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“It’s a tradition — taking so many that they have to replace them. It’s a myth: ‘Oh, look at all the sex these Olympians are having!’"

- 5-time Nordic Olympian, Todd Lodwickt  talking about how the myth of Olympians' "insatiable demand for condems" during the Games is a bit of a practical joke, although he admits alot of crazy partying does happen in the Olympic Village.

Weekend Results: 1:56.76 For Jelimo, Two World Leads For The US

Sprint Stuff

UK News

Vin, Give Her A Scholarship
With Science & Math Books Packed & Daily Study Schedule Planned, Kenya's World Jr. Faith Chepng'etich Is Ready For World Jrs. & Then Olympics She'd certainly dominate the US college scene, as her PR is 4:03.82.

MB: Jordan Hasay, Kyle Merber & Gabe Proctor Win Gold At NACAC U-23 Champs In Mexico Elliott Krause won a silver and Riley Masters a bronze. *Full NACAC Results

News From The UK/Ireland

Usain Bolt Making News By Not Running

The World Panics As Bolt Flies To Germany To Get Treatment From Controversial Doc - His Management Team Promises He'll Run In London

Bolt Should Be Worried - Worried About "The Beast" Yohan Blake

Michael Johnson: "With complete overhaul of his technique," Usain Bolt Can Run 9.4
Kind of ironic that a guy who had his own unorthodox style thinks Bolt should change his.

The 100m World Record Turns 100 Years Old

News From The UK/Ireland

UK 800 Runner Gareth Warburton Wins Appeal & Is Named To Olympic Team UK Athletics admitted they consulted an independent legal team.

The Precursor To The Olympics:
The 126th Wenlock Olympian Games Start Sunday They are designed to "promote the moral, physical and intellectual improvement of the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood of Wenlock, and especially of the working classes, by the encouragement of outdoor recreation."

140th Irish Championships Set To Begin In Dublin

US Female Olympians In The News

Mid-Week Action - Thursday's Liege Meet *Results

IAAF Recap 19- or 25-year-old Kenyan, who was 4th at Kenyan Trials, runs 1:43.62.
World Champ Ibrahim Jeilan Drops Out Of 10,000 - Won't Go To Olympics The winning time of the 3rd Ethiopian 10k Trials was 27:17, meaning that while Jeilan is out - Kenenisa Bekele is in.
*MB: Pamela Jelimo Runs 4th-Fastest 600 Ever - 1:23.32
*MB: Abraham Rotich: 19-Year-Old Runs 1:43.62, Won't Be In London
*Wait A Minute ... The IAAF Recap Says Rotich Is 25, Not 19
*2012 Moncton Hub City Classic (Canada) Results

The Bell Sprint Curve - Michael Johnson Presents Controversial UK Race/Speed Documentary *Video Trailer

Amateur Hour II

Update: Nike Responds (Like We Thought They Would) "Gaining entry into the Nike box is an informal process and we plan to review our protocol for access for future events." *MB: Mark Block: Nike Responds

LRC Why Was A Man In The Midst Of A 10-Year Doping Ban Enjoying The 2012 US Olympic Track & Field Trials From The Nike Sky Box?
If you thought the days of looking the other way at doping were totally over, then you need to read this. Supposed former agent/coach Mark Block, who is in the midst of a 10-year doping ban, was seen by LetsRun.com enjoying the Trials in the sky box of the #1 sponsor of both USATF and the Olympic Trials - Nike. All we can say is shameful. *MB: Discuss

UK News: Paula May Be In Trouble

Ezekiel Kemboi May Still Face Charges For Alleged Stabbing

More Drug News

2012 US Olympic Trials *Results *LRC Trials YouTube Channel *Photos: Day 1 (10ks), Day 2 (Eaton), Day 3 (100, 400), Day 4 (800), Day 7 (5,000s), Day 8 (W Steeple), Day 9 (200, 110H) *LRC Day-By-Day Coverage *Sunday Oregonian Photo Gallery

LRC Three Best Punch Their Tickets To London As Leo Gets US Title #1 Leo Manzano, the man who had been top three every year since 2006, finally got the win he deserved but even he didn't expect. Manzano chased down Centro to get his first national title as Wheating pulled away from Robby Andrews to get third. *Men's Race Video

LRC World #1 Uceny, World Champ Simpson And Medallist Rowbury Get It Done The Big 3 came through as US #1 Morgan Uceny got her second straight US title with Rowbury 2nd and Simpson third. LetsRun.com recap hopefully coming later. *Women's Race Video
*After Winning The State XC Title As A Freshman, Morgan Uceny Quit Her Junior Year To Focus On Basketball That's what you do when you live in Indiana in a small town of 10,033 that has a high school basketball gym that seats 4,600.

Oregonian Recap Of Men's 1,500m Where Leo Wins And 2 Former Ducks Make Team
Manzano And Uceny Win Trials 1,500 Crowns

*Good Read:
USATF's Handling Of The Felix-Tarmoh Match Race Undercuts A Good Meet The Eugene Register-Guard also criticized USATF for its bumbling on the runoff (insisting that the team would be selected last week by Sunday).

(Non-distance Trials Sunday coverage in the middle column)

Friday Photo Gallery (Click Here)

The US Olympic Trials *Results *TV Schedule *LRC Trials YouTube Channel *Photos: Day 1 (10ks), Day 2 (Eaton), Day 3 (100, 400), Day 4 *Check Prediction Contest Scores *LRC Day-By-Day Coverage

LRC The Women's 5,000 Final - The Olympic Trials At Its Absolute Best This race is what the Olympic Trials are all about. The race had the American record holder in the race, it had seven women with the "A" standard in it, and it had a bunch without the "A" who dreamed of the "A" and were wiling to do the work to try to get it. At the finish, there was a surprise winner in Julie Culley and American record holder Molly Huddle finished 2nd to make her first Olympic team. But for eternity, this race will be remembered for one thing - the most thrilling of victories and the most agonizing of defeats - and by victory and defeat we mean the victory of finishing third and defeat of finishing fourth.

Thursday Photo Gallery (Click Below. We Don't Have A Great Photo Of The Women's 5k Finish. For A Great Photo Of It, Click Here.)

Previous Trials

LRC Justin Gatlin Did Not PR, And Other Drug-Related News Justin Gatlin is back, running a 9.80 PR after 4 years away, with a new coach. What sort of fantasy world is the media living in?
*San Diego Tribune: Doping pasts haunt Olympic track trials

Bryan Clay - Don't Let A Pointless USATF Rule Keep You From London Another poorly thought-out USATF rule is possibly keeping Bryan Clay from London. He should follow Genevieve LaCaze's lead and hit the standard and we guarantee the USOC sends him to London.

1,500 Starts Thursday: What Big Names Go Home? A Waste Of Time The 1,500s should be epic, as in both the men's and women's races one very famous person is bound to go home empty-handed. One of the following men will go home: Matt Centrowitz, Leo Manzano, Andrew Wheating or Robby Andrews. One of the following women will go home: Morgan Uceny, Jenny Simpson, Shannon Rowbury or Anna Pierce.

Administrative News

Did You Make The Olympic Team? We've Got A Prize For You - 3 Hours Of Paperwork To Fill Out
The article reveals that Ashton Eaton can get a single room in the village if he wants it - everyone else is double occupancy.

More Trials

Canadian Marathoners Lanni Marchant & Krista DuChene Are Denied Entry Into Olympics Despite Having "A" Standard They didn't meet the stricter Athletics Canada standard.
*MB: Canadians: What is up with your crazy Olympic qualifying process?

Olympic Trials Monday

LRC Mr. Hayward, Nick Symmonds, Makes It 5 In A Row, KD Goes To London And So Does Duane Solomon Nick Symmonds ran faster than any American ever at Hayward field (1:43.92) to get the dominant win, veteran rival Khadevis Robinson "KD" made his second team, and the Johnny Gray-coached Duane Solomon came up huge with a PR and "A" standard to book his ticket to london. Recap and analysis. *Race Video
*Nick Symmonds, KD, And Duane Solomon Get Olympic Spots
*USA Today Article On Symmonds And Webb
*Unsponsored Mark Wieczorek PRs And Places Seventh In 800
*Great Pre-Race Article: KD is running with purpose

More Trials: Reuters Recap Of Monday At The Olympic Trials

USATF Sunday

*Latest Sunday Photo Gallery (Men's 100, Women's/Men's 400m, LJ, More)

Justin Gatlin Wins The 100, Tyson Gay Makes The Team, Jeremy Wariner Goes Home, And Gunshot Victim Bryshon Nellum Makes The Team Nellum is a great story, as he was shot in both legs and has been coming back from that. He did not even make the NCAA final but made the London team. Interview with him here.

Sunday Photo Gallery, Saturday (Eaton World Record Here) Friday (10,000m Finals Here)

USATF Saturday

LRC Ashton Eaton Sets WR & Mesmerizes On And Off The Track The former Oregon star was sensational and got the world record after a big PR in the 1,500 that sent the Hayward faithful into a frenzy. Afterwards, he sent the media into a frenzy with an amazing press conference.
If You've Got 20 Minutes, Watch This Ashton Eaton Press Conference The world record holder is cerebral and fascinating.

Classy Move Of Year: Curtis Beach Lets Eaton Cross Line First As He Breaks WR - Eaton Wishes He "Could Be As Graceful" As Beach (link fixed) "I just thought it would be better for Ashton to win as he broke the world record."
*Eaton Uses Hayward Field Magic To Help Set World Record
*Ashton Eaton World Record Photo Essay

Olympic Champ Bryan Clay DQed In Hurdles
*Clay, After Hurdles DQ: "It's The Worst Feeling Ever"

About The Sport?
This Doesn't Have To Be The End For Bryan Clay; He Should Do A Decathlon Next Week

Friday At The Trials - Day 1

LRC Galen Rupp Puts On A Clinic As The Sub-13 Guys Punch Their Tickets To London Galen Rupp won and the three sub-13:00 guys made the team but this race held in a downpour was full of drama. Chris Derrick continued his fine 2012 in fourth. Recap, splits, results, and post-race interviews.
LRC Day 1 Photos Gallery

LRC Men's Post-Race 10,000m Reaction

Day 1 Trials Photo Gallery

Sex And Video Games At The Olympic Games

US News

Samsung DL Paris *Results *MB Discussion *LRC Winners Photo Gallery

LRC Paris Recap: A Sensational Men's 5,000, A Troubling Women's 1,500, And David Rudisha's 1:41 Highlight Fans of Galen Rupp, Bernard Lagat, Kenenisa Bekele, Jenny Simpson and Morgan Uceny probably had a hard time watching this meet as the results of the men's 5,000 and women's 1,500 were stunning to stay the least. Plus Tyson Gay vs. Justin Gatlin. Read all about it. *Discuss
*Results (video highlights for US visitiors in player on right)
*LRC Winners Photo Gallery

*Gaining Confidence After Paris Win, Tyson Gay Says Men's 100 "Is Open For The Games"
Athletics Weekly Full Meet Recap Here *IAAF *Reuters
*World Champ Dai Greene PRs In Hurdles But Loses To Javier Culson
*Vanity Fair: David Rudisha: The Best Olympic Track Star You've Never Heard Of

*MB 12:46.81 *Bekele runs 12:55 on a bad day. What are Rupp and Farah thinking? *So what does the 5K results mean? No Gold for Rupp? *Galen Rupp Would Have Been 11th In Paris 5000m *Did that Paris 5k set any records for place? *Kenenisa Says He Is Not Defending His 5000m Title *Paris Meet All DOPED UP *W1500m A JOKE: 1 and 2 served doping bans *The Fastest 5000m In The Last 2 Years Will Be Run In Paris Friday

3 Interesting Reads From Africa

Sweden Meet

MB: Abubaker Kaki (1:43.69), Ryan Gregson (3:39.89) Surface For 1st Time Since Early June - Craig Miller/Bobby Curtis DNF
*Menjo Runs 13:16 In Sweden

Random But Somewhat Interesting

British Olympic Selection Controversy

Doping News From Cycling

Usain Bolt Is Out (Temporarily)

LRC After Two Losses At Jamaican Champs, Usain Bolt's Glen Mills Pulls Him From Monaco Diamond League Meet On July 20th Mills says at the Jamaican champs Bolt had a "slight problem" and that he's pulling track's biggest star from the Monaco meet to "give him sufficient time for treatment and time to train and prepare for the Olympic Games in London." We're not sure if the slight problem was an injury or just the losses, but Bolt says he'll be ready for the Olympics: "I will be in London to defend my titles in the 100, 200 and 4 x 100 metres."

Peachtree *Results *Race Website

Peter Kirui Wins Peachtree As Defending Champ Sammy Kitwara Finishes 8th Kiriui won a close race over Micah Kogo and Matthew Kisorio. Bobby Mack was 13th. Mamitu Daska won the women's race.

Blade Runner Going To London: Oscar P Named To SA Team In Open 400 And 4 X 4 Relay Despite Not Hitting A Second "A" Standard

Amateur Hour Comes To An End

Rec. Read: Tim Layden's Final Column On The Non-Runoff After a tiny bit of help from the initial LRC interview with timer Roger Jennings that kicked this off in some ways, Layden owned this story. Another excellent, in-depth read. Three cheers for Tim Layden's coverage. Layden reveals the timer Roger Jennings has only now been overruled twice in his life. Layden has criticism for Max Siegel and Stephanie Hightower who "enacted a stunning display of non-leadership throughout the week."
*Tarmoh Wouldn't Have Much Of A Legal Case If She Filed Suit, Says Expert

More General Post-Trials: A Look At First-Time Olympians, Including 32-Year-Old Carmelita Jeter USA Today "Historically, most people weren't able to go to a second or third Games because they had to put food on the table."
*A Look At US Team: Dix, Clay, Wariner, Jackson, Oliver Staying Home
*Arizona's Brigetta Barrett Now A Medal Threat For The US In The High Jump
Swimming: 45-Year-Old Swimmer Dana Torres Misses Olympics By .10

Down Goes Bolt #2: Blake 19.80 Over Bolt 19.83 Bolt had the lead in this one and ran horribly the last 100. Video here.
*Bolt: "It is not like I was blown away. I know what I need to do to get it right."

On The Boards:
*Jamaica 200m Trials
*Blake wins again!

Sunday Trials Non-Distance *Results

LRC Allyson Felix 21.69!!!, Aries Merritt 12.93 Allyson Felix ran the fastest time in the world in 14 years in a brilliant performance. Merritt picked the right occasion for the first sub-13 clocking of his life. Jason Richardson went under 13 for the first time in the semis and backed it up with a 12.98 in the final. Jeff Porter did a superman dive to make the team in a dramatic effort with PRs in the semis and final. David Oliver did not make the team. Amy Acuff became the 6th 5-time track Olympian, Christian Taylor won and Walter Davis retired.
*Video Of Hurdles *Video Of 200

More Saturday:

LRC Steeple Recap: Coburn Cruises, Kipp Gets "A" To Join Franek In London (link updated with article) The last 3 NCAA champions in this event secured the Olympic spots for the US.
LRC Emma Coburn Gets Emotional, Shalaya Kipp, Bridget Franek, Delilah DiCrescenzo Olympic Trials Interviews Delilah: "Not everyone is meant to be an Olympian."
*MB: 1,500, 5,000 & steeple play by plays - women and men
CU's Emma Coburn, Shalaya Kipp Book Tickets To London In Steeple Denver Post
Patience Pays Off For Bridget Franek As She Makes Olympic Team Oregonian

LRC Gabriele Anderson DQed, Alice Schmidt Put Into Final Anderson was a clear second in her semifinal but has been DQed with an appeal to be held in the morning.
Video Of Alleged Foul It does not look like a foul to us. If a foul was committed, it seems logical the athlete fouled should be put in the final as well. If it's not big enough to put Mortimer in the final, how can it DQ Anderson?
RRW Article On DQ

More Trials:

  • Three Distance Finals Take Place Thursday *Oregonian Day 7 Photos

    M 5,000: LRC Lucky 13 - Galen Rupp Snaps Winless Streak In Style - 52.54 Last Lap Beats Bernard Lagat & Steve Prefontaine's Meet Record Galen Rupp entered the Olympic Trials 0 for 12 against Bernard Lagat during his lifetime but he left 1 for 13 and boy was it impressive. Not only did he win, but Rupp let it came down to the last 400 and then outkicked the 2nd-fastest man ever at 1,500. His last 400 was faster than what won Mo Farah World Championships gold last year.

    M Steeple:
    LRC Evan Jager Wins With Ease As Three First-Time Olympians Punch Their Tickets To London Jager, Cabral, Alcorn. And a very happy 4th placer - former 4:22 HSer Donald Cowart.
    LRC Steeplechase Interviews
    Oregonian Recap Of Jager's Tongue-Wagging, Fist-Pumping Win

    More Olympic Trials Monday Distance

    LRC Montano Hangs On, Gall Comes On, Schmidt Sneaks In, And Beckwith Has A 4-Year Wait Alysia Montano won as expected, but this one was close. 5 women were in contention for 3 Olympic spots and Molly Beckwith was the unlucky 4th place loser in a dramatic final 20 meters. *Race Video

    800m Final Photos (Click Below For Gallery)

    24 Hours Of Amateur Hour At USATF Comes To An End (In Case You Missed LRC Featured On The Homepage Of Deadspin)

    USATF Tie-Breaking Procedures Announced A run-off will break all ties unless BOTH athletes agree to a coinflip. We can't wait to see a run-off in a 10,000m.

    Employee #1.1 Editorial: A Rule Still With A Million Loopholes USATF needs a rule that will solve all situations; this one does not.

    Eugene Saturday *LRC Trials YouTube Channel

    LRC The Inside Story Of How Jeneba Tarmoh First Saw The 100m Finish Photo On The LetsRun.com Laptop Roughly 3 Hours After The Race Carmelita Jeter won the 100m, but the story was the battle for the third spot between training partners Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix. At first, Tarmoh was announced in third by .001 but then after the stands had emptied, a dead heat was announced. We thought we were the only ones not knowing what was going on, until next thing we knew Tarmoh was looking at the finish photo on Wejo's laptop (pic on right).

    An Exclusive Interview With The Man Responsible For Reading The Allyson Felix 100m Finish Picture LetsRun.com exclusively caught up Roger Jennings, the man whose job it is to determine who finished third and who got fourth, and the timing whiz explained how it was determined there was a dead heat. Plus we do a little bit of research and determine that even though USATF has said there is no protocol for breaking a tie, that the USATF rule book does in fact envision such a scenario and has a solution - a old-fashioned drawing of lots!!!

    LRC Lolo Jones' Third Place Steals The Show In The Olympic Trials Hurdles Final Lolo turned around her season in 24 hours after a "reality meltdown" following round one. She said, "I woke up today and did not think I would make the team. I was fighting a constant head battle to get through this. I had my sports psychologist on speed dial 1, my pastor on speed dial 2, and my mom on speed dial 3 ..."

    Shot Put Stunner: LRC
    5-Time World/Olympic Silver Medallist & One-Time World Champ Adam Nelson Misses Final, Gives Emotional Presser And Advice For Us All Nelson may still compete but had great advice for us all: "When you do it the right way and you do it every single day, the hard work pays off time and time again." Full video and recap.

    Friday's 10,000m At The Track Trials *LRC Day 1 Photos Gallery *LRC YouTube Channel *Day 1 Photos *Check Prediction Contest Scores *LRC Day-By-Day Coverage

    LRC Women's 10,000m Amy Hastings Outkicks Suprising Natosha Rogers And Shalane Flanagan For Redemption This race had no drama for the Olympic spots the final mile but it was full of drama. Lisa Uhl's shoe came untied, Natosha Rogers fell and then got up and in the fourth 10k of her life beat Olympic medallist Shalane Flanagan. The laurel wreath went to Amy Hastings, the fourth place finisher at the Marathon Trials.
    *LRC 10,000m Photos
    *Post-Race Reaction

    Day 2 Photo Gallery (Eaton World Record)

    LRC Hammer Time Kicks Off 2012 Olympic Trials Successfully And The First LetsRun.com Hammer Interview Ever With The Guy In The Green T-Shirt Best hammer throw we've ever seen. Plus the exclusive first-ever LetsRun.com hammer interview with the guy (Chris Cralle) who finished second in a plain green T-shirt.
    *Kibwe Johnson And Amber Campbell Win Hammer Throws To Kick Off Olympic Trials In Portland

    World Junior Champs Start Tomorrow

    6 Guys Break 12:50

    Paris DL Photo Gallery (Click Here Or Below)

    US-Related Distance News

    Other US News

    Sprint News

    Blake Beats Bolt X 2 In 200

    Leo The Lion After Winning The Trials

    Morgan Uceny After Winning Her First Trials

    Latest Euro/Arican Champs News (More Below)

    Euros: High Jumper Robbie Grabarz And Hurdler Rhys Williams Win Gold For Britain
    *800: Russia's Yelena Arzhakova Wins Gold Over Britain's Lynsey Sharp
    *800 Men: Yuriy Borzakovskiy Wins European Title In 1:48.61

    Africa: Gabon's Ruddy Zang Milam Runs 11.16 At African Champs
    *Oscar P Runs 45.52 For African Silver, But Not Good Enough To Qualify For Olympics

    Kenyan Athletes Opposed To Plan To Ship Them To Training Camp In Bristol, England On July 3
    *Look Out, Galen: Wilson Kiprop Wants To Win 10,000m Gold In Honor Of His Deceased Mom

    Emma Coburn Gets Emotional With Teammate Shalaya Kipp After Making Olympics

    The Race Of The Trials So Far: Julia Lucas' Agony Of Defeat (Race Video Here, More 5k W Interviews Here, Men 5k Here, Men Steeple Here)

    News From The Rest Of The World

    Jamaican: Jamaican 100m Heats: Yohan Blake 10.0, Usain Bolt 10.06, Asafa Powell 10.19 *Live Stream Here *Schedule

    European Champs:
    *Full Results
    *Christophe Lemaitre's 10.06 Defeats Jimmy Vicaut's 10.09 To Win Europeans
    *Russia's Olga Golovkina Wins 5,000m
    *Ivet Lalova Wins European 100m She's the one who blew Employee #1 a kiss at Worlds.
    *After Pulling Out Of Europeans, Jenny Meadows Hopes To Be Selected For London Without Running A Race In 2012 (She Ran A 2:00.8 Time Trial)
    *British Olympic 5,000m Spot To Come Down To Steph Twell And Julia Bleasdale
    *Mo Farah Closes In 53 Seconds (1:55 Last 800) To Win Euros 5,000 In 13:29 Germany's Arne Gabius was 2nd in 13:31. *Play-By-Play

    Kenyan Gold Medalists Will Be Awarded $20,588 Paid Out By Kenyan Olympic Committee And Government
    *Kenyan President Meets With Olympic Athletes David Rudisha has been named team Captain.

    Galen Rupp After Beating Lagat (More 5,000m Here)

    Evan Jager After Making His First Olympic Team

    Andrew Wheating And Russell Brown After Round 1 Of 1,500

    Non-Trials US News

    Alan Webb's 2012 Olympic Dream Is Over (More On This Here (Link Fixed)). More Trials Videos Here

    Tyler Mulder Showing The Emotion Of The Trials

    BAA 10k 2012 BAA 10k Results

    Geoffrey Mutai Runs 27:29 In Boston, Kim Smith Wins
    We think Sam Chelanga still has a good chance to win $100,000 despite being crushed by nearly a minute.

    Kenyan Trials *Mid-D/Distance Results

    LRC Exclusive: Timer Explains The Allyson Felix Tie

    Matt Taylor Speaks #2

    LRC Redefine Running: Who's In Charge Of "The Sport" (link fixed) Last week Matt Taylor, the guy behind ChasingTradition, ChasingKimbia, ChasingGlory, and an upcoming Usain Bolt video game, told you running was dying. This week he tells you it's thriving. He explains the inconsistency. While the activity of running is thriving, the sport is dead with the mainstream sports fan. In the internet era, diehards get their fix, while Joe Sports-Fan has no idea who Matt Centrowitz is. How do we fix this?