Ryan Hall's mom, Meb's brother, some praise for Dan O'Brien, a sub 5 beer mile, Annie Bersagel joins the sub 2:30 club, and some tremendous pro action at Drake.

Jeptoo: "I will let you know when I am ready for it ... However, one thing is for sure, that day will come to pass one day if not soon." She still has a long way to go until 2:15:25, but she's not that far away from Radcliffe's 2:17:42 "all-women" record.

Toni Reavis:

Reavis has the scoop of what went on in the top African pack. "Some guys didn’t realize Meb was up ahead,” but the main problem was everyone was waiting for Desisa to make a move and by the time they realized Desisa didn't have it, Meb was too far ahead as Dennis Kimetto re-pulled his hamstring in trying to go after Meb.

Runner's World:

"All right, what Ethiopian or what Kenyan is coming now?

When Meb popped up next to me. I know my jaw dropped. And I got chills and goosebumps up my spine.

I got a front row seat for such a huge part of running history”

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