2014 IAAF World Relays Championships

May 24, 2014 to May 25, 2014
Nassau, Bahamas

We wouldn't be. Kenya shot themselves in the foot by leaving home most of their top runners and having those that went get DQd or run crazy uneven splits.

The Standard:

Reportedly, they took more than $55,000 in athlete money to pay coaches and officials and there is suspicion that some of the money went missing completely.

Track & Field News:

Have a break for the pole in the 4 x 200 instead of the whole race in lanes and run a 4 x mile, not 4 x 1500 so they can have another WR.

The New York Times:

" It seems ridiculous that United States track officials would want him anywhere near their delegation, or that any athletes would want Mitchell to coach them, for fear that his doping background might cast a shadow on them. But this is track and field, a sport that has repeatedly failed Public Relations 101, so nothing seems to be too ridiculous to be true."
*MB thread
*Wejo: USATF Does It Again: Dennis Mitchell, Convicted Doper, Your Head Sprint Coach For World Relays

Runner's World:

She says it's not a USATF rule, but a "professional business intellectual property issue" and likens it to someone altering an NFL jersey. She declined to comment on the point that USATF reacted to this in less than a day, but has still failed to address the DQ issues from USA Indoors back in February.
*MB Thread

The Telegraph:

"Oh yes, relays are fun. And that has been the watchword in the inaugural world relay championships in the Bahamas. ... This is a year of innovation in our sport. A relays championship has been on the drawing board for many years. After this weekend, I am convinced that it will become a permanent fixture."

World Athletics:

"if your rent depended on it, you wanted Blake on your team. The combined winnings of Blake's teams was US$150,000." Brenda Martinez also gets mention in this article for anchoring both the USA 4x1500 and 4x800.

Track & Field News:

Includes interesting comparison to the US and Jamaica relays. The US got to the Bahamas early to practice hand-offs while Yohan Blake said, "To be honest, we haven't done any practice really. We came from different camps and we just came out here, thought about how we pass the baton in the 4x1 and improvised. That's what we do. We're street smart, we use it on the track as well, and we just use speed for the next part of it."

World Athletics:

Even though Taylor is an Olympic champ in the TJ, it's not so surprising that he ran on the US World Relays 4x400 when you consider his favorite workout is 3x350m. Interesting fact: Taylor longboard's a mile and back to practice everyday where he lives in the UK.

3 Wire Sports:

Alan Abrahamson captured the feel in the Bahamas.

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