LRC Interviews Oklahoma State Coach Dave Smith Get the latest scoop as Rojo catches up with Coach Smith after both returned from World Cross-Country. The interview covers a ton of stuff, including the performances of Okla. St. runners Ryan Vail and German Fernandez in Amman, what it's like being the coach of a phenom, and also a preview of what's to come for German (and his "sore foot") this outdoor season. In case you missed Rojo's piece yesterday on Shadrack Kiptoo Biwott, it's here.

German Steroid Victims Dismiss "Whitewash" Apology From Former East German And Current German Track & Field Coaches "This letter is no satisfaction to the victims. These coaches had 20 years to come out and help in an essential way to clarify what was being done. But instead they were silent for 20 years until now with this letter. That is not a real apology. It cannot be." Yesterday: Former East Germany Coaches Admit To Doping Athletes

Fam's Blog On Transcendence There are a lot of blogs out there from distance runners and Fam's seems to be one of the best - it is certainly unique. Given the fact that he has been pretty dominant in the USA running scene at a whole bunch of distances off and on for the past 2 years, his thoughts and inspiration are worth a read. Speaking of blogs, Australia's Hollie Emery Blogs About Her World Cross-Country Trip

Max King Wins 50-Miler *Boards: Max King wins American River 50 mile race Some LRC commenters aren't happy that King is running ultra events instead of focusing on beating the Kenyans. We're just glad to see he's having fun.

LRC: Shadrack Kiptoo Biwott Talks About His Brother - The New Kenyan National Record Holder - 2:04:27er Duncan Kibet Yes that's right, Kiptoo Biwott and Kibet are brothers. Kiptoo Biwott gives insight into how they got into running, how he ran 20km in his first run ever and how his brother's training compares that to that of the U of O. Fascinating stuff.

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A First On LetsRun ... Thrower News:

LRC Week That Was: The world of marathoning may have changed forever this week and we give you all the analysis. Kenya had 13 people go sub-2:09 in a single day, the US has had 6 ever. Not to mention an 18-year-old (Ethiopian) running 2:06 and a 21-year-old running 2:05. Plus, we tell you about the best coach you've never heard of (Claudio Berardelli), give you an update on junior star Feyisa Lilesa, and show you why Mondo tracks aren't the solution to Kenyan domination. Plus an update on the rest of the weekend action.

Rotterdam: Duncan Kibet Edges James Kwambai In Thrilling (And Fast) Rotterdam Marathon
This race had it all - fast times, a thrilling finish ... and US television coverage! James Kwambai (who had battled Gebrselassie deep into his 2:03:59 world record run last year in Berlin) and Duncan Kibet (a 2:07 marathoner who came to life yesterday on thanks to a video from his agent from the Netherlands' version of LetsRun, which you can see on the right hand column on this home page) battled step-for-step at a blistering pace, dropping half marathon star Patrick Makau in his debut. Kwambai pulled ahead the final 500m and appeared to have it won, but then Kibet put on a furious charge to pass Kwambai in the final 10 meters to get in the win in a stunning 2:04:27. Yes, 2:04:27 for both men.
*Video Of Race The last 5 minutes (well, 1 minute) is a must. You can skip around and Ed Eyestone is on the commentary. Announces The PUMA Boston Street Meet Hosted by Usain Bolt Contest Enter to win VIP passes to the PUMA Street Meet to be held in Boston the weekend after the Boston Marathon and hosted By USAIN BOLT. The event will truly bring track to the fans with music, dancing, good food and the chance to race the fastest man in the world on the streets of Boston.

Ryan Hall Talks About Boston Chances *Looks Like Boston Ran Out Of Money For 4-Time Champ Catherine Ndereba We're sure there is a certain American marathoner out in Oregon who can breathe a little easier knowing Catherine the Great won't be going for Boston win #5 this year! Ndereba will have to settle for London.

Steve Cram Writes About Swedish Mile Great Arne Andersson, Who Passed Away A Few Days Ago Cram writes about how Andersson's and fellow Swede Gunder Hagg's rivalry was a seminal moment for Roger Bannister becoming inspired to break the 4-minute mile barrier in 1954. Both Swedes broke the existing world record but had their careers cut short because they accepted money for some of their races.
Pat Butcher Writes About Meeting Andersson This is a good read. Andersson was a pioneer in the sport and banned for being a pro in 1946. Buthcher writes about meeting him and Andersson's reaction upon being reinstated as an amateur at the age of 65.  LRC's Andersson thread here.

Update On Jenny Crain's Recovery From Near-Fatal Strike By Auto Driver We saw this link on Runner's World's racing page and had to put it up. It sounds like Crain is progressing through a very, very tough recuperation and perhaps some of our readers want to send her well wishes. Original LRC Thread From August 22, 2007, one day after Jenny was struck by a car and critically injured while training for the 2008 Olympic Trials.

Yoko Shibui Enters "Diet Camp" Link changed to the original source. Spikesmag was using a JapanRunningNews translation info without attribution.

Brief Chat With Delilah Dicrescenzo Dicrescenzo is trained by a Kenyan coach and runs in New York City. She's going for the steeplechase as her main event.

IOC Members "Most Impressed" With Chicago After Visit Chicago certainly had some big names stumping for them in Obama, Clinton and Mr. Basketball Michael Jordan.

Great Article On One Of The Craziest Sporting Events In Jamaica: "Champs"

Article On Masais (Moses and Linet) Training In Teddington, GB *Photo Of The Fastest Distance House In Great Britain It's filled with Kenyans.

Bolt And Other Top Jamaicans Unlikely To Compete In First Annual Carribean Games

Two Oceans Ultra Marathon Preview From South Africa

Don't Expect To See Liu Xiang In Berlin Unless he's there to check out the cultural aspects of one of Europe's most hip cities before heading to Nordrhein-Westfalen to visit Oberhausen and Gelsenkirchen.

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LRC Boards: Amazing Information From Renato Canova On Training Of Rotterdam Winner Duncan Kibet And Runner-Up James Kwambai

Surprise! Germany's Sabrina Mockenhaupt Won The Berlin Half Marathon Might be the only [major] race all weekend won by a non-Kenyan or non-Ethiopian.

World Cross-Country Stories
*A Closer Look At World XC Champ Gebremariam And Countrywoman Gelete Dibaba
*Florence Kiplagat Completes Perfect Cross-Country Season With Win In Italy Kiplagat's husband Moses Mosop dominated the men's 10k by 32 seconds over Worlds 6th placer Matthew Kisorio. Mosop won the Kenyan XC trials but couldn't kick with the best in Amman, finishing only 11th!

Brazil's Kleberson Davide Runs 1:44.67, 6th Fastest South American Of All Time With all the attention on the marathons this weekend, Kleberson Davide turned some heads with a blazing 800m run.

Recommended Reads/Clicks

History Lesson: Belayneh Densamo Recalls His 1988 World Record In Rotterdam That Stood For 10 Years

Edwin Moses Speaks Out On Drugs And Dwain Chambers

Ryan Hall Interview
With Running Times
"You gotta choose your battles. So for me, that battle is the marathon in Boston."

X-Man Working With Brooks Johnson To Get His Career Back On Track

Stat of the Week

5 - the number of men who had ever run sub-2:06 in the marathon 1 year ago.
4 - the number of people who went sub-2:06 on Sunday on the day that may have changed the marathon forever.

A Very Happy Duncan Kibet

Kibet may have ended the jinx for good. Featured on the homepage in a video you can find here on Saturday, the unknown, iphone-loving technology geek went out and stunned the world, running 2:04:27 to win the incredibly exciting Rotterdam marathon.

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LRC World XC Coverage

LRC Post-Race Coverage: We break down World XC, give props to Moses Kipsiro, tell you why the Kenyan system is broken, try to save World XC for the future, tell you why Dathan Ritzenhein's big XC win from 2005 may not have in reality been a big win, analyze how steep the course was and give you exclusive post-race interviews with Kim Smith, Ryan Gregson and Julie Culley. Plus the scoop on the post-race party thrown by the Prince and the challenge Ryan Gregson issued German Fernandez. You can watch the races online here, read recaps,/see results here, and see photos here.

LRC: The Week That Was 2009

*Week 13: World XC - What's wrong with the Kenyans? Gregson & Fernandez united.
*Week 12:
Training advice from Hall, Goucher wins in Lisbon and Port-a-Potties in Boston.
*Week 11:
NCAAs, Gate River, what Eli Manning and Galen Rupp have in common.
*Week 10:
Last chance, European Indoor, D. Chambers and Diamond League.
Week 9: USAs, NCAA conferences, World's Best 10k.

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