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MB: Camille Herron sets ANOTHER WORLD RECORD for 24 hours!!!! She ended up running 270.116 kms or 167.8 miles. Her old record was 262.192 kms. She averaged 8:34.9 mile pace for 24 hours.

Valencia Half: Ethiopian delight: Yomif Kejelcha wins 3 way sprint for men’s title in 59:05, Senbere Teferi sets Ethiopian national record (65:32) as Sifan Hassan is 2nd (65:53) The women’s WR of 64:51 survives. Scroll down to 2nd story. *Results
*Video of Kejeclah’s sprint win
*Sifan Hassan praises Salazar after race: “He is the best coach there is, he does the best for his athletes,”
*Jos Hermens says Hassan will stay in Portland and they “have an eye on two, three, four American coaches.”
*MB: Official 2019 Valencia Half Marathon Discussion Thread
Hassan says she’s been under a lot of stress since Doha and isn’t sure how she’ll feel

Frankfurt: Kenya’s Valary Aiyabei runs 2:19:10, becomes 1st to break 2:20 at 2019 Frankfurt Marathon, Ethiopia’s Fikre Tefera Wins 4-way battle for men’s race in 2:07:08 Aiyabei went out on WR pace but her pacemaking husband dropped out at 15k with illness. Mark Kiptoo came up short in his bid for his own masters of 2:07:50 by running 2:08:09.
*Steph Twell sets new Scottish marathon record (2:26:40) She broke Liz McColgan‘s mark from 1997 by 12-seconds.

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News from Britain Eilish McColgan and Michael Rimmer involved in serious car crash in India Neither was seriously hurt but the other driver was hurt badly and chaos ensued with death threats. *Facebook post

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LRC How Great Was Shalane Flanagan? Leonard Korir 2:07:56, Mark Parker Exits, IAAF Athletes Of Year, Trevor Hofbauer, Zion Williamson Shalane Flanagan retired, Leonard Korir ran fast, Mark Parker stepped down and the nominees for athlete of the year are here and we’ve got a jam packed show.


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LRC Malcolm Gladwell’s Decade Records: Here Are The Top 10 Women’s Track & Field Performers Of The 2010s In Every Event Two years ago, best selling author/ running geek Malcolm Gladwell proposed an idea: decade records. We’ve taken him up on his offer and the results are pretty interesting.

LRC Malcolm Gladwell’s Decade Records: Here Are The Top 10 Men’s Track & Field Performers Of The 2010s In Every Event Some interesting results for sure. Did you know all the 10 fastest 1,500 men ran their decade PR in Monaco? Or that Galen Rupp had the 3rd-fastest 10,000 of the decade?

Discuss: MB: The 2010-2019 Malcolm Gladwell Decade Records: Here Are The Top 10 Men’s & Women’s Track & Field Performers of the 2010s.

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LRC Shalane Flanagan Retires: Is She The US GOAT? + Top 5 Moments In Her Career Flanagan may not have been the greatest track, XC or marathon runner in US history, but if you take all three together – is the she the US women’s distance GOAT? *Discuss: Flanagan Retires

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LRC Who Is The GOAT Of US Women’s Distance Running: Shalane Flanagan Or Deena Kastor? Or Someone Else? Their resumes are very similar – both had significant achievements in track, XC and the marathon – but should Kastor get the edge considering she won 2 marathon majors and her 2:19:36 American record still stands?
*MB: Who had the better career – Deena Kastor or Shalane Flanagan? 

Week That Was Leonard Korir Runs 2:07, Unknown Canadian Runs 2:09, Plus Fast Times In Toronto And Delhi Leonard Korir was only 11th in Amsterdam but he now is looking like a strong bet for the US Olympic team + fast times in Toronto and New Delhi.

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The Oregonian: NOP Athletes Will Stay Together And Continue Working With Coach Pete Julian This is for the seven athletes who were already coached by him – Donavan Brazier, Konstanze Klosterhalfen, Craig Engels, Jessica Hull, Eric Jenkins, Suguru Osako and Shannon Rowbury. No word yet what the athletes coached by Alberto Salazar (Galen Rupp, Clayton Murphy, Sifan Hassan, Jordan Hasay and Yomif Kejelcha) will do.
 Pete Julian Coached Athletes Will Stick Together in New Training Group – Ken Goe