Meb Keflezighi: “I feel 99.9(%) of my career has been accomplished with the exception of the Boston title”

 by: April 19, 2014

A big story line at Monday’s Boston Marathon will be the chances of soon to be 39 year old American Meb Keflezighi (Meb turns 39 on May 5).

The one thing Meb, the most credentialed US marathoner of his generation (NYC Marathon champ, 2004 Olympic silver, 2008 Olympic 4th place finish), says missing from in his career is a Boston win.

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“I feel 99.9(%) of my career has been accomplished with the exception of the Boston title,” Meb said after the NYC Half last month.

LRC talked to Meb as he was getting his post-race massage and in preparing for today’s media day with Meb we felt it was worth highlighting how fit Meb said he was in March.

Meb started out 2014 by winning the USA Half Marathon title in Houston in 1:01:23 in January. At the NYC Half last month, Meb was 10th in a more modest 1:02:53, but he missed five days of training prior to the NYC Half with a hamstring injury and ran the race more as a tempo run.

Meb said of his fitness then, “I know I’m in better shape than I was in Houston. I know I’m fitter” and talked about trying to set a PR (1:01:00).

How is the 39 year-old running better than ever? Meb said, “Age is nothing but a number,” and talked about how Bernard Lagat running fast on the track at a similar age is an inspiration. Meb’s said he’s got it easier than Bernard as, “I’m not trying to go 4:10s (like Bernard for 3 miles)…. I’m trying to go 4:50s (per mile for the marathon).”

Meb also talks about introducing a 3rd workout a day via the Elliptigo (one of his sponsors) as his metabolism has slowed. Worth a watch if you’ve got 6 minutes. We’ll have more from Meb from media day in Boston.

In New York, Meb was totally focused on Boston, and one thing he said will be true no matter the outcome on Monday. “April 21s is going to be a special day,” said Meb.

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