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2009 LetsRun.com April Fool's Reaction
April 2, 2009
by: LetsRun.com

We had our annual April Fool's edition yesterday at LetsRun.com and judging from the emails below we had a lot of people fall for it. No one threatened a lawsuit like in 2004, but some of the emails were pretty heated. From industry insiders, to first-time visitors, to LetsRun.com regulars we had people writing to say they were tricked. Some even were still pissed off believing the homepage was real. The top emails below:

"LetsRun.com Gave the Internet Meaning"
Hi Weldon,

I'm really sad to see the Quote of the Day.  I'm sure you will be inundated with emails so I'll keep this short.

Let's Run has been a daily part of my life for several years now.  Thank you for all of your hard work on putting this site together.  For me, LetsRun.com gave the Internet meaning.

Seeing as how I am now unemployed, I understand the economics of W.

The bright side is that I have time to take up the reigns of running the site.  Perhaps we could find a symbiotic relationship that will allow us to keep the site alive.

Anyhow, best of luck in all of your endeavors.


A US Journalist Writes
I've been hearing too much depressing news recently. So when I read the quote of the day, I was crushed. Started thinking of solutions. Was going to call Mary Wittenberg and see if NYRRC might provide a bailout or something. Then I hear somebody in the office cackle about an April Fools hoax. I had forgotten the date. Clicked on the link and was happy to see it was a joke. For a few minutes there, you had me.

XXXX (A Journalist at a US Newspaper)

LetsRun.com: Part of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy
I just went to your website for the first time ever and was quickly turned off.  Are you really that ignorant to blame Bush for what's happening in this country? Typical democratic. You guys deserve to go under. Maybe this time away will allow you to read up on the truth.


An FBI Agent Writes (Well we're not sure it was an agent but he had an FBI email address)
Come on folks…you have a great running site.  Don’t spoil it be trying to make sweeping, uninformed political statements like your headline today.  Do you have any idea how many conservatives are runners (note I did not say republicans)?  Just stick to the running thing…where you guys shine. 

A Running Agent Writes
Hey Weldon and Robert, I hope all is well. You guys get me every year with the LetsRun.com April Fools joke. I love that you always make time for the fun and games. Keep up the great work you do for the sport. I am a big fan of your site.


A Reader Believes the Kara Goucher Article and Writes:
"WOW! I'm really interested to see what she does in Boston."


One Reader Went So Far As To Dial Our Home Phone Number
Rojo: Hello?
Reader: Is your site shutting down or is that an April Fools thing?
Rojo: It's a joke.
Reader: Ok good.

Yes, that's right, there was no introduction or any dialogue other than that.

Canadian Poetry

No more Let's Run
When I saw that
I went into cardiac arrest.
Luckily, Dorothy was close by.
As I lay there flopping around on the floor
Like a fish out of water
She pulls the wires out of our floor lamp
Saying, "Don't worry! This will help! "
Well, let me tell the first jolt certainly brought me around to my senses.
Smiling, she say's to me, "I better give you one more for good measure."
At this point I'll trying to tell her, "I'm feeling better! No, really I am!"
But she was determined to make sure.
Oh, my Lord, that second one lifted me off the ground
And left me with a new hair style.
The doctor say's I'll be better in a few days
And the scorch marks on my chest will heal up.
I'll still having a few involuntary twitches now and again.
But, he said that will pass as well.
And Dorothy.
She say's, " I love you and I'm always here for you.
And by the way, those Let's Run guys were only joking around!"
Thank-you gentlemen
For your love of running.

A Few People Almost Fooled

Your quote of the day had better be an "April Fool's Day" joke!  I'm already furious that Trackshark is gone and now you're shutting down, also?  Please tell me this isn't real!

Man I was severely depressed when I saw your message>>you guys totally got me on the April Fools thing.

I've run for 45 years and counting and Let's Run is a highlight of the sport.
From the 60's & 70's Golden Age of running in North America
Through all the changes our sport has gone through
To now
Let's Run represents a revival
Of the Spirit of Running

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