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Runners Tribe: What do you think about the new world record rule for women's road running?

Nic Bideau: I think there are plenty other women world records that have been aided by much more than male pacemakers that we should be cleaning up first.

- In case you don't know what Mr. Bideau is referring to, it's the ridiculous women's world records all over the map that were likely the results of drugs. Check out the women's world records and look at how many of them are suspect and came from the Eastern Europeans in the 1980s or Chinese more recently. When's the last time anyone came close to 47.60 or 1:53.28 or 3:50.46?

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News From The UK

The US Should Do This: Charles Ndirangu Sets New Japanese High School International Student Record By Running 13:15.44

Sunday's (10/23) Marathons

Weekend Action/Upcoming

Caster Semenya Breaks From Michael Seme, The Coach That "Discovered" Her 4 Years Ago It is unknown at this point if she has found a new coach.

Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission Denies Steve Mullings' Request To Have His B Sample "Retested" Mullings, who tested positive for fruosemide at the Jamaican Trials and missed out on WCs, is now facing the possibility of a life ban, having been previously banned for two years in 2004.

Uganda Athletes Promised $5,000 For Winning A Gold Medal At The London Games Next Year There have to be easier ways to make 5 grand.

BALCO Still In The News

Are False Start Procedures Sexist Towards Men?

AP: Lance Armstrong's Hopes Not High At XTERRA Triathlon Worlds Lance: "I'd be really happy if I won it, so I guess that means I'd be surprised. Shocked is probably too big of a word, or too strong a word, but, yeah, I'd be very pleasantly surprised." *Video Interview

AP Article On The Conflict Within USATF Over Hiring Former Board Member Max Siegel

Recommended Read An Inside Look At The Oldest Man To Ever Finish A Marathon - 100-Year-Old Fauja Singh: "I lost my speed in this race." He seems like a great guy.

Want To Have Cocktails With Ryan And Sara Hall? Bid On The Items In The NYRR Fall Auction The cocktails will cost you $1,450.

Be Thankful The Olympics Aren't Coming To Your City

From A DNF In XC To 4th In The 10,000 - Running Times Profile Of Iowa State's Dani Stack

43 Years Ago From Tuesday, Bob Beamon Broke The Long Jump World Record By More Than 2 Feet Interesting to note that he reveals he was initially excited not because he knew it was a monster jump, but rather simply because he hadn't fouled.

For Our Friend Mike Rohl
2004 Olympic 20k Racewalk Champion Retires

Today's Sign Of The Apocalypse *Discuss

Marion Jones To Represent The US State Department Abroad Respected Olympic writer Alan Abrahmson said it best: "Marion Jones is a liar." She apparently continues to manipulate us all if the State Department somehow thought she was what's best about America.
*On The Boards: This is Not a Joke: Marion Jones to Represent US State Deparment Internationally

More Drug News: More Than Half Of Tests At Under-17 World Cup Tested Positive Due To Contaminated Meat, May Help Former Tour De France Champ Alberto Contador
*Contaminated Meat Could Be A Problem At Pan Am Games

British News

Big Administrative News

College XC News Pre-Nats: *Men's Results *Women's Results
Wisconsin XC: *Men's Results *Women's Results
More NCAA Results

LRC 2011 NCAA Cross-Country Poll Voting Now Open Pre-Nats and Wisco are in the books. It's time to re-rank the teams before the conference championships get underway.

Post-Weekend Reaction:

*Unranked Vanderbilt XC Reacts To Their Surprising 2nd Place Finish In Wisconsin
*24th-Ranked Washington Reacts To Winning Wisconsin Invite
*2:10:58 & 2:27:56 Win Rainy Intercontinental Istanbul Eurasia Marathon

Pre-Nats Results Men:
CU Men Win Andy Wacker was 2nd overall to Iona's Leonard Korir as Amar Moussa debuted for the Buffs as their #3 man. *Results
FSU Women Win With Just 46 Points And to think Karen Harvey views this as a "rebuilding" year. *Results
On The Boards:
Pre Nats Live Update

Chile Pepper:
Men's Results: Oklahoma State Dominates, German Fernandez Looks Good Fernandez got 3rd for the Cowboys as they go for the NCAA three-peat.
On The Boards:
How Come No One is Talking about German Fernandez's Good Run Today?
Is Nat Champs Ok State vs. Wisconsin, or am I missing something?

Texas Edges Arkansas

Wisconsin Men: Lawi Lalang Dominates, Wisco Men Win, Verzbicas 62nd In His Debut
(Results) This meet replaced pre-Nats as the place to be this year before next month's NCAA meet. Lawi Lalang, the brother of Kenyan star Boaz, who only started running last year, dominated. Lukas Verzbicas faded badly to 62nd in his first collegiate XC meet, as Texas freshman Craig Lutz was 15th.
*Wisco Men Run "Pretty Much Perfect" - So Good Their Coach Mick Byrne Was Stunned "I was surprised. At about 3 kilometers it looked like the team race was over."
*James Li Impressed By Lawi Lalang's Dominence "Lawi showed he's in a class of his own today. I don't think tactically he was the most sound, he's just so much stronger than everybody else."
*Providence Men Surprise As #1 Big East Team
*Lukas V: "Very rough opening race, have some rethinking to do. Time to move on and get fit for the rest of the season."
*Did You Know? Lukas Verzbicas' Stepdad Is Head Coach At USA Triathlon's New Elite Academy

Wisconsin Women: Sheila Reid Gets Best Of Jordan Hasay, Washington And Unranked Vanderbilt Women Surprise (Results) Reid beating Hasay is not a surprise, but Washington winning and unranked Vanderbilt being #2 was a shocker, especially with #1 Villanova in the field.
Oregonian: Jordan Hasay Nipped By Sheila Reid In Hasay's 1st Race Of Year
*'Nova Website Calls Reid's Win "Dominant"
*Unranked Vandy Women Finish 2nd By Running "Close To A Perfect Race"

Oregon: Register Guard: Coach Powell: "Obviously, both teams have some things to work on before the conference meet."
Video Interviews:
Sheila Reid *Lawi Lalang *Men's Race

Talk *
OFFICIAL Wisconsin Invite Thread
*Hasay/Reid dual.... + Vandy women!!!
*LUKAS last 3k = 9:29.4, LUTZ last 3k = 8:42.7

*Feb 27: Prediction: Lawi Lalang wins an NCAA title this year

G.M. Pulls Ad Suggesting Cyclists Can't Get Girls Imagine the outrage if this was done for cross-country.

Big $100,000 Payday For New B.A.A. Distance Medley Now the BAA's 5k, 10k and Half Marathon races are a series with an overall male and female prize of $100,000 each. Rather than a points system, it will be awarded to the finisher with the lowest overall combined time from all three races.

NYC Marathon Is November 6th

LA Times Q&A: Usain Bolt On Fashion

RIP: Northeastern University Loses A Coach And Mentor In Joe Donahue

Marathon Olympic Trials Are January 14th; Track Starts June 21st

Chicago Marathon Mom Generating Headlines

Writer Reflects On Having To Interview Chicago Marathon Mom "What prompted her to run a marathon at nearly 39 weeks pregnant? Speculation was rampant, but to me, it seemed like Miller ran because that's what she does. She runs. This was neither her first pregnancy, her first marathon, nor her first pregnant marathon. As a local physician told me later that day, 'I don't think she's crazy ... it sounds like she's an elite athlete to be able to run that many miles this late in pregnancy.'"
*Time Magazine Investigates: Is It A Bad Idea To Run A Marathon While Pregnant?
*MB: Amazing--woman gives birth after completing Chicago Marathon?!?

Bank Of America Chicago Marathon *Results *Yahoo Photos

LRC Moses Mosop A Superstar, Liliya Shobukhova Becomes Second-Fastest Woman Ever Updated Moses Mosop dominated the final miles in Chicago after Wesley Korir tried to make it interesting. Russian Liliya Shobukhova ran 2:18:20 to become the second-fastest woman ever. American Ryan Hall ran 2:08:04 for 5th. Great for any other American marathoner, so-so for him.

LRC: Wesley Korir Impresses With 2:06:15 Second Place In Chicago The former Louisville Cardinal broke the race up with a surge at 30km. Afterwards, he revealed what he was trying to do.

Ryan Hall Says He Needs More Time At Sea Level To Work On Turnover RW

LRC Non-Quotes Of The Day From 2011 Bank Of America Chicago Marathon Hall talks about what 2:08 means, Canova talks about the world record.

LRC Quick Recap With Men's Splits: Moses Mosop Breaks Course Record At 2011 Bank Of America Chicago Marathon, Shobukhova Runs 2:18:20

Drug News

4 Recommended Reads

Pan Am Games

Updates On Some US Marathoners

An Interesting Debate: Appearance Fees Vs. Prize Money David Powell: "There may be some Utopian merit in the idea of dispensing with appearance fees and moving all the cash into prize money, but it's a fantasy notion. It's never going to happen as a rule of law. That may be stating the obvious but it needs to be said as a precursor to discussing the benefits, or otherwise, of theoretically eliminating fees."

NYC Marathon

*Toronto Hoping A Successful 2015 Pan Am Games Could Lead To A Winning Olympic Bid In Future
*3-Time Olympic Champ Veronica Campbell-Brown Supports Doha's Bid For 2017 WCs

A Brief Chat With Patrick Rizzo, One Of Liliya Shobukhova's Pacers During The Chicago Marathon

Ireland's Clonliffe Harriers Running Club Celebrates 125th Anniversary And Member Mark Kenneally's 2:13 Marathon

London 2012 News:
*Paula Radciliffe Says Even If She Wins Gold, She'll Keep Running After London Games
*In Case You Were Wondering, There Will Be No 100-200-400 Triple At The Olympics Apparently some Jamaicans were hoping for a triple crown for Usain Bolt, but the Olympic schedule doesn't allow it ... not to mention Bolt has said many times he doesn't like the 400.
*UK's 30-Year-Old LJer Chris Tomlinson Talking Ahead Of 2012 Games: "It's not necessarily about the minor medals, we all know that. I've got a World Indoor silver and a European bronze. I've made finals of World and Olympic championships, but it's about being a champion."

2 Weeks In Review

LRC Weeks That Were: Ryan Hall Criticism, Canadian Marathoners, E. Dibaba's Stunning Marathon Debut, College XC And More We dig deep and look at Ryan Hall's performance in Chicago, his spat with Phil Hersh, give praise to Ejegayehu Dibaba for her excellent marathon debut, give some props to Reid Coolsaet, discuss a little NCAA XC and let you wish you were born in Kenya.

The Anti-Caster? Russia's Mariya Savinova Dazzles Crowd At Awards Gala With Her Stylish Gown
Marya Savinova--sexiest legs on earth?

Pan Am News

News From The UK

News From Kenya

Worthy Of Praise

Amby Burfoot Honored With George Hirsch Journalism Award Burfoot is a former Boston Marathon champ and long time RW editor.
Good Read: Amby Burfoot Talks About His Writing And Running Career Times have definitely changed. "I knew a few guys who couldn't break 3:00 in the marathon and I just couldn't even imagine how anyone could possibly be that slow."

LRC Hero 80-Year-Old Ed Whitlock Runs 3:15:54 Marathon His run got lost in the hoopla of 100-year-old Fauja Singh finishing in Toronto but we're more impressed with Ed. Besides, our favorite 100 (or 94) year-old marathoner was Buster Martin, who smoked and drank on the course.
On The Boards: 3:15:54 for Ed Whitlock!
*LRCer Creates Ed Whitlock Facebook Page

Scotiabank Toronto Marathon Gives Koren Yal $25,000 Bonus For Tying Course Record Technically, she was due $0 since she didn't break the record, but they gave her $25k instead of $35k for the tie.

NCAA Ranking Shake-Up

Florida State Goes To #1, Washington Jumps From 24 To #2, Vanderbilt Goes From Unranked To #3 The men's side did not change as much.
Disagree? LRC XC Polls Now Open Tell us who is the top in the country and each conference.

Time To Start Getting Ready For 2011 ING NYC

NY Times Looks At The Impact The Olympic Marathon Trials Has On The NYC Marathon Field And On Marathoners' Bank Accounts Ryan Hall has some interesting comments: "It's a huge issue. It's kind of a bummer. I love the Olympics, but we take huge (financial) hits to run in the Olympics."
On The Boards: Does Ryan Hall Take a Hit Running in the Olympics? We say short-term, yes; long-term, no.

Lauren Fleshmen Tired From Marathon Training "Today's illumination is that marathon training makes me brain dead after 8pm, making it very difficult to write a meaningful blog."
*Ed Moran Talks About His Upcoming Marathon Debut In New York Note to others: Training for the marathon often will do wonders for your track credentials.
*Kim Smith Wins ING Hartford Half Marathon In 1:11:18 Little more than a training run for Smith, who ran 67:11.
*Running Doc Lists The Only 4 Injuries That Should Prevent You From Starting A Marathon

Jamaican Journalist Not Enjoying Tacos/Getting Ripped Off By Cabbies In Mexico

Occupy UK Athletics? Even In The More Socialistic Europe, The Rich Get Richer

Marathon Sunday

Amsterdam: Wilson Chebet 2:05:53, Tiki Gelana 2:22:08 CR, Sihine Drops Out Sihine, with his 5 WC/Olympic silvers, dropped out after 36km in his marathon debut. Chebet has now run a 2:05:51 average in his 3 marathons. 18-year old Eric Ndiema set a new junior world record at 2:06:07. In the women's race, third placer Lornah Kiplagat ran 2:25:52 to qualify for Beijing.
*Chebet: "I don't plan to run any marathon race before the Olympics. If they (AK) select me, then God is great."

Reid Coolsaet & Eric Gillis Qualify For Canadian Olympic Marathon Team Due to windy conditions, Coolsaet took a risk and went out with the leaders in sub-64 but was able to hang on and qualify for London even after taking a bathroom break at 25km.
*LRC Jerome Drayton's Canadian Marathon Record Lives To See Another Day Dayton's 36-year-old Canadian record of 2:10:09 lives on as Coolsaet finished in 2:10:55 but ended up with a nice consolation prize - an Olympic berth. Eric Gillis also punched his ticket to London by the narrowest of margins - 1 second - as Dylan Wykes came up short.
*Kenneth Mungara Wins 4th Straight Toronto Title In Photo Finish (2:09:49)
*MB: Toronto Live Chat *Will Coolsaet break Drayton's Canadian Marathon Record this weekend?

More Weekend Marathon Action:

Beijing: Francis Kiprop Wins In 2:09:00; Wei Xiaojie Wins In 2:28:05 Former WR holder Catherine Ndereba was third in 2:30:14.
Korea: 2:09:23 Good For Kenyan Win 2:38 won the women's race.
Baltimore: Hard To Believe: 2:15:26 Nets Kenyan $25,000 For Baltimore Marathon Victory
Detroit: A Canadian Wins $3,000 & The Detroit Free Press Marathon In A Slow 2:28.22

Interesting Links From The Weekend

10th Japanese Runner Dips Under Olympic B Standard In 10,000 Want to know how deep Japanese collegiate running is? A guy who was just 13th in his leg of the Ekiden last weekend ran 28:17 in the same race.

Olympian Amy Yoder Begley & Alberto Salazar Part Ways "She has had a lot injuries, and it's been frustrating for her and for me," Salazar said. "She wanted to try something new. I support her." Amy had great success with Alberto but considering she came in to train with Kara Goucher it makes sense for her to leave.
MB: Yoder-Begeley Leaves Salazar Too?

UK News

Deepest 20km Race In World Takes Place Saturday Morning 2:30-4:00am - Watch Live Hakone Ekiden Qualifier

Haile Gebrselassie Eyeing The Tokyo Marathon In February To Qualify For The 2012 Olympics

Interesting Analysis On The Mind Of Ryan Hall Talks a little about the Hall-Hersh interaction and says, "We journalists live in a narrower, darker place than Hall. We are trained to be skeptical and hyper-objective. To sniff out details, and to question shallow answers. In cases of national security, such questions can change history."

Paula Speaks, And Other UK News

Affirmative Action Comes To Running

November's Kass Marathon In Kenya To Have Special Prize Purse For Foreigners Despite many races excluding Kenyans from prize money, this marathon in Kenya wants some good foreigners to show up.

More Kenyan News: Athletics Kenya Adopts New Constitution

Administrative News

Doping News

Training Corner (More In The Training Forum)

UK News

Usain Bolt Races Jimmy Kimmel

BMW Berlin Marathon Photos! Makau Takes Geb's World Record

Great Deals

Galen Rupp 26:48!!!

Usain Bolt And Jamaica Get World Record (International Visitors Click Here, Post-Race Press Conf. Here)

Simpson Gets Gold (International Visitors Click Here)

Ezekiel Kemboi Wins And Has The Greatest Celebration Ever (International Visitors Click Here)

Men's 800 Final (International Visitors Click Here, Post-Race Interviews Here)

A Scintillating Men's 10,000 Finish (US Visitors Only)

Train Smarter (More In The Training Forum)

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