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LRC Week That Was: Meet Joseph Elsakr The Last Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier and Robert Keter the Most Unlikely World Record Holder Meet the guy who ran over 2:19 and will be at the Trials.

LRC Podcast: Mary Cain’s NOP Allegations, Diamond League Changes, How to Better Moderate / Leah O’Connor’s Messageboard Complaints + More Marathon Trials Talk We discuss at length Mary Cain’s allegations vs Alberto Salazar and her treatment by Nike and the NOP.

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Link To Screenplay About Olympic Marathoner LRC visitor Greg Zawaski’s pilot is now out for public viewing and available for purchase if you are interested. *Theme Song

NCAA XC Regionals Are Friday *Live Results: *Great Lakes *Mountain *West *Midwest *Southeast *South *Mid-Atlantic *Northeast *South Central

The US Olympic Marathon Trials Will Be Here Before You Know It (Feb. 29th)

LRC  The Road to Sapporo: Assessing the Women’s Field at the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials From Jordan Hasay (50%) to Stephanie Bruce (5%), we break down the odds for the contenders at the 2020 US Olympic Trials.

LRC  The Road to Sapporo: Where the US Men’s Marathoners Stand 3+ Months Out From the Olympic Trials Jonathan Gault breaks down the Americans’ chances of making the 2020 Olympic marathon team – from Galen Rupp (90%) to Dathan Ritzenhein (5%) and Benard Lagat (5%).

MB: Who are the favorites for the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials? We tell you here.

More Athlete Blowback To Diamond League Cuts

Mary Cain Makes Serious Allegations Against Alberto Salazar And Nike

LRC Nike, Alberto Salazar and Top Pros Respond To Mary Cain’s Allegations Nike has issued a statement saying they will start an immediate investigation of the “troubling allegations” while Cain has confirmed she did try to rejoin the team in April of this year. Additionally, three former NOP members have said Salazar was very focused on the weight of his female athletes, but Salazar has issued a forceful denial of Cain’s allegations, writing to Ken Goe, “To be clear, I never encouraged her, or worse yet, shamed her, to maintain an unhealthy weight.”
*Salazar Denies Cain’s Allegations Salazar tells Ken Goe that both of Cain’s parents, including her father who is an MD, were deeply involved in her training and aware of all supplement she was on. He says when Cain struggled “to find and maintain her ideal performance and training weight” he referred her to a female doctor. He also shared a text message from April where Cain wrote, “Thanks again so much for a great trip — I’m excited to be working together again and I really want this.”

LRC Full Transcript of NY Times Video: Mary Cain Says She Was “Emotionally And Physically Abused By A System Designed By Alberto [Salazar] And Endorsed By Nike” In an explosive New York Times video essay, Cain claims she was pressured by Salazar to lose weight (to get down to 114 pounds) and was weighed in front of teammates and “publicly shamed” if she didn’t hit weight. She also says Salazar wanted her to take birth control pills and diuretics to shed pounds – the latter of which is against track and field’s rules according to Cain. Cain also says she became suicidal and started to cut herself and says when she told Alberto Salazar and Darren Treasure that she was cutting herself that “they pretty much told me that they just wanted to go to bed.”
*MB: Explosive New York Times article: Mary Cain breaks silence about NOP

The Weekly LRC Podcast

LRC Podcast 2019 New York City Marathon Recap + Look at 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials, New Shoes, World Marathon Majors Expansion? New York City is in the books and the Olympic Trials on the horizon.

One Final Look Back At NYC

LRC 4 Final Thoughts On The 2019 New York City Marathon: The NY Men’s Field Was Shallow, Desisa DNFs Early and Adidas Surprises? We take one final look at the NYC Marathon where for the first time all-year half the podium spots were taken by non-Vaporfly wearing athletes.
*MB: Stat of the Day: Heading into NY, 33 of 36 (91.67%) podium finisherss at the AWMMs in 2019 were wearing Vaporflys.

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Sports Illustrated Writes 4,000+ Words on Cain’s Allegations on Salazar: Inside the Toxic Culture of the Nike Oregon Project ‘Cult’ Chris Chavez‘s article includes Salazar’s full statement in response to Cain’s allegations plus quotes from Julian, Ritz, Cain, her father and others.
*MB: Mary Cain, her father, Ritz, Julian and others talk in-depth with Sports Illustrated includes Salazar’s full statement 

Salazar Apologizes/Defends Himself To Ken Goe “On occasion, I may have made comments that were callous or insensitive over the course of years of helping my athletes through hard training. If any athlete was hurt by any comments that I have made, such an effect was entirely unintended, and I am sorry. I do dispute, however, the notion that any athlete suffered any abuse or gender discrimination while running for the Oregon Project.”
*MB: BREAKING – Kara Goucher attacks Ken Goe on Twitter. Denies him interview request 

LRC Commentary Don’t Believe The Spin, Nike’s Treatment Of Mary Cain Is Very Much In Line With Its #1 Core Value: Win At All Costs Since its inception, Nike’s #1 message has been win at all costs. Not a surprise since Nike was named after the winged Greek goddess of victory. But winning often doesn’t come easy, so sometimes people take drugs or purge themselves to get to the top.

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Change is Coming

LRC American Record Holders Evan Jager & Courtney Frerichs React to the Steeplechase Losing Its Diamond League Status The good news is that while the event won’t be held at the DL championship, it will officially be held at five regular season Diamond League meetings, up from four in 2019.

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Four Events Cut From The 2020 Diamond League

IAAF Announces Disciplines Selected For The 2020 Diamond League Season The steeplechase, 200m, discus and triple jump were all cut from the DL series (though they will still feature in many of the meets as non-DL events). The IAAF said they made these choices based on research into which events are the most popular. *Discuss

Many Aren’t Happy About The IOC’s Marathon Move