Alan Webb

Alan Webb

July 24, 2021

Matthew Centrowitz Runs 3:49 Mile PB in Portland, But Alan Webb’s 3:46 American Record Survives

Centro went out super fast but the rabbits tied up and so did he, but he still managed to move to #5 on the all-time US list at 3:49.26. *MB: Centro American Record Attempt - 7/24
August 26, 2020

Warholm & London Marathon Reign Supreme, Guest Chris Lear and NCAA XC in the Spring? - Track Talk Podcast

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July 31, 2020

Behind the Scenes: An Inside Look at Jim Ryun's Presidential Medal of Freedom Celebration

Hear what mile legends Alan Webb, Matthew Centrowitz, Seb Coe, and Steve Cram had to say about Jim Ryun when he was honored with the highest US civilian honor last week. Centrowitz said of Ryun, "He's a legend everywhere" whereas Coe called him an inspiration and the "greatest prep athlete of all time, in front of LeBron James and Tiger Woods."
July 30, 2020

Jim Ryun, Alan Webb and Matthew Centrowitz Go to the White House + Paul Chelimo is Our Guest

Some big American milers went to the White House and America's top 5,000m runner Paul Chelimo joins us.
May 28, 2020

I Was Bored, So I Watched Alan Webb Run 3:53 as a High Schooler at the 2001 Prefontaine Classic

In honor of the race's 19-year anniversary, Jonathan Gault revisits the day when Webb broke Jim Ryun's 36-year-old US high school mile record and took a Hayward Field victory lap with Hicham El Guerrouj.
May 22, 2020

The Big 3, Reunited: Alan Webb, Ryan Hall & Dathan Ritzenhein Discuss Their Greatest Performances, Biggest Lessons, & Much More

Alan Webb, Dathan Ritzenhein and Ryan Hall had never sat down and talked about their careers until this week. Find out why Ritz had Webb's face on his dartboard as a high schooler, how Webb was able to beat Ritzenhein in their famous 10k showdown in 2006, which performances each believes was the best from their careers, their biggest lessons from the sport, their views on new shoe technology, Webb and Ritz's thoughts on their time with the Nike Oregon Project and Alberto Salazar's ban, and much more.
May 15, 2020

Ritz vs. Webb vs. Hall - Who Was Better? A Pseudo-Scientific Breakdown

It's one of the great running debates: which one of the Big Three had the best career? With Dathan RitzenheinAlan Webb, and Ryan Hall all retired, Jonathan Gault breaks it down and picks a winner. *MB: Now that they are all retired, who had the better career - Dathan Ritz, Alan Webb or Ryan Hall? .
May 14, 2020

Podcast: Who Had The Better Career - Ritz, Webb or Hall?

Our normal podcast returned but this was far from a normal podcast as podcasting history was made as for the first time in world history a six-day-old baby appeared on a podcast. Once we adjusted to our new female co-host, we spent most of the show debating who had the better career - Dathan Ritzenhein, Alan Webb or Ryan Hall? Along the way, Rojo ranted about the need for colleges to open up this fall, Tedd Ginn Jr was exposed as a liar, we wondered if World Athletics deserves more props for its anti-doping effectiveness, and much more.
April 16, 2020

I Was Bored, So I Went Back and Watched Ritz, Webb, & Hall Battle at the 2000 Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Jonathan Gault revisits one of the most-hyped races in the history of US high school cross country, in which the top three finishers all eventually became American record holders. Plus X-ray graphics, Discmen, hanging chads, and why Sara Hall's win in the girls' race was way better than you remember.
February 04, 2020

Welcome to Coogan's, Where Everybody Knows the Runners' Names

When you need to wet your whistle after the Millrose Games, there's only one place to go. Athlete, coach, fan -- it doesn't matter. Everyone ends up at Coogan's - the #1 track and field bar in America.
July 31, 2017

The Summer of Webb: An Inside Look at Alan Webb's Magical 2007 Season

For a few months in 2007, American Alan Webb was the world's best miler. Ten years later, we take a look back at Webb's magical summer.
December 21, 2016

WTW: Europe's Teen Phenoms Appear To Be The Real Deal and Buzunesh Deba Breaks The Boston Marathon Course Record

We look at foreign transplants, junior phenoms and note it's been 975 days since an American went sub 2:10 in the marathon.
August 23, 2016

RRW: Alan Webb Says Matt Centrowitz's Gold Represents Century Of Dedication

Webb heaps a lot of praise on Centro saying that he thinks he can get the American mile record and "it wouldn't be bittersweet" to lose it.
February 25, 2016

Highlight Video of Alan Webb Giving Drew Hunter His Gatorade AOY Award Yesterday

It looks like both Alan Webb and Drew Hunter enjoyed this one.
February 24, 2016

Alan Webb Discusses Whether He Thinks Drew Hunter Can Break His Outdoor Record, Why The Flurry Of HS Sub-4:00s Is A Good Thing, And Who Had The Better Career - Himself, Ryan Hall Or Ritz?

Alan Webb reveals that he does indeed think Hunter can break his 3:53 outdoor record. As for who had the better career - himself, Ritz or Hall - he pleads the 5th.
February 03, 2016

Drew Hunter Has His Sights Set On Breaking The 4-Minute Barrier In The Armory Track Invitational Mile This Saturday

Hunter would join Alan Webb as the only two high schoolers to go sub-4 indoors. Chris O'Hare and Cristian Soratos are also in the mile, Jordan Hasay, Nicole Tully and Emma Bates are in the 3000, Ajee Wilson, Morgan Uceny and Laura Roesler in the 800 with Robby Andrews in the men's 800.