2015 Herculis Monaco - Monaco Diamond League

July 17, 2015
The tenth stop of the 2014 DL track and field circuit. *Schedule / Results *Meet website

Kiprop blames being tripped on his tactics in London, mentions Matt Centrowitz and Ben Blankenship as guys he had to worry about kicking against and says he celebrated early because he forgot the mile starting line wasn't the finish line.


Dibaba's coach and agent told her they were comfortable with her pacing because they knew she was comfortable front running.

Runner's World:

"... My agent approached me at dinner in Switzerland after the meet and said, 'Hey, the meet director in Monaco gave me a call and was wondering if you would be willing to rabbit the 1500.' And first I was like, 'Eh, I’m kind of tired.' And then he said, 'It’s going to be a world record attempt by Dibaba,' and I was immediately like, 'Oh, absolutely, I would love to be a part of that.' She’s one of my idols, so I said yes. And I was headed to Monaco the next day."

"To see her in person, it was quite the show. I was cheering her on, and I wanted her to get [the world record] so bad. And so when she did, I just ran across the track and I picked her up. She’s probably only 90, 95 pounds [laughs]. We gave each other a big hug, and it just really meant a lot to help someone else achieve their goal."

*MB: Chanelle Price: yet another poor women's pacing job.


“The 1500m race is contested often, so to have the record stand for 31 years just shows how strong it was. Mary Decker Slaney is a legend in our sport and I feel very proud to have placed myself amongst the best women in the history of American distance running.”

Super Sport:

Looking ahead she said, "I am a dreamer – I don't think solely of beating records. In the future, the records over 1500m, 5000m and even 800m I'd like to beat them."

On the Chinese: "As for the history of the record and the past of the Chinese runners, I don't know, I know nothing of this. ... I want to live my own history. I'm not interested in others or the conditions in which they were, concerning their private life."

NZ Herald:

Willis talks about staying away from the action before Monaco staying in a separate hotel and warming up outside the stadium.

Sports Illustrated:

Rowbury talks about her rivalry with Jenny Simpson, medaling at worlds, training with NOP and her thoughts on the Turkish dopers who placed ahead of her at the 2012 Olympics.
*MB: Shannon Rowbury Fires back at Jenny Simpson
*LRC  Genzebe Dibaba Runs 3:50.07 To Smash 1,500m World Record!!! Shannon Rowbury Crushes AR!



Adidas won't let their athletes wear a USA (Nike) kit unless it's Worlds or the Olympics. Bad on adidas and bad on whoever said the athletes had to wear USA Nike singlets for a DL race.

Mike Rodgers: "I wish our 'B' team would have run. ... They need to fix it or people with different shoe companies won't have a chance to get on relay teams. I just think if we had a little push we would have been faster today. ... We were very upset we didn't have anyone to race today."

World Athletics:

Dibaba talks about all the changes she's made to break the streak of disappointing outdoor seasons following stellar indoor ones. She also mentions the cold shoulder she got from Almaz Ayana after the Paris 5000 and compliments Chanelle Price's pacing. "The pacer did a really good job and I was confident in her. In Barcelona I was alone from early on in the race, but here the pacer took me through to 800m. She did such a good job that I knew I had to keep pushing. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity."

On indoors vs outdoors: “Usually, it is not difficult to change from indoors to outdoors. I find outdoors easier than indoors but I am more interested in indoor athletics. I prefer it because it is hotter indoors and I like the shorter laps."


Super Sport:

"I've answered all the questions that I've needed to answer. All I want to do is to be Mo Farah and continue running faster and enjoy it."


NZ Herald:

"It took a long time but I got through. I crossed the line not feeling the jubilation I thought after running a sub 3m 30s. I really wanted to finish in the top two. I was ready to drive more, but it's my fault for being slightly behind those guys."

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