Podcast: Who Had The Better Career – Ritz, Webb or Hall?

By Robert Johnson
May 14, 2020

Our normal LetsRun.com Track Talk podcast returns (subscribe here) but this was far from a normal podcast as podcasting history was made as for the first time in world history a six-day-old baby appeared on a podcast. Once we adjusted to our new female co-host, we spent most of the show debating who had the better career – Dathan Ritzenhein, Alan Webb or Ryan Hall? Along the way, Rojo ranted about the need for colleges to open up this fall, Tedd Ginn Jr was exposed as a liar, we wondered if World Athletics deserves more props for its anti-doping effectiveness, and much more.

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Show notes:

[0:01] For the first 12 plus minutes, we talk about Tracksmith signing Mary Cain and Nick Willis.
[15:22] Rojo rants about the need for colleges to open in the fall as the stats show Covid-19 is less dangerous than the flu for that age group.
[21:32] Wejo and his 6-day old daughter join the show.
[26:14] Who had the better career – Ritz, Webb or Hall?
[53:27] HSer Ryan Schoppe runs 4:00.8, Tedd Ginn Jr says he beat Usain Bolt in HS.
[59:14] Russian doping and Ivy League doping – Gabby Thomas doping suspension.
[65:29] Ahmaud Arbery tragedy

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