Three Thoughts About The 2014 Boston Marathon Field

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January 21, 2014. Updated 3/21/04

John Hancock, which is responsible for securing the elite field for the BAA’s Boston Marathon, released the full 2014 Boston Marathon elite field today.

Here are three quick takes.

Quick Take #1: The men’s field certainly is legit.

With the top two ranked marathoners in the world from 2013 by Track and Field News (TFN) in Dennis Kimetto and Lelisa Desisa, there can be no claiming that an unlikely American victory by Meb Keflezighi was achieved over a less than stellar field.

While there is no doubt that annually the London marathon is the most competitive marathon in the world, the 2014 Boston marathon is quite strong and actually has more sub-2:06 men from 2013 than London.

The World’s Sub 2:06 Guys in 20132014 Spring Marathon
12:03:23Wilson KipsangKENLondon
22:03:45Dennis KimettoKENBoston
32:03:52Emmanuel MutaiKENLondon
42:04:05Eliud KipchogeKENRotterdam
52:04:45Lelisa DesisaETHBoston
62:04:48Berhanu ShiferawETHRotterdam
72:04:49Tadesse TolaETHTokyo
82:04:52Endeshaw NegesseETHDusseldorf
92:04:53Bernard KoechKENRotterdam
102:05:16Sammy KitwaraKENTokyo
112:05:36Wilson ChebetKENBoston
122:05:38Peter SomeKENTokyo
132:05:38Tilahun RegassaETHBoston

And more 2:07 and 2:08 as well.

Boston vs London 2014



#sub 2:04 PBs



#sub 2:05 PBs (cumulative)

3 (5)

3 (6)

#sub 2:06 PBs (cumulative)

3 (8)

1 (7)

#sub 2:07 PBs (cumulative)

3 (11)

1 (8)

# sub 2:08 PBs (cumulative)

4 (15)

3 (11)

Of course, times aren’t the best way to rank people, however. In terms of runners ranked in the top 10 in the marathon world rankings by TFN, Boston has two and London has four.

Judging marathons by people’s marathon times ignores the fact that 2014 London is serving as the marathon debut for the top two 10,000 men on the planet Mo Farah and Ibrahim Jeilan, who were ranked #1 and #2 in the world in the 10,000 last year. One could argue London has six ranked in the top 10 whereas Boston has two. Boston, however, has the big two from 2013.

Quick Take #2: The Boston women’s field also is very strong. It includes five of the top 10 fastest women from 2013.

The World’s 2:23:00 Women in 20132014 Spring Marathon
12:19:57Rita JeptooKENBoston
22:20:15Priscah JeptooKEN??
32:20:48Jemima JelagatKENBoston
42:21:06Feysa TadesseETH??
52:21:13Florence KiplagatKEN??
62:21:32Edna KiplagatKEN??
72:22:28Sharon CheropKENBoston
82:22:34Caroline KilelKENBoston
92:22:46Mariya KonovalovaRUS??
102:23:00Filomena ChepchirchirKENBoston

In terms of TFN world rankings, the 2014 Boston field has three women ranked in the top 10 for 2014 (R. Jeptoo #2, Jelagat #4, Cherop #7). The 2014 London women’s field hasn’t been announced yet.

Dennis Kimetto in Tokyo last year. *More 2013 Tokyo Marathon Photos

Quick Take #3: Tokyo, what are you waiting for. Let’s see what you’ve got for next month’s race.

Tokyo is actually the next World Marathon major and the race is next month (February 23rd). Last year, they didn’t release their field until January 23rd. Shouldn’t they do it earlier than that?  At least before London and Boston?

We thought the defending men’s Tokyo champ Dennis Kimetto might return to Tokyo, but instead he’s on the Boston start list.

There were two strong reasons for Kimetto to go back to Tokyo.

One, he’s the defending champion.

Two, Tokyo is easier to win and a repeat win in Tokyo would put Kimetto in a very strong position to win the $500,000 2013-2014 World Marathon Majors points title as he’d have three victories in three races, with only one remaining. Last year, Tokyo only had four runners in the men’s field with personal bests under 2:06 (nine under 2:07).

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