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LRCTyson Gay Gets A One-Year Drug Ban For Cooperating With USADA, Admits He Cheated At 2012 Olympics, Many Questions Remain

Gay's drug ban came down today and it was cut in half to one year for his cooperation with anti-doping authorities. There are no details on what substance Gay took or who gave it to him, so expect more from USADA. Gay did admit to doping at the 2012 Olympics (the US will lose its 4 x 100 silver medals), but not the Olympic Trials. We are also to believe Gay started doping mid-week between the London and Monaco meets.

Distance News: Ryan Hall Speaks


Week That Was

LRC Meb Has Won Boston, Emails From Meb’s Brother And Ryan Hall’s Mom, Rita Jeptoo, Sub-5 Beer Mile, Annie Bersagel, Drake, Penn And More Meb, Meb, Meb: We break down Meb’s amazing win at Boston and Rita Jeptoo‘s finish. Plus, emails from Ryan Hall’s mom, Meb’s brother, some praise for Dan O’Brien, a sub-5 beer mile, Annie Bersagel joins the sub-2:30 club, and some tremendous pro action at Drake.

 More On Rutherford LJ Controversy 

Field Event News: Greg Rutherford’s LJ NR Being Scrutinized

Doping: Liliya Shobukhova Goes Down

Did USATF Get Ripped Off?

Preview Of Weekend Track Action *ALL NCAA Coverage

Distance News

 Admin/Random: Rio 2016 Way Behind Schedule 

Forget Sub-4, How About Sub-5? Beer Mile WR Goes Down

Dusseldorf And Other Road News *Photo Gallery

Meb Still Making News

A MUST READ: The Inside Story: How Did Meb Get Far Enough Ahead To Win 2014 Boston? Toni ReavisTells You Reavis has the scoop of what went on in the top African pack.

Extensive Q&A With US’s World Indoor 60m Silver Medalist Marvin Bracy Marvin talks about his career from high school through winning silver at Worlds.

 A Lot Of US Road Action On Tap For Sunday 

Lawyers For Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Concerned They Won’t Be “Adequately Prepared” For November Trial The defense team wants to receive the prosecution’s pre-trial materials earlier.

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LRCDQGate Gets Interesting: Gabriele Grunewald DQ Footage From US Indoor Women's 3,000 Mistakenly Leaked By USATF

Update From USATF: Report On 3k DQs Coming In June It doesn’t take 4 months to acknowledge Andrew Bumbalough was DQed improperly.

Gutsy: Defending Canadian Half Marathon Champion Krista DuChene Finishes Race With Broken Leg, Still Finishes 3rd DuChene finished this year’s race “running” with a fractured femur for the final 500m. She was in first before breaking her leg and after limping to the finish line still managed third.
*Marathoner Krista DuChene vows return after fracturing femur *Q&A: Krista DuChene ready for recovery


Olympic 1,500 Champion Taoufik Makhloufi Leaves His Coach, Jama Aden Makhloufi (who is also leaving his manager) said it was an amicable break. He has been training in Kenya, apparently at times with Mo Farah. Other athletes in Aden’s group include Genzebe Dibaba and Ayanleh Souleiman.
*MB: Toufik Makhloufi left Jama Aden to Alberto Salazar?

Distance News

Haile G’s Masters Marathon World Record Attempt In Hamburg Is Off As He Pulls Out Due To Pollen Allergies It’s a shame as the world record holder Andres Espinosa is being flown into Hamburg by meet organizers.
*LRC World Record Holder Andres Espinosa Of Mexico To Be Guest Of Hamburg Marathon Espinosa’s masters world record of 2:08:46 was going to be no easy feat for Geb, as it is the best Masters World Record in all of track according to the IAAF tables.

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LRC American Strong: The Untold Story Of American Teamwork And How Ryan Hall Helped Meb Win Boston American Meb Keflezighi rightfully got the glory but his American competitors helped him out. The untold story of American Strong.

“Best article I’ve ever read I believe.” – @GreccoCole
Dick Patrick – Meb Strong: How Meb Worked His Magic Once Again Meb once again pulled it off, when very few thought he could. Dick Patrick tells us how the deserving champ did it.