Podcast: Jama Aden Raid Anniversary, Jenny Simpson’s Medal Chances, Who would you rather be: Josh Kerr, Drew Hunter or Grant Fisher?

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By LetsRun.com
June 12, 2019

Action packed podcast this week from the LRC crew.

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Genzebe Dibaba is back atop the 1500 ranks on the three year anniversary of the Jama Aden raid, what does that mean for Jenny Simpson’s medal chances after her run in Rabat (13:54)? We talk adidas Boost Boston Games (25:43), Lynna Irby and Sammy Watson going pro (31:57), and the email of the week is on Katelyn Tuohy and young high school girl phenoms (39:46). Thread of the week is on Allie Ostrander and female body weight discussion (50:02) which leads to US women’s soccer talk, intersex talk, and transgender talk (56:34). Then we turn to who would you rather be Josh Kerr, Grant Fisher or Drew Hunter (68:38)? We end with book talk on Matthew Futterman’s Running to the Edge book on Bob Larsen (79:53), and Rojo stream of consciousness.

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Beginning: 3 year anniversary of Jama Aden raid, + Jarrion Lawson talk + Tweet of Week
[13:54] 1500 in Rabat and Jenny Simpson’s medal chances, sub 3:33 and sub 4:00
[25:43] adidas Boost Boston Games
[31:57] Lynna Irby, Sammy Watson going pro
[39:46] Email of the Week: Katelyn Tuohy and young high school phenoms
[50:02] Thread of Week: Allie Ostrander and ESPN broadcast
[56:34] US women’s soccer, transgender, intersex talk
[68:38 ]Who would you rather be? Josh Kerr, Grant Fisher or Drew Hunter?
[79:53] Book talk: Matthew Futterman’s Running to the Edge on Bob Larsen

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