Podcast: USA Half Marathon Champ Stephanie Bruce, Eliud Kipchoge Breaking 2 Version 2, Caster Semenya Intersex Talk, Doha Diamond League, Jim Walmsley 50 Mile Record 

Plus intersex Caster Semenya talk, Doha Diamond League, Kellyn Taylor in Prague, US women’s marathon rankings, deleted thread of week: Jim Walmsley spanking Rupp, & more.

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By LetsRun.com
May 8, 2019

This week’s podcast spans it all.

Rojo’s article on Caster Semenya went viral so we start with Caster Semenya interesex talk before turning to the action on the track in Doha and the great run of Hillary Bor ([19:24]), Kellyn Taylor’s run in Prague and US women’s marathon ranking ([33:06]), Eliud Kipchoge trying to go sub 2 again in the marathon ([40:21]), the deleted thread of the week Jim Walmsley spanking Galen Rupp ([52:01]), LRC’s 1st ultra: Jim Walsmley’s 50 mile record at HOKA Project Carbon X ([65:17]), and then for the final hour we talk with Stephanie Bruce ([72:14]) who won the USA Half Marathon Championships this past weekend and has gone from being a good college runner to a great pro. She talks about dreaming and believing, the death or her father, battling celiac disease, getting better after the birth of her two sons, and how winning a race you likely never heard of may have been the key to her two national titles.

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Show notes:

Stephanie Bruce in disbelief after wining her first USA 10-K road running title at the 2018 AJC Peachtree Road Race (photo by Warren Travers; used with permission)

Beginning: Welcome & Caster Semenya Intersex Talk
[19:24] Doha Diamond League and Hillary Bor
[33:06 ]Kelly Taylor’s 2:26 in Prague Marathon.Where does she rank in US marathon?
[40:21] Eliud Kipchoge Breaking 2 Version 2 (Ineos)
[48:44] Email of the Week: Double standard on someone in Patrick Sang’s group testing positive?
[52:01] Deleted Thread of Week: Jim Walmsley spamking Galen Rupp + Happy Birthday Rupp
[60:12] College Track: Worst team of the weekend
[65:17] Ultra marathon talk: LRC’s 1st Ultra: HOKA Project Carbon X
[72:41] USA Half Marathon Champ Stephanie Bruce –
USA Half Win & HOKA NAZ Elite team running well
[86:40] Start of her running career, beating the boys in presidential fitness test, going from a 5:27 miler who likes to party to a 4:58 high schooler after the death of her dad to prostate cancer
[93:40] Running with a Ferritin level of 4 in college
[97:54] Trying to run post-collegiate (with Gags, Brad Hudson, Greg McMillan, baby sitting for the Powells)
[103:02] Diagnosed with Celiac disease and believing she can be one of the best marathoners in the US
[108:29] Baby #1 (Riley) and then surprise pregnancy with baby #2 (Hudson)
[113:00] Keep believing and the Rock n Roll win that may have changed her career
[125:00] Biggest accomplishment of her career + #1 piece of advice she’d give to another runner
[128:27] Cool bonus story on a guardian angel who looked after her and why she wants to give back

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