Kenenisa Bekele Responds To Jos Hermens

Kenenisa Bekele at 2017 BMW Berlin MarathonLRC Kenenisa Bekele “Dismayed” By Jos Hermens’ Comments About His Professionalism After Berlin Marathon, Vows To Break World Record Bekele is confident that the best is yet to come for him at the 26.2-mile distance. “I definitely will break it before my retirement. For all the skeptics, I will show them with my hard work,” Bekele said, waving his hands with confidence. “I want to seize my future. And I don’t want anyone to get into my way of proving myself.”

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Justin Gatlin Won’t Take A Knee

Justin Gatlin Says He’ll Stand For National Anthem If He Wins An Exhibition In Brazil This Week Racism exists but Gatlin’s dad was in the Army for 26 years.

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NCAA XC *All Weekend Collegiate Results

Notre Dame: Women #1 Colorado Edges #4 New Mexico At 2017 Joe Piane Invitational Weini Kelati was 6th in her first big NCAA race as UNM went 1-2-6-8-34 and Colorado went 3-7-8-10-18.
*Brie Oakley Was 12th In Her Collegiate Debut In The Race
*Anna Rohrer Redshirt
#13 Southern Utah Takes Down #4 Colorado At 2017 Joe Piane Invitational The Alabama men went 1-2-3 individually.

Louisville: #1 NAU Men Crush It By Going 1-2-3-4 #12 Furman was 2nd while #7 Wisconsin was just 8th
*Allie Ostrander and Boise State Women Win

Dellinger: Men #6 BYU DOMINATES Oregon’s Dellinger Invite With 17 Points The Cougars placed 7 in the top 10. Oregon held out 1 guy while Stanford held out a ton.
Women: Katie Rainsberger And Oregon Cruise
*How Flat Is The Course At The Bill Dellinger Invitational? 

Cowboy Jamboree: Ok. State Men And Ole Miss Women Win Dave Smith said the men are ahead of where he thought they’d be. In the women’s race, Karissa Schweizer won by nearly 30 seconds.

Chile Pepper: Arkansas Men And Women Win The men’s race was 10k once again. D2 power Colorado School of Mines was 2nd in men’s race.

Paul Short: Utah State Rocks It
#24 Utah State Women, Who Came In Ranked #24, Get Upset Win Over #15 Nova And Others
*Unranked Utah State Wins Men’s Race In An Upset Over Georgetown. D2 #1 Adams State was third without star Sydney Gidabuday. Had he been up front, they might have won it.

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Learn All About Guye Adola – Marathon’s Newest Star

adola-featured-dont-useLRC Unbelievable: Guye Adola – Who Just Ran The Fastest Debut Marathon In History – Claims He Didn’t Know He Was Running Berlin Until 4 Days Before The Race Learn the back story of marathon’s newest star Guye Adola, who says he only found out he was running the Berlin Marathon last Wednesday.
*MB: Learn some of the backstory behind Guye Adola – marathon’s newest star
Update: Adola’s coach claims that Adola had known he was doing Berlin for 4 months but didn’t tell his friends until 4 days before the race.

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