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Third Brojo Revealed!
Copied with permission from the Houston Daily
April 1, 2008

Robert and Weldon Johnson, co-founders of the running website LetsRun.com, reported Thursday that they had been informed of a long lost sibling that would expand the identical twins birth into that of triplets. Paperwork from St. Stanislovas Hospital in Houston revealed a “mix-up” in the delivery room that separated the third infant of the Johnson brood. The tragic error, committed by a newly trained intake nurse, was discovered after another unrelated “baby-labeling error” led to a full-blown investigation that resulted in the current shocking revelation.

Hospital official Wallace Cierpinski admitted that the mislabeling of baby cribs had resulted in an inadvertent “assignment” of the displaced Johnson baby to new parents, Benito and Maria Ramirez. “I am sad to report that our nurse erred in the paperwork and granted the baby to the Ramirez family along with their natural child, Felipe. We thoroughly regret any pain we have caused to the respective families. I have alerted the authorities to the whole incident.”

No Mojo

The baby in question, Moisés Ramirez, appeared confused and upset when he was informed of the situation. “No, no,” he said. “I am a Ramirez forever.” When asked about his emaciated physique and pasty-white complexion amidst his dark-skinned family, he steadfastly maintained allegiance to his Mexican heritage. “I have always been as my Momma says, a ‘blanco frijol’ (white bean).” Ramirez quieted when he was told of the Johnson’s similar melatonin-challenged skin and fragile body type, but appeared stunned when he was told of the brothers’ dual loves of the George Bush and running. “I run each day and love el presidente,” he said in a voice barely above a whisper. “Please leave me alone,” he pleaded as he shut the screen door behind him.

“I don’t know what to think,” said Weldon Johnson via e-mail. “The pictures I have seen of him look exactly like me and Robert even down to our over-pronated right foot. It’s crazy,” he admitted. “I’ll be in Houston next week for a poker tournament and I’ll try to meet up with Jose. If he likes fast food and Dr. Pepper, then I’ll have no doubt that he is truly my brother and deserves to share in our vast wealth. It will be the least I can do.”

Robert was perhaps the most excited. "People have often assumed that we are Hispanic because they have mispronounced our nicknames. (Many people assume Rojo is Ro-ho, the Spanish word for red instead of Ro'jo') But if I have a Hispanic brother, I’m embracing it and changing my nickname."

Mojo, as Moisés intends to be called, wants to keep his Mojo and t has asked Robert to keep the English pronunciation.

The potential mix-up has interested researchers worldwide and has re-invigorated the “nature vs. nurture” debate that has long been scrutinized by scientists. It is hoped that the gaunt set of triplets may be able to settle the raging debate once and for all.

(in reality, the article was submitted by an anonymous letsrun.com visitor and then edited by letsrun.com)

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