David Torrence WOW

by: LetsRun.com
May 26, 2014

Nassau, Bahamas –

We have this in our 4×1500 recap but wanted to highlight it as David Torrence’s run was tremendous.

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In a relay race with a finish as close as it was for silver, obviously all four legs were critical in the US’s silver medal run. But David Torrence led the way with a BRAVE 3:36.6 run on the second leg, the best US split of the night.

It was one of the boldest US mid distance runs we’ve seen – ever.

Torrence was pitted versus 3:29.27 man Silas Kiplagat and he didn’t back down. Kiplagat got the baton in second behind Torrence and tried to break it open immediately as Kiplagat went out hard, VERY hard, but Torrence hung right with him.

Torrence ran his first 500 in 66.9. 500 is a weird distance so let’s put that in perspective for you – that’s 53.5 through 400 plus an extra 100 at the same pace.

Torrence’s next 400 (500 to 900) was a 57.1, meaning he went through 800 in roughly 1:49.6. Was Torrence committing suicide?

At this point, Ethiopia’s second leg Foresa Sida backed way off and ran a 62.9 400 to get to 1,300. Torrence just kept going right with Kiplagat. His next 400 was still sub-60, 59.5, meaning his 1,300, not 1,200, split was 3:03.5. At 1,300 meters, Torrence was on 3:31.73 1,500 pace.

Yes, the wheels finally came off for Torrence in the final 200 (33.1), but he still ended up with the best US split of the night and he importantly more than doubled the US’s lead over Ethiopia from 1.7 seconds to 3.6 seconds during his leg.

The GRANDE COJONES AWARD goes to David Torrence.

Afterwards Torrence said he had no idea how fast he was going. He said, “I was just thinking just stick man, just stick as hard as I can to Kenya.”

Once Sida fell off, Torrence started to wonder if he was doing something special. “All I noticed was the Ethiopian fell off. So when they fell off, I was like ‘Are we going fast?,'” David said.  (The answer a most definite YES).

David was animated and excited with his run, but wanted more. “I think we could have hung with them the whole way,” he said if he could have hung on the last 200m. American distance running is definitely at a new level with statements like that.

Torrence said he usually is very conservative in races. “It was definitely uncomfortable. I’m not going to lie.” Our video with David is below. Tremendous run.

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