A Women’s 10,000 Will Take Place This Saturday in The US

LRC Recovering from the Trials, Returning to the Track, & Time-Trialing a Marathon? LRC Catches Up with Molly Seidel Seidel will race this weekend for the first time since her stunning debut at the US Olympic Marathon Trials; she’s running a 10,000 in Massachusetts at the MVMNT Race Series, which is being staged by her coach, Jon Green.

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The BTC Scrimmage Was Quite Fast *Results

LRC Shelby Houlihan (14:23.92) CRUSHES American Record At 5,000 (And So Does Karissa Schweizer) The Americans are now the 12th and 14th fastest women In history as Houlihan used a 4:26 last 1,600 and 61.5 last 400 to set the new mark.
*Full Event Replay Available Here From 3 PM ET

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We’ve Brought John Kellogg Out Of Retirement – Our Summer Training Program Is Back

LRC High Schoolers And College Runners- Train Smarter This Summer With The LetsRun.com Summer Training Program If you aren’t sure what you should be doing for summer training and want to be your best this fall, sign up for our summer training program. Get a daily training schedule, interact with our team, and be your best this fall.

2020 Chicago Marathon Is Cancelled – London Is The Only Remaining Major

 2020 Chicago Marathon Cancelled Runners have the option of taking a full refund or being deferred to 2021, 22 or 23. London, please have an elite race and you will cement your status as numero uno.

Track Is Back In Jamaica

Not A Lot Of Positive NCAA News These Days

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Doping: Did UK Sport Promote Gray Area Drugs?

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Throwback Thursday #14

LRC I Was Bored, So I Watched The Greatest Marathon Ever – 2002 London 18 years ago, the three men who held the marathon WR from 1999 to 2011 – Geb, Tergat and Khannouchi – sparred on the streets of London in an epic race and Paula Radcliffe announced herself as a marathon star. It was the marathon’s greatest day.
*MB: Throwback Thursday #14: Re-Experience The Greatest Marathon In History – The 2002 London Marathon

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