50 Years Ago Today, History Was Made

Jim Ryun, recounting in The Jim Ryun Story what he thought after he finished a mile race in California exactly 50 years ago today. In reality, Ryun had become the first HSer to break 4:00. Past stars like Alan Webb, Mary Decker and Deena Kastor will celebrate that feat today at a great Jim Ryun Festival of Miles in San Diego.

Track and Field News has a great piece explaining how Ryun’s sub-4 wasn’t that big of a deal when it was run and wasn’t close to the top story on the meet. Rather, the 5k which included Gerry Lindgren‘s 13:44 HS mark was called “the best race I’ve ever seen.”

LRCRome Recap: Kiplagat Over Souleiman And Kiprop, Sum Over Americans Wilson And Martinez, Dibaba Is Back, Huddle Sub-15, And Aman Wins Again

There is a nice Big 3 at 1,500 this year with Kiplagat, Souleiman and Kiprop trading places at the top. Eunice Sum was too good in the 800 as Ajee Wilson beat Brenda Martinez's poor tactics. Genzebe Dibaba returned to form, Molly Huddle was the best of the Americans, and Aman kept winning as Duane Solomon ran 1:44.90.

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50 Years Ago, Jim Ryun Made History And Became The 1st HSer To Go Sub-4, San Diego Will Celebrate It Today With Jim Ryun Festival Of Miles, Plus Nike Festival Of Miles In Missouri, And Adrian Martinez Classic In Mass.

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Fixtures From 1964 Tokyo Olympic Stadium Up For Sale Get a royal box seat for just ¥250,000  ($2442). LRC is interested in the manhole covers for just ¥20,200 ($197).

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