A Great Weekend Of Running-
The DL Season Ends Friday – 2015 Memorial Van Damme – *Full Results *TV & Streaming – 5th Avenue Mile Sunday

Habiba Ghribi celebrates 9:05 WL in BrusselsLRC Full Brussels Diamond League Recap: Big World Leaders in Women’s Mile, Steeple and Men’s 5000, But the Americans Come Up Short – Schippers Over Felix at 200m It was a great way to end the season as the 2nd DL finale of the year lived up to the hype as unlike in Zurich, the stars were well recovered. There were a ton of world leaders and a great women’s mile. The men’s 5000 produced 13 seasonal or personal bests but American fans were left wanting more. Canadian fans, the 5000 record now belong to Mo Ahmed. We break it down for you.

Brussels Live On The Mboard:

5th Avenue Mile LIVE Sunday on ESPN2 at 1:00pm eastern Super impressive that Jenny Simpson and Shannon Rowbury are racing Friday in Brussels and Sunday in NYC and that the race is on live in the US.

Emily Infeld Gets Some Pub

Emily Infeld Talks To Spikes Mag – Don’t Ever Give Up She thought about doing it last December when she told Schumacher, “I just don’t know if I’m built for this sport. My body just isn’t handling it.”

Lauren Johnson Gets Her Own Day

Huntington, IN surprised Lauren Johnson by naming yesterday – “Lauren Johnson Day


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Older Runners – Lengthen Your Stride

Scientific Study: Older People Are Slower Than Younger People Because They Have A Smaller Stride Length Older runners have weak ankle and calf muscles. “With each passing decade, the runners’ stride length and preferred speed dropped by about 20 percent. Meanwhile, runners older than about 40 displayed much less activation of and power in the muscles of their lower legs, especially those around the ankle and in the calf.”

Tuesday Action *Results: *Zagreb *Roverto

Some Of Paula’s Blood Values Come Out

Haile Gebrselassie and Paula Radcliffe in BerlinLRC Wejo Speaks With Science Of Sport’s Ross Tucker: Paula Can Gain Credibility With More Transparency – Paula’s Explanations Are Plausible But More Info Is Needed – “You’re not dealing with Shobukhova … here!” Plus an explanation of off-scores and how single off-scores don’t mean that much.

3 Of Radcliffe’s Suspicious Blood Values Are Published By Sky News Two of her OFF scores were 109, which Sky News says is below a 111.7 altitude training level. The other – 114 – was taken immediately after a half marathon and Sky News says WADA now considers tests taken within 2 hours after a competition as invalid because exertion can affect the values.

*MB: Radcliffe blood values released

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News From Jamaica – Usain Bolt Gets A Stadium But Is It Enough?

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Collegiate News *Full NCAA XC Schedule / Results

Our Weekly Recap – The Week That Was

LRC WTW: The 2nd-Greatest Year In US 10,000 History, Molly Huddle And Jairus Birech Refuse To Feel Sorry For Themselves, LetsRun Hits The Road In Maine, And A 5th Olympic Team For Abdi? This week, we get struck with 10,000-meter fever, talk about the greatest mascot of the year and wonder if Abdi Abdirahman can do something no male US track athlete has ever done. Plus we ask for your help in making track and field more interesting: MB: Creative ways to make boring distance races exciting – let’s hear them. Post them now.

Distance News: Revealing Q&A With Suzy Favor Hamilton

The Integrity Of The Sport Is At Stake – Mike Rossi Is A Marathon Cheat And Should Have Been DQed From The 2014 Lehigh Valley Marathon

rossfinish Lehigh Valley Got It Wrong: The Evidence Is Conclusive: Mike Rossi – The Viral Boston Marathon Dad – Is A Marathon Cheat And Should Never Have Been On The Starting Line In Boston In April, Mike Rossi gained international fame for his snarky response to a letter from his kids’ principal scolding him for taking them out of school for several days to watch Boston. A LetsRun.com investigation has revealed that Rossi’s principal was correct, the kids should never have been in Boston as the evidence is conclusive – their father didn’t legitimately qualify for the 2015 Boston Marathon. How confident are we that Rossi cut the course when he “ran” his 3:11:45 BQ qualifier at Lehigh Valley? Extremely. We’ll pay Mike Rossi $10,000 if he qualifies again in the next 12 months – and the qualifying time is 13+ minutes slower – 3:25.
*MB: Did Mike Rossi (viral marathon dad) cheat his way into Boston?