Local Woman Says She Has No Ambition To Run A Marathon

By LetsRun.com
April 1, 2010

Smithfield, CO - Shocking her neighbors, Smithfield resident Georgina Bloom admitted that she has no dreams of running a marathon. "Why would I run a marathon? Are you people crazy?" a confused Bloom asked when we found her gardening in her yard on Saturday.  

Neighbor Sarah Anderson, mother of 2, was shocked to hear the news. "I trained my butt off last year. I bought the spandex, I ate pasta 5 times a week, got the water bottles that you wear on your waist, the $200 Vibram shoes, I did everything. I ran my 6 hour marathon and it's the first thing I tell everyone I meet, right after I show them my finisher's medal. I thought Georgina had a purpose in life, but I guess she'll have to be content dying without a 26.2 sticker on her car." Anderson paused and then said, "Or at least a 13.1."

Local personal trainer Andrea Simpson has questions for her neighbor, "I just want to ask her - What about the charities? Does she not care about raising money for sick children?"

Bloom was surprised by the reaction of the members of her church. "It was like I said I don't believe in Jesus. I guess if you're not trying to qualify for Boston or Western States you're not good enough for these people."

Anderson isn't the only municipal resident concerned they have a lost soul in their midst. "We're honestly a bit worried about her," said St. Catherine's Episcopal priest James Hetfield, "you get to be 45, the kids are almost out of the house, you're feeling like a waste of life... usually running a marathon gives people something to make themselves feel better than their friends."

Even Bloom's children seemed concerned. "The kids at school found out and it's made life pretty much unbearable," said son Mark, 14. "The least she could do is waddle around in neon colors for a 5k, get the kids to lay off me in gym class." Lily, 16, says she's questioning whether or not she can ever see her mom in the same light, "I tell her, 'Mom, seriously, it's only 42k. What do you do all day while we're at school?' "

Bloom's case is one of many that have begun to pop up around the state of Colorado and the country. "We're beginning to see this more and more," said University of San Pedro socio-physiological professor Sam Trowbridge, PhD. "Getting that big house and SUV just isn't cutting it for middle class families these days. People are kind of saying 'hey, show me you can jog/walk 15 minute miles for half a day and then maybe I'll be impressed.' " He went on to say, "In a lot of towns, if you're not tapering and carbo-loading at least annually and working on perfecting your mid-foot strike while raising money for the local hospital, good luck earning their respect."

Bloom, for her part, says she isn't buying the hype. "I've got plenty of things to do besides running. I take care of myself just fine."

But only time will tell if Anderson and her other peers will come around. "To us it just seems a little strange. Maybe she'll prove her worth in some other way. I mean, has she contemplated an Ironman? My husband is training for Lake Placid. He's done 5 already, finished top 40% in his age group in 4 of them. He was sort of sick for the other, thinks he maybe needed to make his long run a little longer, we're still wondering about that one, as you can tell."

Until then, Bloom says she just plans on living her life, even if her neighbors would hardly call it living.


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