2017 Berlin Marathon - BMW Berlin Marathon

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Berlin, Germany
September 24, 2017
American Ryan Vail had a nice run to grab 8th. *Video Highlights
There were a ton of PBs in this one as the opening pace was hot (69:40).
Agent Jos Hermens thinks Kenenisa Bekele is capable of much more in the marathon if he focuses on running and not his business empire. "Eight marathons, two wins, that’s not Kenenisa Bekele....What do you want to be, businessman or professional runner?"
The last six world records in the men's marathon (and 7 of the last 9) have all been set in Berlin. We take a look back at those historic races.
Nike's Sub-2 event taught us pace-making is CRITICAL to running fast. Well Berlin is leaving nothing to chance as they've hired a 2:04 and a 2:05 marathoner to pace and also have a new computerized system to help as well. Plus there is some big pre-race drama as Bekele and Kipchoge won't agree on what pace should be the goal.

Kenenisa Bekele “dismayed” by Jos Hermens’ comments about his professionalism after Berlin Marathon, vows to break world record

Bekele is confident that the best is yet to come for him at the 26.2 mile distance. “I definitely will break it before my retirement. For all the skeptics, I will show them with my hard work,” Bekele said, waving his hands with confidence. “I want to seize my future. And I don’t want anyone to get into my way of proving myself.”

Watch The Final Mile and Stuart Storey's Epic Call of Eliud Kipchoge's Win at 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge: “Planning to run a marathon is like life, anything can happen. You can run fast today and tomorrow you run slow.”

RRW: Eliud Kipchoge, Gladys Cherono Triumph At Soggy Berlin Marathon

Strava Compares Eliud Kipchoge's Run To User Date From 2016

Spoiler alert, Kipchoge is way better than the average Strava user.

Eliud Kipchoge Says He Knew At 5k A WR Was "Not Possible" Due To Wet Conditions

Television and Streaming Info for 2017 Berlin Marathon

Wondering how you can watch the 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon? We've got you covered.

Kenenisa Bekele, Eliud Kipchoge and Wilson Kipsang Talk Big Before 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon

Bekele has "complete confidence" he can compete with any athlete, Kipsang says his fitness is "far much better" than last year and wonders if Kipchoge has recovered from Breaking2, and Eliud Kipchoge says he's "really, really looking forward" to Sunday but refused to talk about Bekele or Kipsang. Videos + Transcript.

2017 LetsRun.com BMW Berlin Marathon Preview Podcast

Who wins? Will the WR go? How fast would Galen Rupp run if he ran it? Listen to us talk about those things and more.

2017 Berlin Marathon Women's Preview: Which New Star Will Emerge on the Big Stage?

2015 champ Gladys Cherono (2:19 pb) is the strong favorite on paper and will be going for the course record. Her main competition is Ethiopia's Amane Beriso (2:20 pb) and fellow Kenyan Valary Aiyabei (2:21 pb), who has won 4 straight marathons and is making her WMM debut.

2017 Berlin Marathon Men's Preview: Kipchoge vs. Bekele vs. Kipsang -- Who Breaks The WR, And By How Much?

The Big 3 Eliud Kipchoge, Wilson Kipsang and Kenenisa Bekele are chasing the world record in Berlin on Sunday.

Ryan Vail - America's Lone Elite Men's Entry - Is Hoping for a PB At 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon

Vail, who has been running as much as 130 miles per week on just six days of running, hasn't been battling the injury bug of late as he hasn't finished a marathon since November of 2014.

The Craziest Guy in Berlin? Japan's Yuta Shitara Will Race 8 Days After Running 60:17 Half And Likely Go Out With Leaders

Let's Get Excited: Eliud Kipchoge vs Kenenisa Bekele vs Wilson Kipsang vs World Record Sunday in Berlin

Kenenisa Bekele Joins Eliud Kipchoge And Wilson Kipsang In 2017 Berlin Marathon Field

The race now has three of five fastest men of all-time. *MB: Bekele added to 2017 Berlin field

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