Drummond Goes Down – But We’ve Got Lots Of Unanswered Questions

LRC USA Olympic Coach Jon Drummond Gets Banned: 4 Big Thoughts, Including Was Tyson Gay On HGH Prior To The Summer Of 2012? We carefully read the 24-page decision in the Jon Drummond case and conclude this story is far from over as the report includes a bombshell on page 5 – Tyson Gay had a bottle labeled HGH which someone had given him before even met Dr. Gibson or moved to Dallas to work with Drummond in May in 2012. Then why did Gay’s suspension only begin in July?
*MB: A bombshell in the Jon Drummond decision? Report says Tyson Gay had a bottle labelled HGH in May of 2012

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Doping Updates: Wilson Kipsang Missed A Test, Dick Pound Takes On Russia

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EPO Marathoners In The News

Olympic Stuff: 2016 Track Schedule Released

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‘Thon #3 For Bekele

Kenenisa Bekele’s Third Marathon Will Be In Dubai On January 23rd; Now Being Coached By Renato Canova Bekele said that he learned a lot from his disappointing race in Chicago and that things have gone well since then. Canova has taken over his training and is with him in Ethiopia.
*MB: RENATO CANOVA is Bekele’s new coach!
*Bekele On The Possibility Of The Sub-2-Hour Marathon “I don’t think human beings can do that, but maybe a new generation in the future … maybe in 10 years.”

Euro XC Champs Were Sunday *Results: Men *Women *All Races

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The Triple Jump Might Be Safe, But Not The 10K

Sprint Stuff: Don’t Touch Usain Bolt’s 200

 The Heisman Of Track And Field 

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Distance News: Get Excited For Some Great Racing Next Month

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Suspended Adrian Peterson Considering Retiring From NFL And Pursuing Olympic Dream In The 200/400 Peterson apparently has a has a wind-legal 10.26 (or 10.19) from high school and a 21.23 200 (wind-aided) and 47.6 400.
*Philip Hersh: “Adrian Peterson In The Olympics? Not A Chance” His times from high school are nowhere near being competitive with today’s elites and he’s 29 years old.

 2014 Wasn't An "Off Year" For Doping 

Jo Pavey Finishes 3rd In Vote For BBC Sports Personality Of The Year Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton won with golfer Rory McIlroy runner-up. *Pictures Of Final Candidates

 What Happened To Foot Locker Legend Kenny Cormier? 


LRC 10 Years Later: Finding Kenny Cormier 10 years ago, Kenny Cormier was atop the running world. Three years later,he was completely out of the sport. Here’s his story.

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LRC WTW: Double Wins For Bill Aris, Sarah Disanza Rocks It, Jeff Eggleston Goes For It, Paula Radcliffe Improves, And More We recap the week that was and talk about Sarah Disanza rocking it, Jeff Eggleston going for it, Paula Radcliffe improving, Patrick Makau returning and investigate whether Bill Aris is the greatest high school coach ever?

Q&A With 2:10 American Jeffrey Eggleston
*MB: Who says Americans don’t go for it? Jeffrey Eggleston sure did. 2:10 marathoner went out in 63 at Fukuoka last weekend!!

The Latest Doping Scandal News / You Know It’s A Huge Story When BBC World Is Talking About LetsRun.com

bbcworldLRC BBC World Wants To Know Why IAAF General Secretary Nick Davies Wrote A Passionate Letter To LetsRun.com Instead Of Issuing A More Traditional Statement LRC co-founder Weldon Johnson gives his thoughts. Bad reporting or not, maybe the names should come out.

  • Important Read: Hajo Seppelt Says After Documentaries Airing, He’s Been Flooded With More Info Of Systematic Russian Doping “We did not plan a sequel; however, people are sending us more and more evidence to back the claim there is systematic doping in Russian sport.” He also doesn’t back off claims of an IAAF cover-up. “The IAAF is trying to give the impression that all the details we had were individual blood values. That is simply not the case. There are several readings for each athlete.”
  • Words Of Wisdom From David Rudisha “If your talent is not taking you to that higher level, don’t force it and don’t cheat to get there because it’s not fair even to yourself and it’s not fair to others.”

IAAF / Russian Doping Scandal News Continues

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LRCKenny B Commits To Dubai, Foot Locker, USATF And European XC Mania, Meb "Dusts" Ryan Hall, And No Love For Stephanie Hightower?

What are the Olympic chances of Grant Fisher and Anna Rohrer? How will Kenenisa Bekele do in his marathon in Dubai next month. Plus Club Nats XC, European XC, Kevin Sullivan moving to the marathon, Stephanie Hightower making the wrong news off the track, and LRC on the BBC.

LRCBad News, 2014 USATF Club XC Participants - The Course Was Short, Not Long

The race results say 10K, the course map says 10,200m, but what was it really? Employee 1.1 tells you what he found out and argues why course accuracy is important, even in XC.
*MB: Club cross: was the course actually long?

Olympic News: US Officially Decides To Bid For 2024 Games

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2014 Club Nats *Men’s Results *Women’s Results *Masters

LRC Results: Ryan Hill And Laura Thweatt Win Zap Fitness dominated the men’s team competition as the BAA was 2nd. In the women’s team, the BAA won over the Boulder Running Company/adidas. Perhaps more importantly, German Fernandez was third in the men’s race.
*MB: German’s back baby!! 3rd at 2014 Club Nats

Scott Reid In Orange County Register: Stephanie Hightower Betraying Sport To Chase Her “Own Self-Serving Agenda” He accuses of her of working behind the scenes to take Bob Hersh‘s spot on the IAAF Council, saying she pushed to alter the USATF selection procedure to do so.
*MB: Damning indictment of Stephanie Hightower

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We Wish This Wasn’t True

Actor Who Plays Louie Zamperini In “Unbroken” Admits He’s Never Run A 5k He also admits to taking “a little bit of artistic license” and inventing Zamperini’s “finishing style.”

Confused By The Latest Doping Scandal? Get Caught Up Here

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