Semenya Won’t Race In Doha

Caster Semenya Out Of World Champs After Swiss Supreme Court Reverses Their Ruling That Suspended The IAAF Testosterone Rules Pending Her Appeal She said that she will continue on with her appeal despite her “disappointment” at not being able to defend her world title.
*MB: “Caster Semenya to miss World Championships after court ruling”.

Who Won The Shoe War at USAs?

LRC Nike-Sponsored Athletes Dominate 2019 USATF Outdoor Championships, Take Home 71.67% of Top-3 Finishes in Track Events We take a look at who won the shoe war at USAs. In an absolute sense Nike CRUSHED it, but not if you adjust it on a per dollar of revenue basis.
*MB: Nike CRUSHES competition in sponsorship war at 2019 USAs. The swoosh sponsored 71.68% of top 3 finishers in track events.

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Rojo Rants USATF’s Unprofessionalism Continues – New Pan Am Team USA Roster Is Released But Press Release Fails To Mention 36.8% Of Team Was Changed The unprofessionalism many have come to expect from USATF continued today when they failed to admit that they messed up one of their major duties as an organization. An athlete’s right to participate in the Pan American Games is protected by US federal law. It’s one of four competitions covered by the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. Shame on you, USATF.
*MB: USATF completely botches selection of 2019 Pan American Games team 

WTW King Ches Breaks His PR (Finally), Fake News Coming From Kenya, And Laura Muir Makes History? There was a lot of really good stuff last week – from Laura Muir to Matthew Boling and from the Ethiopian Trials to Pan Am Juniors – and we break it down for you.

Justice Is Served

LRC USATF Ordered To Re-Pick Entire 2019 Pan Am Games Team Based On 2019 Comprehensive List put up the $2,000 for this arbitration case to be held and with the help of pro bono lawyer David Greifinger prevailed. Those of you who wanted to contribute can now do so here.
*MB: USATF completely botches selection of 2019 Pan American Games team 

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Two 34-Year-Olds Just Won The 10,000s
LRC Relentless Molly Huddle Wins Fifth Straight US 10,000m Title Molly Huddle is still the best 10,000m runner in America as she turned the tables on training partner Emily Sisson and a strong challenge from NAZ Elite’s Kellyn Taylor.

LRC The Legend Of Lopez Lomong Grows: He Runs A 51-Second PR To Win 2nd-Straight USATF 10,000m Title Lopez Lomong can win a US 1,500 title, a slow 10,000m title and now a fast 10,000m title. Last year was definitely not a fluke.
*MB: Lopez Lomong Appreciation Thread

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10,000 World Record Holder Almaz Ayana Opens Up About The Injury And Double Knee Surgery Which Kept Her Away From Racing For 19 Months Ayana wasn’t able to ditch the crutches until 3 months after surgery and didn’t start running at all until late last year. “I was afraid to run because I was scared of how my knees would respond. I didn’t know if I would feel pain.”

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LRC Christian Coleman Cruises, Upstart Teahna Daniels Wins USA 100m,  Allyson Felix Makes Final, And Blade Runner 2.0 Into 400 Final Christian Coleman is the man and Teahna Daniels believe it or not was the top woman. Plus a little blade runner controversy.

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One Year Until Tokyo 2020

The IAAF Needs To Take A Stance On Shoe Tech

Rojo Speaks Track And Field’s Shoe Rule Makes No Sense – Might Sifan Hassan’s WR Need To Be Invalidated? The fairness of the 2016 Olympic marathon was jeopardized because some athletes were wearing shoes way better than what anyone else was wearing. We can’t afford for history to repeat itself in 2020. The IAAF’s shoe rules need a re-write.
*MB: Track and field’s shoe rule needs to be rewritten