By now, you've heard bits and pieces about what happened on Saturday but we tell you the inside story of what really went down, plus reveal that the Fat Lady hasn't sung yet as an arbitration hearing will take place later this week.
On the track Mary Cain was dominant. Cain’s 61 last lap solidified her as the bronze medal favorite for Worlds as her 4:07 time was the best of her life if you adjust for altitude (4:01). Off the track, 7 of the Nike athletes walked off hand-in-hand to express their displeasure of the DQ in the 3000 of Gabe Grunewald.
Price really put it out there and led for 780 meters as the two Americans the two Americans with little fanfare moved to #1 and #2 on the 2014 World list.
Sowinski was the clear winner as Andrews just nipped Symmonds for second. However, Andrews doesn’t have the 1:47.00 World qualifying time so Symmonds will go to Worlds.
Lomong ran a very well executed race to get the win over a great field. Will Leer used his “Wanamaker Mile finish” to grab second and almost run down Lomong.

Andrew Bumbalough Reinstated; Rules Adopted To Ensure Rectification Of Errors In Future

Yes, children have been conceived and born in the time it took them, but USATF finally gave Bumbalough back his 8th place 3K finish. They also added a rule that now allows corrections to be made 72-hours after a race.

USATF DQ Report Released: Did Alberto Salazar Have Undue Influence? We Still Don't Know

We wonder if it's normal for an official to tell a coach about a foul he admits he didn't see. Then we start to go off into la-la conspiracy land as we notice a key part of the report regarding Salazar shows up in a different font. To us, the whole report reads like a 5th grader's book report, not a report worthy analysis of a decision that (illegally) fixed the outcome of a national championship race.

Irony Of Ironies: USATF's Reinstatement Of Gabriele Grunewald Was Another Example Of Itself Violating Its Own Rules And Making Them Up On The Spot

Sadly, the one consistent thing about USATF is that its rules are vague or simply ignored. Greg Harger of the Indiana Invaders points out how USATF ignored its own rules in overturning its Gabe Grunewald DQ.

More Albuquerque Craziness: Sanctioned Doper Christian Hesch Volunteered As A Drug Testing Chaperone At USA Indoors Before Having Credential Revoked By USATF

We're not making this up. Hesch, a convicted doper, thought it was a good idea to volunteer at USA Indoors as a drug chaperone.

The Inside Story Of The Andrew Bumbalough DQ: A Case Of Mistaken Identity Or A Near Catastrophe Bigger Than The Grunewald DQ Averted?

Lopez Lomong Says He Was Verbally Berated By Alberto Salazar: "To see the outrage in his eyes, he was very, very mad. ... It was very hard to see how unprofessional, the (lack of) sportsmanship."

Editorial: Far From Resolved, All Of The Questions Leading To The Uproar About USATF's Initial DQ Of Gabriele Grunewald Remain

1) By rule, the Jury of Appeals must have received "new conclusive evidence" for Grunewald to be DQed. If that is the case, then she should still be disqualified - after all, the evidence is conclusive.
2) If "new conclusive evidence" wasn't received, then Grunewald should never have been DQed and the rules weren't followed. You can't have it both ways.

Women's 3,000 Resolution: Gabriele Grunewald Reinstated As USATF Champion

USATF CEO Max Siegel spoke to the parties involved and Jordan Hasay did the right thing and withdrew her protest, meaning Gabe Grunewald could not be DQed and is your USA 3,000m champion. The fight is not over, however, as fans and athletes need to stay on top of this issue to address its root causes. Siegel said that while he is "looking forward and will address our processes to try to minimize the potential for controversy or misunderstanding in the future" that in this case, "they followed the process laid out in our competition rules." Scary thought if true, with no transparency on the part of USATF.
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Alberto Salazar to Gabe Grunewald’s Husband: "Get the f--- out of my face"; Grunewald to Salazar, "She’s had cancer twice. This is bullshit. How do you sleep at night? You’ve got a defibrillator in your chest."

Men's 3K Interviews: The Genius Behind Bernard Lagat's Tactics, Galen Rupp Talks About Being In 3rd With A Lap To Go And Andrew Bumbalough Explains The Hot Early Pace

Women's 3,000: Gabe Grunewald Blows Away The Field Over The Last Lap And Wins Her First US National Championship - Or Does She? - Status Of Alberto Salazar's DQ Protest Still Unknown

Nike Coaches Alberto Salazar And Jerry Schumacher Have Heated Exchange, Have To Be Separated After Men's 3,000 At 2014 USA Indoors

Men's 3,000: Bernard Lagat Proves Age Is Just A Number As He Puts On A Clinic For Galen Rupp And Ryan Hill In The Last Lap To Win In Albuquerque

Women's 800 Prelims: Wilson, Beckwith And Price Go Wire-To-Wire

Men's 800 Prelims: Favorites Get Through To Set Up Mouth-Watering Final With Symmonds, Rutt, Andrews, Mulder, Wieczorek, Sowinski

Post Race 800m Round 1 Video Interviews 2014 USATF Indoors: Nick Symmonds, Robby Andrews, and Erik Sowinski Advance

Video interviews after round 1 of the 800m.

1,500 Previews: How Do You Possibly Handicap This Stacked Men's Field? Look For Mary Cain And Treniere Moser To Repeat 1-2 Finish From Last Year In Women's

Albuquerque, NM
February 21, 2014 to February 23, 2014

The 2014 USATF Indoor (track and field) Championships will choose the team that represents the US at the 2014 IAAF World Indoors in Sopot, Poland. *Event Website

Daddy still can kick. Lagat USA 3000m Champion at 39.

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