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,027 days have passed since Hayward last hosted a track meet. That changes on Friday. Will Cole Hocker and Cooper Teare chase the Olympic standard as well as CR? Hear what Oregon coach Ben Thomas told us. The meet also features NCAA champs Courtney WaymentConner MantzWesley Kiptoo, and Edwin Kurgat.

MB: Cole Hocker 1500m debut @ Hayward Premiere

US Distance News

If this doesn't prove that gender identity should have nothing to do with what sex classification you compete in, then we don't know what will as otherwise Hiltz would sometimes have to compete as a man and sometimes as a woman.

International News

In her 20s, she was unable to break three hours. 40 years later, she set a "world record fueled by regret" as she ran 2:52 at age 62. Yes, she wears the super shoes.

ASICS' Super Shoe Is Officially Here

Sara Hall and Zane Robertson rave about them. "I definitely can run faster in them. I can't really imagine going back to anything I've run in before after running in these," said Hall in an ad that features her.

    Sometimes you can't win no matter what you do

    Australia unveils new Asics Olympic uniforms and Asics may end up being boycotted in both China and Australia as a result ASICS insists the cotton in the Olympic uniforms doesn't come from forced labor but they are in hot water for initially issuing a statement saying they would "continue to purchase and support Xinjiang cotton”. ASICS says the statement was unauthorized a rogue release by a Chinese employee but that statement has pissed off a bunch of Chinese consumers.

    Kipchoge Marathon Postponed

    Kipchoge was originally set to race April 11th in Hamburg. Now the race is April 18th in a location TBC due to Covid-19.
    *MB: Eliud Kipchoge's NN Mission Marathon Postponed; Looking For New Location

    Italy Will Host Its Own Elite Marathon April 11, Australia and Argentina Also Will Host Olympic Qualifying Marathons Later in April The Italian race features a bunch of elites including Marius Kipserum (KEN), Suguru Osako (JPN), Angela Tanui (KEN), Leul Gebresilase (ETH), Gerda Steyn (RSA), Daniele Meucci (ITA), and Valeria Straneo (ITA).

    Tuesday Sprint Results

    Van Niekerk ran a slightly wind-assisted (+2.1m/s) 20.10. This is fastest 200m time (and possibly best result overall) since coming back from his 2017 ACL injury.

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    Nike is suing streetwear company MSCHF for modifying and re-selling Nike Air Max 97s which apparently all contain a drop of human blood. Nike says MSCHF has caused "significant harm to [Nike's] goodwill, including among consumers who believe that Nike is endorsing satanism".

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    Week That Was

    We take a look at HS phenoms Claudia Hollingsworth, Jaylen Slade, & Hobbs Kessler as well as college phenoms Travis Laird and Tara Davis, take a deeper look at the Notre Dame men's depth, compare the state of British marathoning in 1980 and 2021 and rave about Linden Hall and Gavin Sherry, who crawled across the line to break 9:00 in the two-mile.

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    Team GB's Golden Summer Of 2012 Tarnished?

    A whistleblower went to UKAD two-years ago with concerns about UK Cycling investigating a potential doper ahead of the London 2012 Games. WADA code dictates that UKAD should have done the investigation rather than UK Cycling. Now a doper might go unpunished because the 10-year statute of limitations has passed.

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    Goodwin competed in the LJ for the first time in five years this past weekend, jumping 8.12m in Florida, the 4th best mark in the world this year.

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