2017 NCAA Cross Country Championships

November 22, 2015 to November 22, 2015
Louisville, KY

LRC Is Northern Arizona Poised for A Three-Peat? Are We Witnessing The Building of A Dynasty in Flagstaff?

Plus learn what NAU distance coach Michael Smith learned from sprint/jumps guru Dan Pfaff that was key for them to nail their taper.

LRC 10 Final Observations On The 2017 Cross Country Championships Including A Look At The Biggest Chokers and Overachievers

We've got to admit we've impressed ourselves with some of the fascinating stats we've come up in this one. And if you are looking for a blue-collar team of Americans to adopt as your own, may we suggest Colorado State?

LRC Ednah Kurgat Wins and Leads New Mexico To Women's Team Title at 2017 NCAA Cross Country Championships

New Mexico won it's second title in three years as San Francisco was 2nd for the first time in program history with the lowest losing score in 20 years.

LRC Favorites Justyn Knight and Northern Arizona Deliver and Win 2017 NCAA Cross Country Titles

Justyn Knight waited until the very end to win but NAU delivered it's knockout blow early and now looks poised for a three-peat in 2018.

LRC Results and Splits for 2017 NCAA Cross Country Championships DI, DII and DIII

Looking for live mid-race splits for Saturday's NCAA Cross Country Championships? Don't worry, we have you covered. DI, DII and DIII fans/parents.

The Daily Orange:

Talking about last year Syracuse assistant coach Adam Smith said, "Sometimes you have your day, and that day was [Patrick] Tiernan's day."

LRC Editorial: What about the fans? The NCAA needs to treat non-revenue sports equally when it comes to pay-per-view streaming

The NCAA shouldn’t be fine with parents potentially getting charged $30 per month for the rest of their lives to watch their son or daughter compete in the national championships. Volleyball, field hockey and water polo parents don't have to pay anything so why do cross country parents?

Arizona Daily Sun:

Head coach Michael Smith: "It was our first time being in the same place as [BYU], the hair on the back of my neck was up and I am snarling, I am just feeling all competitive."


The New Mexico women are going for their second title in three years with a roster of athletes from all over the world.

Track & Field News:

Find results, photos and stats from every NCAA XC meet ever.

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