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Track and Field Association is Irate USATF Keeps Blowing Them off About ABQ DQs “It is unacceptable for the collective voice of the athletes to be disrespected and dismissed.” We agree. USATF’s FIRST priority should be to insure the integrity of competition. If you have.

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 More Midweek Action: World Masters Indoor Championships Have Started * 

2014 TCS NYC Marathon Lottery In The Books: 9,170 Of 77,087 Accepted

11.90% of people got accepted. Almost as hard as getting into an Ivy League school.

LetsSprint.com –  1.1 Goes to Jamaica

LRCMeet Zharnel Hughes: Can The 'Next Usain Bolt' Take Down Yohan Blake's 10.21 and Bolt's 20.26 'Champs' Records

Is 18 year old, Zharnel Hughes, of Anguilla the heir apparent to Usain Bolt? Steve Soprano went to the old school IAAF High Performance Training Center in Kingston, Jamaica that helped produced Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake to find out.

LRC1.1 Jamaica Day 2 Journal: I Have Clothes, Weird French Fries, "Hear Arnold!" And Crazy Prices

The adventures of world traveler Steve Soprano (aka 1.1) continue. The good news is 1.1's bags have arrived and he's rigged his hotel room to charge his computer,  but the bad news is he has no idea that gas is sold per liter, not per gallon, in Jamaica, or what hotel food prices are.

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LetsRun.com Goes To Jamaica – 2014 “Champs” Have Started In Jamaica *Live Results *Live Stream (Starts Wed.) *More Info

Cross-Country Town, USA: LaVern Gibson Course Getting Big-Time Upgrades The people in Terre Haute certainly don’t rest on their laurels as drainage has been put in.

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